Chapter 713: Then, Let ’s Talk About Business.

The patient that Yu Qi did the surgery on, hoping Yu Qi to come and visit him from a nurse.
This patient had been passed to another doctor after two days of the surgery.

When Yu Qi last checked on him, he was recovering at a normal speed.
So, complication and whatsoever happened to this patient.
After two days of the observation, this patient had been transferred to the normal ward.

And right now, he already woke up.
She actually did not know why the patient suddenly requested to meet her when she had free time.

Well, since she had the little, little okay, free time to spare, she went to the patient ’s ward.
The ward consisted of 4 beds, so, right now the bed was full with the patients.

Yu Qi could hear some people talking and laughing among them.
Yu Qi could assume that there were about ten people in the ward.

Yu Qi knocked on the door and opened it.
Everyone was silent when she appeared at the door.
Then, suddenly an excited voice called Yu Qi to enter the ward.

Yu Qi saw the owner of the voice and realized that it was the patient that she had operated on.
She entered and approached the patient.

”Doctor Tang, nice to meet you again. ” The patient looked at Yu Qi.

”Yeah, how are you? ” Yu Qi asked normally like a doctor usually asked their patient.

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”I ’m great.
Thank you, Doctor Tang, for saving me. ” The patient asked.
Then, he was kind of hesitate to ask Yu Qi.
Doctor Tang… ”

”Yes? ” Yu Qi looked at him.

”Do you recognise us? ” The patient asked.

”Hmm? ” Yu Qi looked around.
She saw three women and seven men including the patient himself.
After looking around, she was pretty sure that she did not know anyone in this room.

I ’m sorry.
I don ’t know all of you. ” Yu Qi said.

Then, out of the sudden, everyone busted into laughter.
Only the patient and Yu Qi was not laughing.
Yu Qi was confused at this moment.

”Doctor Tang, actually, Mr Jiang, oh, this is Mr Jiang. ” One of the men spoke and pointed to the patient that Yu Qi was talking just now.
The men continued.
”He told us that you are so worried about him when you saw him.
You are arguing with other doctors to save him as quickly as you can.
So, he has thought you are his fan. ”

”I have argued with them because his case was very serious at that moment.
Further delay will lead to death. ” Yu Qi innocently explained to them

”That is why we are laughing. ” The man said and the laughter could be heard again.

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”But, you really do not recognize anyone of us? ” Another man asked.

”I ’m sorry.
I don ’t know.
I actually do not pay attention to the entertainment business. ” Yu Qi apologized.

”No need to apologize about that. ” Jiang Yei said.
”For your information, we are from the production crew that has been having a shooting nearby and suddenly the incident has happened. ”

”Yes, I have heard about that.
Thank goodness that there is no fatality in this incident. ” Yu Qi said.
She looked at her watch.
”I think I need to go first.
All of you rest properly. ”

”Thank you again, Doctor Tang, for visiting me. ” Jiang Yei said.

Yu Qi got out.

”I have never thought that she will not recognise anyone in this room. ” One of them talked.

”It is common.
She is a doctor.
They usually don ’t have a social life when coming to a doctor.
They will be busy always. ” A woman said.

”But to be honest, she is seriously beautiful.
I have thought that she is an actress when I first saw her face.
Then until Bro Jiang called her a doctor. ”

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If she became an entertainer, she will definitely be successful. ”

”I admire her skin.
Her skin looks very smooth. ” A girl commented.
She was a makeup artist.
So, she knew a lot of skins of faces of different people.

”Really? I wonder what kind of product she has used to get that kind of skin. ”

If Yu Qi knew about this question, she would shamelessly promote her product.

Su Yu Hi saw Yu Qi was walking toward him then sat in front of him.

”Have you go to see Sister Su Jin? ” Yu Qi asked as soon she landed on the seat.

Thank goodness, she is okay. ” Su Yu Hi said.

Su Yu Hi just came back from Fanghai Nation to supervise the project there.
He stranded almost one week there because of very bad weather.

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After touching down at Binhai Nation, he as soon as possible drove to Guanying City for almost three hours.
He wanted to see his girlfriend.

His girlfriend ’s manager called him and told him about the incident.
When he heard about that, his heart felt that it wanted to stop.

Doing his work as soon as possible, he then faced the problem and all of the flights did not allow any of the flight to fly out or touch out.
So, he spent one week there.

Even though his girlfriend called him and said that she was slightly injured, his heart could not calm down.
He needed to see her in front of his eyes, with that, he could feel calm.

So, he was very relieved when he saw her condition.
She already could walk slowly.

”Do you rest a little bit after returning from Fanghai? ” Yu Qi asked.

”I do sleep four hours yesterday. ” Su Yu Hi said.
It was okay.

”Then, let ’s talk about business. ” Yu Qi smiled.

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