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Her chest was going up and up.
Long Hui stopped for a minute giving Yu Qi some time to relax before he continued again.
After a while, he continued again by rubbing Yu Qi ’s ’charm point ’.

I want more… ” Yu Qi faintly voiced her will.

”Alright, my love. ” Long Hui attacked her ’charm point ’ again with his tongue.

To make it even better, she could feel a finger had entered and curled inside her wet heat.
Then the finger moved in and out.
Even more, the licking was not stopping at all.
The sensations intensified when the second finger joined in.

The second orgasm came.
She screamed Long Hui ’s name as her secret place released even more juice.
Her chest was going up and down as she tried to calm down after the orgasm.

Long Hui also stopped for a moment and gave time for his beloved Qi Qi to calm down.

”Are you okay? ” Long Hui caressed Yu Qi ’s cheek.

”Hmm…. ” Yu Qi answered.

Long Hui smiled as he was satisfied with making his beloved Qi Qi orgasm.
However, he then felt his view rotated down to up.
Her beloved Qi Qi was currently sitting on his stomach pressing down his chest.

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”I want you to feel the same pleasure as mine. ” Yu Qi licked her own lips while looking so seductively at Long Hui.

”I am waiting for it. ” Long Hui narrowed his eyes.

Yu Qi without wasting any time began to kiss Long Hui ’s lips.
She also let her tongue entered Long Hui ’s mouth and played with it.
Long Hui replied aggressively to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi released Long Hui ’s mouth.
Her kisses then travel down to Long Hui ’s neck.
She was licking, biting and sucking.
Leaving her marks on the trace.
That did not stop there.

She went down to his chest.
As she wanted him to feel the same as her, she began to lick Long Hui ’s n.i.p.p.l.e.

Even though men should not be feeling on that area, Long Hui indeed felt pleasure as his beloved Qi Qi licked and sucked his

After spent time licking there, Yu Qi finally arrived at the main place.
She was narrowing her eyes as she looked at the hard and strong Long Hui ’s ’little brother. ’ While she was looking at it, she unconsciously licked her lips own.

When Long Hui saw that, he felt like his beloved Qi Qi was licking his ’little brother ’.
He was excited to see the actual play to begin.

At first, Yu Qi only poked on the top of Long Hui ’s ’little brother ’.
She was poking several times and she was happily playing with it.

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Long Hui did feel the pleasure of having his beloved Qi Qi poking his ’little brother ’.
He was hissing when Yu Qi was doing so.

Yu Qi slowly grabbed Long Hui ’s ’little brother ’.
It was very hard.
She moved to the next step.
She slowly licked the ’little brother ’ like she was licking a popsicle.

”Hmm… ” Long Hui let some sounds from his mouth.

Hearing Long Hui ’s m.o.a.n, Yu Qi became more and more excited about working on Long Hui ’s ’little brother ’.
She began to swallow Long Hui ’s ’little brother ’.
However, it was not fully fit in Yu Qi ’s mouth because it was too big and long.

Her hands also played with Long Hui ’s balls.
She was squeezing the balls.
And she could hear the m.o.a.n came from Long Hui.

Qi Qi… ” Long Hui called Yu Qi ’s name in pleasure.

Yu Qi speeded up the things.
Licking, swallowing and squeezing, she worked at the same time.
Long Hui held his beloved Qi Qi ’s head as his h.i.p.s moved up and down entering Yu Qi ’s mouth.
The pace became more and faster.

Then, not long after that, Long Hui let out his creamy milk on Yu Qi ’s mouth.
”AHHH!!! ” A lot of them had been shot into Yu Qi ’s mouth.

Yu Qi coughed.
Long Hui quickly held Yu Qi.

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”Are you okay? ” Long Hui asked worriedly about his beloved Qi Qi.

It is just hard to swallow all of it. ” Yu Qi said.

”You can just not swallow it. ” Long Hui was worried when he saw his beloved Qi Qi coughed like that.

”It is not every time that I swallow your s.e.m.e.n.
But I do prefer you to release them inside my other mouth. ” Yu Qi looked seductively at Long Hui.

Long Hui blinked his eyes as he looked at the little seductress in front of him.
She surely looked very s.e.xy as his excess s.e.m.e.n on the left side of her lips.
His ’little brother ’ was going hard again.

Yu Qi noticed that Long Hui ’s ’little brother ’ began to stand up again.
She then pushed Long Hui back on the bed.
Long Hui fell on the bed.

Yu Qi grabbed Long Hui ’s ’little brother ’ once again and started to move up and down.
Long Hui felt the pleasure as he let the m.o.a.n out.

Feeling his ’little brother ’ was hard enough, Yu Qi positioned her secret place ’s entrance at Long Hui ’s ’little brother ’.
She slowly let his ’little brother ’ to enter her secret place.

Yu Qi could feel that her ’inside ’ had expanded to receive his ’little brother ’ until the sight of his ’little brother ’ had fully disappeared.

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”Ahh… ” Yu Qi ’s head was looking up feeling the pleasure of just having Long Hui ’s ’little brother ’ inside her.

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