”Let me lead the way. ” A nurse wanted to see the show, so she offered her help to show Madam Zheng the way.

”Thank you. ” Madam Zheng expressed her gratefulness.

They went to the Paediatric Department.

The nurse stopped and pointed to one direction.
”Madam Zheng, we have arrived. ”

”Thank you. ” Madam Zheng nodded.

The nurse walked away.
However, she stopped at the corner and hid while looking back at Madam Zheng.
She did not want to leave before getting some tales to be told to her fellow nurses.

Senior Nurse Gong noticed that Madam Zheng was there.
She knew Madam Zheng.
Madam Zheng also noticed that Senior Nurse Gong was looking at her.
So, Madam Zheng went to the Senior Nurse Gong.

”Good afternoon. ” Madam Zheng was full of smiles.

”Madam Zheng, good afternoon. ” Senior Nurse Gong nodded acknowledged Madam Zheng.

Can I see Doctor Tang? ” Madam Zheng immediately stated her purpose of coming here.
She did not waste any time at all.

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”Doctor Tang is still doing her round.
You can see her after she completes her round. ” Senior Nurse Gong did not lie at all.

I will be waiting there. ” Madam Zheng nodded.
She went straight to the waiting seat.

Nurse Shing Yu Ten approached Senior Nurse Gong.

”Senior Nurse Gong, Madam Zheng must want to confront Doctor Tang, right? Is it going to be okay, then? ” Nurse Shing Yu Ten asked worriedly.

”Who knows? ” Senior Nurse Gong did not want to get involved in their matter.

”But… ” Nurse Shing Yu Ten wanted to ask something but Senior Nurse Gong reminded her something.

”Nurse Shing, have you already finished the work that I have asked you before? ” Senior Nurse Gong asked.

”Oh, not yet. ” Nurse Shing Yu Ten scratched her cheek.

”Then, go and finish it. ” Senior Nurse Gong ordered.

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After one hour of waiting, the person that Madam Zheng wanted to see finally appeared in her sight.
She already knew the person.

Madam Zheng walked to Yu Qi.
”Doctor Tang. ” She greeted Yu Qi.

Yu Qi turned and looked at the woman.
She was sure that she had never met this woman.
Even so, she nodded acknowledging the woman.

”Maybe, can I talk to you? ” Madam Zheng asked.

”Madam, I still have some work to complete. ” Yu Qi rejected with a blank expression.

Everyone around was shocked when Yu Qi blatantly rejected Madam Zheng.
Then they assumed that Yu Qi must know that she was Madam Zheng, the wife of Director Zheng.

”Doctor Tang, you can go and meet this madam here.
You can continue your work after this. ” Doctor Lan Cai Duan quickly said.

Yu Qi looked at them with a blank expression and narrowed her eyes.
Others were nervous.

”Okay, then. ” Yu Qi sighed.

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”Let ’s go to the hospital ’s cafe. ” Madam Zheng suggested.

So, both of them walked to the cafe.
Many people were eyeing at them right now.
At this time, Yu Qi already could guess the identity of this woman.
She sighed.
Another problem…
Yu Qi wished that this woman would understand that her husband did not have any relationship between them other than work.

The cafe was not packed like when lunch hour.
However, there were a few doctors and nurses around.

”So, what is the matter? ” Yu Qi was straight to the point.

”I have heard the rumour about you and my husband. ” Madam Zheng began to talk.

”Well Madam Zheng, let me tell you something.
I do not have any relationship with your husband other than working at this hospital.
However, if you also don ’t like this, please bear it for one year.
I have to finish this internship program. ” Yu Qi explained.

Madam Zheng was blinking several times while looking at the girl in front of her.
Like her friend said, this girl was aggressive.
She would talk directly to the person if other wronged her.
She busted into a laugh.

Yu Qi was stunned with Madam Zheng ’s reaction.
Even the onlookers were reacting the same as Yu Qi.

”I already know that you are not in a relationship with my husband. ” Madam Zheng stated.

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”Then, why do you want to talk with me? ” Yu Qi confused.

”My friend has said that her niece is doing her internship at my husband ’s workplace.
So, I have come to take a look at her. ” Madam Zheng looked at Yu Qi at a tender look.

”Your friend? ” Yu Qi thought a little.
”Auntie Ming Yue or Auntie Su Xiao? ”

”Both of them. ” Madam Zheng said.

”I see. ” Yu Qi nodded several times.

”We have already planned to meet when they are sending you here.
But unfortunately, I have something to settle outside the area.
So, I don ’t manage to meet them.
I have just returned to Guanying City yesterday.
Upon returning here, I have heard this rumour from my circle of friend.
They have shown me a picture, showing you and my husband meeting each other in a cafe.
If Ming Yue and Su Xiao have not shown your pictures before, I may have explode. ” Madam Zheng explained.

”I have thought that you come here to attack me. ” Yu Qi chuckled.

”When I have asked Ming Yue why you have chosen this hospital, she has told me the reason.
I have not expected that is your reason. ” Madam Zheng smiled.

”Well… ” Yu Qi just scratched her cheek.

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”Don ’t worry.
The rumour is always unpleasant to hear.
Ignore them and do your own work.
You will be fine. ” Madam Zheng gave her advice.

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