The cafe was suddenly packed with people.
Usually, the cafe would be packed with the male whenever Yu Qi was there.

Some of them were nurses, patients and visitors.
Even some of the doctors especially female doctors were eating at the cafe.

However, their purpose was not for eating but something else.
To look at the handsome soldier.

The person involved totally ignored them.
His eyes were only on his beloved Qi Qi.
Why would he waste his time cared about something that unimportant was to him?

Yu Qi also did not care about them.
Everyone just talked among themselves.
Like her news seducing the director.

”You still have work after this? ” Long Hui asked.

”Well, I ’m not the on-call tonight.
So, I will finish at 6 p.m at the most.
Then, I will go home.
Aoi and Bo Ya are waiting for me. ” Yu Qi said.

It has a long time since I have met them.
Well then, I will take you home at 6 p.m.
Is it alright? ” Long Hui put his chin on the back of his hands while looking straight and smiling at her.

”Eh, don ’t you have your own job, right? ” Yu Qi frowned.

”My subordinate is still injured.
He is still in the operation room.
After getting a confirmation from the doctor, we will return.
So, I have a day before leaving to Shiwa Town. ” Long Hui explained.

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”I see. ” Yu Qi had already finished eating.
Fifteen minutes.

Long Hui already finished his.
The soldier and doctor had the same habit that they would eat as fast as possible.
They left the cafe.

”He is her boyfriend, is it? ”

”They are looking so intimate. ”

”With a boyfriend like that, why will she go and seduce Director Zheng? ”

”It is for a place of internship. ”

”Her results must be so bad since she needs to use such a method for getting a place for the internship. ”

”I ’m pitying that handsome man.
He has been cuckold by Doctor Tang. ”

Some of the nurses and doctors from the paediatric department did not agree with that assumption.
From what they knew Yu Qi, she was a brilliant doctor.

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Her quick-witted answer and knowledge made them speechless.
After two days, they were having a difficult case.
Professor Su was on a work trip.

After having two hours meeting, Yu Qi came out with a good solution that worked greatly on the patient.
How could a person like her would have a bad result and could di something like that?

Sometimes, they watched Yu Qi reading something.
If it was not the patient ’s files, there were medical books.
However, they could not talk about this.
Other might not believe them.

Both of Yu Qi and Long Hui separated on their way.
They already promised to meet back at 6 p.m.

Yu Qi returned back on her duty.
The earlier incident did not affect much on her.
As long as she could prove to everyone that she got into the hospital with her ability, then it was okay.

Yu Qi had made a call to Director Zheng Je Wi about the matter.
Director Zheng Je Wi was furious when he listened to the rumour.
He promised Yu Qi that he would handle the matter as soon as possible.

Ji Suk Ye and other first year residents were also doing their jobs.
However, Ji Suk Ye was still angry with Yu Qi, only could glare at Yu Qi that did not stand far from her.
Only separated them was two beds.

The doctor who was checking the patient asked the files that Ji Suk Ye wrote just now.
Ji Suk Ye was supposed to write what the doctor said for the boy ’s condition.

But the files were empty.
Nothing was written on it.
The doctor was so angry about this.
He could not get angry here since they were in front of the patient fearing that it might startle them, especially in this ward.
Only the children were here.

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”Doctor Ji, follow me in the meeting room. ” The doctor called Ji Suk Ye.

Ji Suk Yu followed him.

”Doctor Ji, what are you doing here? ” The doctor questioned Ji Suk Ye.
He put the file on the table and continued.
”I ’m asking you to write what I say.
But why is this empty? ”

”I ’m sorry Doctor Zhang. ” Ji Suk Ye said.

”Staring at Doctor Tang will not benefit you at all.
You need to improve yourself. ” Doctor Zhang sighed.
He knew that Ji Suk Ye was staring at Yu Qi.
He had heard what happened just now.

”Pay more attention next time. ” Doctor Zhang added more.

Well, that did not make Ji Suk Ye happy at all.
It made Ji Suk Ye to hate Yu Qi more.

A gorgeous woman maybe in her 40s walked slowly entering the hospital.
The nurses were surprised about seeing the woman here.
They quickly went to greet the woman.

”Madam Zheng. ” The nurses greeted her.

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It was Madam Zheng, Su Xien, wife of Director Zheng Je Wi.
She came to the hospital.

”It seems it has been a long time since I have come here, right? ” Madam Zheng said.

”Yes. ” The nurses nodded.

They were looking at each other.
They thought that the reason why Madam Zheng had suddenly came and visited the hospital.
It must be the rumour first year resident.

”Can you tell me where is the direction of the Paediatric Department? ” Madam Zheng asked.

The nurses had confirmed their thought.
That was right.
Madam Zheng had come to confront the first year resident.

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