Chapter 726

”Why are you looking so angry? ” Yu Qi tilted her head.

”Nothing. ” Long Hui turned from a devil king to a charming prince in front of Yu Qi.

”Really? ” Yu Qi deepened her gaze to Long Hui.

Someone wants to hold my hand.
So, I have choked her. ” Long Hui explained as he avoided Yu Qi ’s eyes.

”She wants to hold your hand? ” Now, it was Yu Qi ’s turn to look like she wanted to kill someone.
”Give me your hand. ”

Long Hui handed out his right hand where the woman tried to get hold of it.
Yu Qi closed her eyes and out of a sudden, there was a bottle and a handkerchief in her hand.
She calmly used these things to wipe Long Hui carefully.
Well, more to sanitise his hand.

Long Hui obediently sat there and let his beloved Qi Qi wiped his hand.
As for those things that appeared out of nowhere, it must be her space.
Well, he knew that she must be feeling jealous when hearing that some woman wanted to touch her.
Possessive girl, he chuckled.

”All done. ” Yu Qi smiled as she finished wiping clean Long Hui ’s hand.

”Thank you, Qi Qi. ” Long Hui smiled.

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”By the way, is that okay for you to come here every day? ” Yu Qi asked about Long Hui ’s job.

”Don ’t worry about that. ” Long Hui just brush the topic off.

”My injury probably will heal completely in two days.
So, you can focus more on your work. ” Yu Qi touched her shoulder.

”Qi Qi does not like me to be here? ” Long Hui put a pitiful expression on his face.

”NO! Of course not.
I like to be with you. ” Yu Qi strongly denied that statement.

I knew.
I also like to be with you.
To be more specific, inside you. ” Long Hui licked his tongue.

That statement made Yu Qi stunned.
Then she also smiled seducing Long Hui.

”Me too.
I also like you inside me. ” Following Long Hui ’s action, Yu Qi also licked her lips.

Long Hui ’s hand caressed Yu Qi ’s cheek and then transferred to her lips.

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”Can I kiss you? ” Long Hui said politely.

”I don ’t know that you will be this polite. ” Yu Qi raised her eyebrows.

”I know you don ’t like the polite me.
Then I will not hold back. ” Long Hui chuckled.

After that, Long Hui kissed Yu Qi.
At first, he was gentle.
Then, the longer the kiss, the intense the kiss would be.
Feeling his beloved Qi Qi going out of breath, Long Hui finally let her go.

Yu Qi ’s expression right now was very attracted to him.
If not for that wound, Long Hui would take her right now.
He needed to endure until she completely healed.

In order to make that feeling disappeared, Long Hui felt he needed to cool down first.

”Qi Qi, are you hungry? ” Long Hui asked.

Yu Qi nodded.
A little. ”

”I will buy something for you. ” Long Hui coughed and made his way out.

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After ten days of resting, Yu Qi had completely healed.
She had been discharged earlier in the morning.
She quickly put on the white coat to start her duty.

When she appeared at the morning meeting, everyone was very surprised.

”Doctor Tang, are you sure that you don ’t want to rest for one more day? ” Doctor Zhu asked.

”Yeah, I am already bored to death resting for ten days.
And my wound has completely healed.
There is no reason for me to rest anymore. ” Yu Qi said.
She was completely serious about this.

But let us know if you feel uncomfortable. ” Doctor Zhu said.

”Yes, Doctor Zhu. ” Yu Qi nodded.

The morning meeting began.
After that, Yu Qi went to start her morning routine.
The patients that had been assigned to her before the incident mostly had discharged.

Only one of them had still not discharge yet.
Other than her, two of her patients were the new ones.
So, she needed to study about her patients.

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She sat in the meeting room before someone came in and told that a man came and wanted to see her.

Yu Qi was confused at the moment.
Long Hui already told her that he would be busy for the next few days.
So he would not come to the hospital to see her.

As for Su Yu Hi, usually, he would call her first if he wanted to see her.
By the way, she already asked Su Yu Hi to go to Fanghai Nation today.
So, it would not be him.

She did not know who would come and ask her to see her.
The person that wanted to see her was at the cafe.
Yu Qi walked to the cafe.

It was not lunchtime yet.
So, only a few people there.
Yu Qi looked over if someone that she knew.

Yeah, there was someone.
That ’someone ’ saw Yu Qi and excitedly waved his hand to Yu Qi.

”Little Sis. ” That ’someone ’ was Tang Jin Wei.

Yu Qi slowly walked to Tang Jin Wei.

”Brother Jin Wei, what are you doing here? ” Yu Qi was surprised to see Tang Jin Wei here therefore she asked the question.

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”Well, I have some business around here.
So, I have thought to pay you a visit. ” Tang Jin Wei ’s eyes waved around.

Yu Qi raised her eyebrows as she suspiciously looked at Tang Jin Wei.

”Oh, what kind of business you have here? ” Yu Qi narrowed her eyes.

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