”Why can ’t I see Doctor Tang today? ” Ah Kean asked the nurse nearby.

”She has called Doctor Sia telling that she can not come to work today because she is feeling unwell. ” The nurse told him.

”I see.
Thank you. ” Ah Kean nodded.

No wonder he could not see here now.
She was working non-stop every day.
Even they have an off day per week, she did not take it.
She did tell them that she did not have anything to do at home.
So, she rather spent her time checking the patient and improved her skill.

The senior doctors in the surgery department, all admired her skill.
She was very skilful with her hand that they wanted to borrow them from her.

”Doctor Tang is absent today.
So, Doctor Ah and Doctor Min, please take charge of her morning routine. ” Doctor Sia ended the morning meeting.

Min Gu Su asked something about Yu Qi to Ah Kean.
Ah, Kean told him that she was absent because she was feeling unwell.
Min Gu Su understood.
He also agreed that Yu Qi took a day to rest.
Working too much would strain the body.

They did not know that the girl that they thought was tired because of working, was having back pain because of having s.e.x too much.

Yu Qi currently was shocked to see so much food in front of her.
She looked back and forward between Long Hui and the food.

”I have never thought that you will be so skilful to cook these dishes. ” Yu Qi commented.
No wonder he spent a long time in the kitchen.

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”I have been practising.
I can not let you cook for us every time. ” Long Hui smiled.

Yeah, he had been practising his skill.
For the past few months, his subordinates had been tortured by him.
He was not a bad cook at the beginning for a simple dish but a complex dish, he had messed several times until he succeeded.

When he had succeeded, his subordinates were the happiest people since they did not have to finish the messed dishes.

”Let ’s eat.
Oh, your back is hurt.
Let me feed you. ” Long Hui held Yu Qi to put her to a sitting position.

”It ’s okay.
I can eat by myself.
My hands are not hurt. ” Yu Qi rejected that idea.

It would be very difficult to swallow the food when Long Hui fed her.
She would think of something else later.

”But… ” Long Hui wanted to feed his beloved Qi Qi but she did not want it.
Never mind…
As long as she eats my cooked dishes. ’

Long Hui then turned to the two cuties beside Yu Qi.
”Your portion is in the kitchen.
You can go and eat there. ”

”We also can eat? ” Aoi, the glutton, with his tongue outside his mouth asked.

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”Yeah. ” Long Hui nodded.
Actually, he just wanted that these would leave him and his beloved Qi Qi alone.

Bo Ya, let ’s go. ” Aoi pulled Bo Ya.

Bo Ya did not want to leave but Yu Qi nodded.
So, he followed Aoi to the kitchen.

Long Hui served Yu Qi like a queen.

”Delicious. ” Yu Qi said after eating one bite

”Great. ” Long Hui said.

It was a pleasure as he saw his beloved Qi Qi eating his cooking so happily.
It was worth practising his skill.

”I have forgotten to ask you.
How about your work? You must have returned today, right? ” Yu Qi asked after she finished eating.

”Don ’t worry.
This time, I have two days off.
I will return after dropping you at your workplace. ” Long Hui said.

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”Really? ” Yu Qi wanted confirmation.

”Yes. ” Long Hui nodded.

Yu Qi nodded.
Long Hui must be telling the truth.
He would not neglect his duty.

”By the way, I think I will help you in the bath today. ” Long Hui grinned.

”What? ” Yu Qi was shocked.

”I ’m sure that you do not want to stay like this.
Your body was sweating intensely yesterday.
Better take a bath. ” Long Hui was still grinning.

That was true.
She indeed sweated yesterday after exercising too much with Long Hui.
And she actually wanted to take a bath but her back was paining.
However, letting Long Hui helped in cleaning her body, had made her imagining something lewd would happen during the process.

Yu Qi felt that she already became a lewd woman since she already liked to imagine things like this.
But it felt so nice when Long Hui wanted to take care of her like this.

”Qi Qi…
Qi Qi… ” Long Hui called her name as he saw Yu Qi was daydreaming.

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”Oh, I ’m sorry. ” Yu Qi apologized when she realised that she was thinking about something.

”Never mind.
But I am still going to take you to the bathroom.
You need to clean up then you will feel refreshed. ” Long Hui slowly lifted her up very careful afraid that he might be hurting her.

Yu Qi was put in the bathtub.
Long Hui filled the bathtub with water.

”Qi Qi, let me take the bathrobe off. ” Long Hui said.

Okay… ” Yu Qi nodded.

Long Hui took it off.
Then he also began to take his clothes off.

”What are you doing? ” Yu Qi said while panicking…
Well, more too shy.

”My dear, I ’m also taking a bath too.
Not like this is our first time taking a bath together. ” Long Hui with a mischievous smile.

”You… ” Yu Qi could not rebuke.

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”Don ’t worry.
This time, I will not do anything.
You are in pain.
I will clean you up, okay. ” Long Hui put on his mischievous smile.

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