”So, where is she right now? ” Qin Xia asked.

The secretary, Min Liang, nodded.
”She is at Guanying City, Mr.
Qin. ”

Lately, Min Liang had a new job.
That was to keep a girl in the track.
He needed to know where the girl was.
His boss usually liked to know about the girl.

It had been almost about eight years since he had started to work for Qin Xia.
He had seen a lot of women who wanted to get in the bed of his boss.
Some of the women came from the shareholders.
They thought that they could control his boss through this method.

However, his boss looked uninterested in the woman.
He almost thought that his boss was gay.

And also, his boss had a weird hobby before this.
His boss would like to disappear from time to time.
His boss would inform him that he wanted to take a break and did not come to work.
Two days, one month, the longest time that his boss disappeared was three months.

He almost cried as he tried to call his boss.
His boss did not answer his call.
He remembered that he gave his boss about one thousand missed calls.
Finally, his boss answered his call and he almost cried.

His boss came back.
He remembered that his boss mumbling something.
Something like ’I finally meet her… ’ or something like ’She has finally returned. ’ He could not understand what his boss kept mumbling about.

However, things became clear to him when his boss told him to investigate a young girl…
Yeah, a young girl with the name Tang Yu Qi.
From what he knew that she was a normal person.
So, he got his fruit from the investigation.

His boss told him to go deeper.
He was shocked as he read about the girl ’s past.
The most shocking past was she, at a young age, already has her empire even though it is nothing to compare with his boss.
But, the business could still be expanded.

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Upon further investigated, he got the information that the girl was in a relationship with a military genius in centuries.
He sighed.
He was pitying his boss.

A girl that his boss was interested to belonged to someone else.
With this, he thought his boss would give up but his boss did not mind that the girl belonged to someone else and kept updating about the girl.

”Min Liang…
Min Liang…

A voice made his mind to come in the track.
His boss was watching him with a sharp glare.

”What are you daydreaming about? ” Qin Xia asked.

”I apologize, Mr Qin. ” Min Liang bowed.

”I ’m asking you, what is she doing there? ” Qin Xia was curious about that.

”She has just started her internship at Guanying General Hospital. ” Min Liang told his boss.

”Internship? Why does she go there instead of choosing Tang Private Hospital? ” Qin Xia wondered.

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As for that question, Min Liang also did not have the answer.
He was also wondering the same question.
If she applied for Tang Private Hospital, she would definitely get the place for her internship.

Qin Xia started to laugh.
”It ’s just like her.
Of course, she does not like the easy way.
After all time, she has not changed at all. ” He nodded as he understood Yu Qi.

She would like to do the hard way in order to obtain recognition.
She wanted to show that she was not kind of a genius but she was also a hardworking one.
He nodded several times thinking of the old times.

As for Min Liang, he still could not understand that reason.
However, he would not ask his boss.

”How long she will be there? ” Qin Xia asked again.

”One year.
To be exactly nine months 2 weeks left. ” Min Liang quickly answered.

Qin Xia was silent.
”We do have work there, right? ” He asked for the confirmation.

”Yes, Mr Qin.
We have construction work there.
Building a shopping mall and a hotel there. ” Min Liang confirmed that.

”I see. ” Qin Xia rubbed his chin.
”I have already decided to supervise the work personally. ”

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”There is no need for you to personally supervise the work, sir. ” Min Liang said.

However, Min Liang stopped talking as he received a sharp glare from his boss.
’Boss, you can just tell me that you want to go and spend the time with Miss Tang.
No one will stop you. ’ Min Liang sighed.

He rather let this happened.
This was much better than when his boss would just disappear and he could not get hold of his boss unless his boss willingly called him.

He could give a direct answer if someone asked him about his boss ’s location.

”Find a house for me.
It is better if the location is near to Yu Qi ’s house. ” Qin Xia gave his order.

”Finding a house? How long will you stay there, Mr.
Qin? ” Well, Min Liang would just follow his boss ’s order.

”It depends. ” Qin Xia still did not decide how long he would stay there.
He would decide later about that.

Min Liang knew that his boss had already made his decision.
No one could change his decision.

”I will find a house for you, right now. ” Min Liang bowed and went out.

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Qin Xia quickly did his work since he was preparing to leave his headquarters.
Well, not like he would not do any work when he was staying at Guanying City later.
He would still do the work however he did not like to be disturbed by the shareholders.

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