As for Yu Qi had already arrived at the Guanying General Hospital.
The ambulance stopped right in front of the emergency entrance.
They came out.
As they pushed the patient in, a doctor rushed to their side.

”This way… ” The doctor said.
”What is she having? ”

”A deep neck infection. ” Yu Qi answered.
”I have already administrated the first aid treatment right before the respiratory arrest.
Oxygen saturation ’s above 90%.
” She continued.

”Prepare for the intubation. ” The doctor said to the nearby nurse.

Using the c-mac laryngoscope, the doctor viewed the throat.
Yu Qi already could see the condition of the patient.

We will take over the case from here.
Good job in administrating the first aid. ” The doctor said before continued doing his job.

Yu Qi came out from the emergency room.
She was suddenly surrounded by the girl ’s friends.

”Miss, how is Suyan? ” One of the friends asked.

”We need to wait for the doctor.
He is currently treating her. ” Yu Qi said.

Yu Qi went to sit on the bench not far from the girl ’s friends.
So, she heard the conversation between them.

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”Don ’t worry.
She will be fine. ”

Oh, where is Tangxiao? ”

”He has told us to go first.
He will follow us later. ”

Not long after that, Lu Tangxiao arrived.

”How ’s Suyan? ” Lu Tangxiao asked.

”The doctor is treating her right now.
We need to wait. ” His friend said.

”I see. ” Lu Tangxiao nodded.

Lu Tangxiao saw Yu Qi sitting not far from them.
He approached her.

”Miss Tang, thank you. ” Lu Tangxiao said once more.

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”It is my job. ” Yu Qi waved her hand telling him that she did not mind.

”By the way, I have already packed the things that you have left in the forest.
Actually, I want to bring it here but your dog has stopped me. ” Lu Tangxiao said.

He recalled back the scene.
He reached the bottom of the mountain.
As he wanted to bring the things into his car, he was stopped by a dog.

He remembered when Yu Qi came to them to save his friend, he noticed the dog was also there.

”Your owner is Miss Tang? ” Lu Tangxiao asked.

The dog turned to walk from him and stopped at a car.

”Does this car belong to Miss Tang? ” Lu Tangxiao asked again.

Of course, the dog did not answer him but it lifted its right paw and touched the car.
Lu Tangxiao understood its action.

Do you want to wait here, right? I will leave it here. ” Lu Tangxiao put Yu Qi ’s things there.

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”Woof. ” The dog barked once to him like it was the sign that it thanked him.

”Oh, you have meet him? ” The question from Yu Qi made Lu Tangxiao returned to reality.

It has already come down and is waiting for you at your car.
It is a very clever dog. ” Lu Tangxiao praised Aoi.

”Thank you.
I think I will leave first. ” Yu Qi said.

”Are you going to return back to the mountain? ” Lu Tangxiao asked.

I think I will go back and return home, I guess. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”But, how do you going to go back? You come here with the ambulance. ” One of his friends said.

”Oh. ” Yu Qi just realized that.

”Miss Tang, let me send you back. ” The friend offered his help just before Lu Tangxiao wanted to offer his help.
He then said to Lu Tangxiao.
”You stay here and wait for Suyan. ”

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”Thank you. ” Yu Qi accepted help.


Yu Qi returned to work for the next day.
To her surprise, she was called to a conference room right after she had finished doing her round.

Ji Suk Ye smirked as she said.
”I guess, you have done something wrong.
That is why you have been called. ”

Yu Qi ignored Ji Suk Ye.
Even though the two other first year residents did not say anything but there was a worried expression on their faces.

”I will go first. ” Yu Qi went to the conference room.

When she entered the conference room, her eyes were greeted by, probably ten to fifteen middle aged men that wore the white gown.
She assumed that they all were doctors in Guanying General Hospital.

”Is that her? ”

”I guess so. ”

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”I have never thought its her. ”

”Has she been in the scandal with Director Zheng last time? ”

”Yeah, but it is just a rumour. ”

Yu Qi coughed.
All the doctors were silent at once.

”Sir, may I know why I have been called here? ” Yu Qi bravely asked all of the people there.

”Doctor Tang, I ’m sorry to scare you.
I ’m Doctor Bai, an anesthesiologist doctor and also head of Anaesthesia Department. ” One of the doctors introduced his man.

”Hello there. ” Yu Qi bowed little.

”Doctor Tang, you have administrated first aid to a woman yesterday right? ” Doctor Bai asked.

”Yes. ” Yu Qi nodded.
”Is there something wrong with her? ”

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She is recovering. ” Doctor Bai denied that.

”Oh, okay. ” Yu Qi still did not relax.

They called her.
There must be something.

”Doctor Tang, can you explain to me how the situation was when you have seen the girl yesterday? ” Doctor Bai asked.

When I found her yesterday, she was unconscious and being held by a man.
So, I asked him to put her down.
I began to do Basic Life Support.
Checking her breathing, airway and her pulse.
I also could see the red around her neck and her temperature was slightly warm. ” Yu Qi began to explain.

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