Long Hui and several soldiers were talking at each other.
Suddenly the door was opened.
However, when they looked at the door, there was no one at the door.
Then someone opened the door.
They ignored the strangeness and started to talk again.

Aoi entered the door.
He did not care whether that man was busy or not.
He quickly went to Long Hui.
He then grabbed Long Hui ’s attention by rubbing his body at Long Hui ’s leg.
He actually forgot that he was still in his invisible mode.

Long Hui could feel the sensation on his leg.
’Something at his legs. ’ He narrowed his eyes.
He was not imagining things since the sensation was still there.
He still felt that.

Aoi wanted Long Hui to ask the people to leave the room since he wanted directly talked to Long Hui but Long Hui still did not say anything.
He finally remembered that Long Hui could not see him as he was in his invisible mode.
So, he dispelled the invisible mode.

Long Hui widened his eyes as he saw Aoi appeared out of nowhere.
His heart triggered some alarm.
This dog never left his master unless it was necessary.
And the fact he was here meaning something had happened to his beloved Qi Qi.

”All of you can go first.
We will discuss that later. ” Long Hui gave the order to his subordinates.

”Eh? Why? ” Ren Qian Yi asked.

”Just get out. ” Long Hui said that again.

His subordinates went out as they were wondering what happened to their Colonel.

”Lieutenant Colonel Ren, what is going with Colonel Long? ” One of the soldiers asked Ren Qian Yi.

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”I don ’t know.
Probably he is on periods. ” Ren Qian Yi laughed as he left the place.

The soldiers looked at each other.
They were already used to it when Ren Qian Yi joked about their colonel like that and got beaten by the colonel if he got to know about that.

Long Hui lifted Aoi and put him on the table.

”What has happened? ” Long Hui went straight to the point.

”My master has been kidnapped by a group.
It is about 300 kilometres from here.
They are armed.
Quickly save my master. ” Aoi said to Long Hui.

”Armed group? ” Long Hui narrowed his eyes as he thought about that.

”Yes. ” Aoi nodded.

Aoi then explained the direction where his master was.
Long Hui marked the place on the map.

No time to think about that.
His beloved Qi Qi was more important.

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”Okay. ” Long Hui nodded.

He rushed out and saw his subordinates were still lingering there.

”Good, you are still here.
We have a mission.
A class mission.
I only need 10 to 15 people.
Tell Lieutenant Colonel Ren too.
Get ready.
We will depart in 15 minutes. ” Long Hui said.

”Yes, Sir. ” The soldier saluted.

An A-class mission was a rescue mission.
The mission could be considered dangerous and tricky since they needed to consider the victim ’s safety and how to tackle the armed men.

Long Hui also got ready to go.
In the ten minutes, he already stood at the military vehicles parking area.
Then after two minutes, his subordinates got there.

”What has happened? A class mission? ” Ren Qian Yi asked.

”A camp of armed men have been spotted and they have kidnapped someone. ” When Long Hui said that, everyone could see that he was angry.

”What? Is it what I am thinking? They have kidnapped the third sister in law? ” Ren Qian Yi asked worriedly.

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Others heard that.
They knew that Long Hui had a girlfriend from Ren Qian Yi and Ren Qian Yi called her, Third Sister in law.
Then, their Colonel Long ’s girlfriend had been kidnapped.

”Let ’s go. ” Long Hui said.


The policemen were also working on Yu Qi ’s case.
As Min Gu Su requested, they investigated the case.
They also send people to escort the people in the orphanage.
Min Gu Su and Ah Kean also joined and helped the policemen.

However, the policemen asked the staff of the orphanage if they knew anything.
Then suddenly a woman kneeled down while crying.

”Please forgive me…
Please forgive me… ” The woman apologized several times.

The policeman asked her why she apologizing to them like that.

”It was me who have told them that there will be a group of doctors that will come here.
They need a doctor.
I don ’t why but they have threatened me to keep quiet otherwise, they will kill these children. ” The woman explained as she faced down.
She could not look at their faces.

”Do you know who they are? ” The leader of the policeman asked.

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I have just met them a week ago when I have been heading to the orphanage.
They have appeared and threatened me to give them some food supply.
Then two days ago, they have told me that they need a doctor.
So, since the doctors are coming today, I have told them to wait until today. ” The woman sobbed.

”What if Yu Qi does not agree to go? The man has threatened to kill all of us.
What will you do? ” Min Gu Su questioned the woman angrily.

Ah Kean held Min Gu Su ’s shoulder and telling him to calm down.

”I ’m sorry…
I ’m sorry… ” The woman kept saying there.

”Do you know where they are right now? ” The leader of the policemen asked for more details.

”I don ’t know. ” The woman shook her head.

She really did not know about that.
The group always appeared in the middle where the woman headed to the orphanage.

They sighed.
So, where on the earth should they find Yu Qi?

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