”Uncle, what should we do? ” Ji Suk Ye asked.

Ji Tein Lei did not answer as he was thinking about that.
After they been chased out of the hotel, he sent someone to investigate the man that gave out the order.

Turned out that the man was a very powerful businessman in the nation, second to Feng Mo.
He might replace Feng Mo, probably in a few years later.

Thinking that he had already offended someone with that made him felt a headache.
He regretted about that.
He did not think right yesterday.
He thought it was a normal man since he was together with that girl.

Then suddenly he thought of a brilliant idea as he looked at his niece.
His eyes lifted up and he smiled.

”Suk Ye, you need to help your uncle. ” Ji Tein Lei suddenly said to Ji Suk Ye.

Ji Suk Ye blinked.
”Huh? What is it, uncle? ”

”You need to help your uncle, at the same time, you can secure your marriage. ” The longer Ji Tein Lei thought about this idea, the better he thought about this idea.

”What are you talking about, uncle? ” Ji Suk Ye felt interested to hear the rest.

”What do you think about last night ’s man? ” Ji Tein Lei asked.

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”Last night ’s man? You mean the man who has chased us out from the hotel? ” Ji Suk Ye asked for the confirmation.

”Yes. ” Ji Tein Lei nodded.

Ji Suk Ye thought about last night ’s man.
His appearance was very good.
He was not losing to Yu Qi ’s boyfriend.
”He is a good looking man and has a good background. ”

What Ji Suk Ye meant with a good background meaning he was a rich man.

Ji Tein Lei nodded several times.
”Then, you should make him yours. ” He suggested the idea to Ji Suk Ye.

”You mean? ” Ji Suk Ye ’s shined as she heard about this idea.

Once you become his girlfriend, he will forgive us. ” Ji Tein Lei smiled.

Ji Suk Ye did not answer Ji Tein Lei.
But she was thinking about how to make the man hers.
She did not lose to Yu Qi in term of beauty.
Well, of course, that was a lie.
She was wearing makeup, a thick makeup.

”But uncle, I don ’t know anything about him. ” Ji Suk Ye expressed the problem.

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”Don ’t worry.
I will provide the information about that man.
You just need to focus on how to enhance yourself and how to make the man interested in you. ” Ji Tein Lei said.

”Okay, uncle.
I will try my best. ” Ji Suk Ye nodded.
She would not let go of this chance, the chance that could secure the good future of her life.

”What about Tang Yu Qi? I think we should teach her a lesson. ” Ji Suk Ye changed the topic.

Ji Tein Lei smiled evilly as he thought about that girl.
”Don ’t worry about that girl.
I will teach a good lesson for her.
She should learn that it is not good to offend me. ”

”That ’s great, uncle.
If you can make her lose her job, that would be nice.
She seems to love her job so much. ” Ji Suk Ye gave some ideas to her uncle how to teach Yu Qi some lessons.


”Are you okay? ” Ah Kean asked after seeing Yu Qi entered the meeting room.

”Yes, I ’m okay. ” Yu Qi just returned from her meeting with Ji Tein Lei.

”That person does not make things hard for you? ” Ah Kean asked expressing his concern.

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”No. ” Yu Qi shook her head.

”Oh, okay. ” Ah Kean let go the topic as he changed to another topic.
”By the way, Doctor Lai has come just now telling us that you and Doctor Min will be shadowing Professor Xian in a revision arthroplasty surgery. ”

It is great. ” Yu Qi was happy.

”Actually, Doctor Lai was a little bit angry when he did not see you in this meeting room.
But after we told him that you have gone to see Mr Ji, he has calmed down. ” Ah Kean explained.

”Thank Doctor Ah, Doctor Min. ” Yu Qi said.

”No problem. ” Ah Kean waved his hand.

Min Gu Su did not say anything.
He just nodded and continued doing his work.


”Are you sure she is here? ” A tall man was standing in the corner of the hospital.

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”Of course.
Our network information is correct. ” Another man nodded.
”Smiley and Weirdo told that she is very observant with her surrounding.
They have told me that they have almost been caught by her. ”

She is a good seed then. ” A tall man said.

But convincing her may be a hard job. ”

”Just offer her some money.
A girl like her may need some money to maintain her lifestyle. ” A tall man casually gave the idea.

His friend sighed.
”Do you read the information about that girl? ”

”Nope. ” A tall said.

You should read the information about this girl.
She is not a normal girl that you think, okay. ” His friend was angry.
”Give some money to her? She herself is worth millions.
She may not accept some money since she already has a lot of money.
Even if she does not have it herself, her current family can provide the money for her. ”

The tall man became quiet.

”A person that they get interested in will not be a normal person.
She must be an abnormal person. ” His friend continued.
”But that is not our job.
We just need to observe her and report it to the higher ups. ”

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