Yu Qi quickly treated the wound.
Cleaned it up, put on some medicine and bandaged it up.

”By the way, this man still needs to go to the hospital. ” Yu Qi suddenly said.

”For what? You are already here. ” The vice captain said.

”He also has a heart disease.
It needs to be treated professionally at the hospital.
I don ’t have any medicine or equipments to treat that disease. ” Yu Qi looked at the man.

The man looked very surprised when he heard that he had heart disease.
The vice captain looked surprised too but after a moment, he laughed.

”It is your trick, right? You want to run from here, right? If we are going to the hospital, you would be safe? Don ’t ever imagine that. ” The vice captain snorted.

”It is your choice.
He has at least ten months.
And if I want to run, I don ’t think you will manage to catch me. ” Yu Qi rebuked.

”You… ” The vice captain pointed his finger to Yu Qi.

”By the way, where do I have to sleep? ” Yu Qi asked.

”You can sleep here with me. ” The man on the bed said.

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”If you don ’t mind to be killed by me. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”No. ” The vice captain quickly rejected that.
He did not know why he felt like this.
He felt that this woman was not talking nonsense.
It seemed that she probably had the ability to do so.
He did not want to take the risk.

”I will show you where the women sleep. ” The vice captain said.

Like Yu Qi appeared just now, every man looked at Yu Qi like she was a piece of meat.
The vice captain knew their intentions but did not say anything to her.
He thought this woman needed to be taught that men were above women.

”Here is the place. ” The vice captain showed a tent.

Yu Qi entered the tent and frowned.
About ten women were inside and their appearance right now was not…
Well, what we could tell was disturbing.

Some of them were not even wearing the top to hide their b.r.e.a.s.t.
Everyone in the tent looked at the newcomer.
They were thinking that she would be the same as them when the time had gone.

Yu Qi sat at the corner of the tent without saying anything to the women.
Right now, if she said anything like they would be okay later, they would never believe her.
Their eyes already died.
They already gave up their life.

Yu Qi did not feel tired but she closed her eyes and she enchanted her senses.
She could hear that someone went out and went in.
Then someone approached her.

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”Hey wake up.
Here is your dinner. ” A woman said while pushing a plate that contained some kind of soup.

”No need.
I ’m not hungry. ” Yu Qi said.

”Eat it.
You probably would need the energy tonight later. ” The woman said.

Yu Qi did not reply but she also did not eat too.

”Suit yourself.
Don ’t say I don ’t inform you. ” The woman left Yu Qi.

Not long after that, Yu Qi could felt that one by one left the tent until only she was inside the tent.
Yu Qi opened her eyes.
The tent was dark.
However, when people went to the tent, she could still see the shadow.

”Is that okay that we taste this woman? ”

”Well, the vice captain doesn ’t say anything that says we could not taste this woman meaning he did not care much about this woman.
So, we can do anything that we want. ”

Yu Qi could hear that they were discussing about her and ended with the men laughed each other.
They were approaching Yu Qi.

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Yu Qi stood up and ran outside the tent.
They laughed louder.

”Beauty, you can not run.
Let ’s enjoy the night together. ”

Yu Qi stopped running.

”That ’s right.
You should give up and accept your fate. ”

Yu Qi was getting ready with her needle.
It was time to use her poison again.
The nerve killing poison.
It had been a while since she used this poison.
She thought about the last time she used that poison when she went to the medical conference at Fanghai Nation.

”You are the one that should give up otherwise… ” Yu Qi stood fearlessly facing the men.

The men laughed.
They did not even think that a weak beauty that lived a beautiful life would be someone that could terrify their lives.

”Guys, no more talk.
Let ’s enjoy this beauty tonight.
My d.i.c.k already hardens seeing her face. ”

She may also enjoy us too. ”

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The men approached Yu Qi in all direction.
Yu Qi smiled coldly.
She already gave her a warning.
It was their fault not to take the warning seriously.

Yu Qi made a movement like she was throwing something.
Well, she was throwing her needles.
Those men could not see anything since it was dark and the needles were also thin.

The men just thought she was making a final struggle.
But three of them fell on the ground mysteriously.

”Ahh!!! ”

The three men screamed painfully.

”It hurts. ”

The men looked at their friends.
Then their friends that fell on the ground stopped screaming.

”Are you okay now? ”

”Yeah. ”

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”What the heck with you? ”

”Wait a minute.
Something is wrong. ”

”What ’s wrong? ”

”I don ’t feel my legs. ”

”Me too. ”

”I can not move my legs. ”

The three men shouted saying that they would not feel either move their legs.

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