”Beauty, follow me. ” Vice captain said ended Yu Qi ’s thought.

”Can I borrow your toilet? ” Yu Qi suddenly asked.

”Oh, beauty must be holding for so long.
Come, I will show you where it is. ” Vice captain said.

Yu Qi followed him to the toilet.
The toilet was about to collapse.

”Beauty, it is the toilet. ” Vice captain said.

Yu Qi entered without saying anything.
She just needed a place where anybody could not see her.
She looked around and felt there was no one around that was looking at her.

Yu Qi entered the space and took Aoi out.
Aoi was very worried about his master when Bo Ya was reporting from inside space.

’Master… ’ Aoi called his master.

’Aoi, listen. ’ Yu Qi spoke with a serious tone.

Aoi immediately listened to Yu Qi.
’Yes, master. ’

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’Go and bring Brother Hui here.
Tell him there is an armed group here.
Do you remember his smell? ’ Yu Qi gave her order.

’Yes, I remember.
Master, don ’t worry.
I will bring that man here. ’ Aoi nodded.

Use your invisible ability.
Don ’t let anyoneone here see you. ” Yu Qi said again.

’Yes, master. ’ Aoi started to use his ability.

Yu Qj already could not see Aoi.
But she still could feel where he was.

Then Yu Qi came out.
Aoi followed her.

’Master, I will go first.
Please take care of yourself. ’ Aoi said before leaving Yu Qi.

’Don ’t worry.
I will take care of myself. ’ Yu Qi looked at the path where Aoi went.

”What is it? Do you see anything? ” The vice captain asked as he also looked at the same area where Yu Qi was looking at.

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The vice captain saw nothing.
But why was this girl looking in that direction like it was something there?

”Where are the patients? ” Yu Qi asked.

”What? ” The vice captain did not pay attention just now so, he missed Yu Qi ’s question.

”You have asked for a doctor meaning you have a patient who needs the treatment.
Where is he? ” Yu Qi glanced to the vice captain.

The vice captain felt like he was facing someone that could kill him right away.

”This way. ” The vice captain showed Yu Qi the way.
”Here. ” It was a tent.

Yu Qi entered the tent and saw a man was laying on a bed.

”Is she an angel come and welcoming me to heaven? ” The man on the bed joked.

”An angel? Heaven? No.
I ’m a devil. ” Yu Qi smiled.

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”If the devil is as beautiful as you, I want to go to hell. ” The man replied.

”Boss, don ’t say something like that. ” The vice captain said.
”This is the doctor that I have invited to treat you.
You will be fine. ”

Invited. ” Yu Qi snorted.
”And why are you giving the guarantee that he will be fine? I am the one who gives him the treatment not so sure if I can treat him or not. ” She looked at the vice captain like an idiot.

If you don ’t heal him, you will be killed. ” The vice captain threatened Yu Qi.

”Oh, how scary.
But to be honest, I don ’t think you will be able to kill me. ” Yu Qi replied with sarcasm in her tone.

”You… ” The vice captain shouted to Yu Qi.

”I need a quiet place to treat the patient.
If you want to be here, shut up your mouth.
Otherwise, get out. ” Yu Qi said as she approached the man on the bed.

She took the man ’s pulse and read it.
This man had a serious injury on his chest and also contracted heart disease.
This man needed to go to the hospital for treatment for his heart disease.
As for now, she needed to treat the injury on his chest.

Yu Qi turned around and looked at the vice captain.

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”What? ” The vice captain asked.

”You take our medical bag, right? Give it to me. ” Yu Qi ordered him.

”Why should I give it to you? ” The vice captain argued.

”Are you an idiot? How can I treat him if I don ’t have things to do so? Do you think I am a magician? ” Yu Qi rolled her eyes.

The vice captain was dumbfounded for a moment.
Indeed, she needed those things.

”Wait here.
I will go get them.
Don ’t try to do anything else to our boss. ” The vice captain had time to give some warnings to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi smirked when she heard the warning.
Not long after that, the vice captain returned with the medical bag.
Yu Qi took it from the vice captain.

She put it aside and toss the blanket on the man.

”What are you doing? ” The vice captain shouted angrily.

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”Are you an idiot? How could I treat the injury on his chest without looking at it? ” It was the second time Yu Qi asked the same question, ’Are you an idiot? ’ to him.

”You… ” The vice captain could not rebuke.

”Come here.
Open his clothes. ” Yu Qi ordered the vice captain.

The vice captain quickly took the clothes carefully.

”What is this? ” Yu Qi was shocked when looking at the mess in front of her.
”Who has treated him before? ”

”Well, it is me. ” The vice captain answered.

”You know what? You are killing this man. ” Yu Qi said.

”What? ” The vice captain was shocked.

”This wound has already infected.
Leaving it any longer, it will lead to death. ” Yu Qi explained.

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