Tang Jin Wei sent Ke Su Su to the hotel room.

”Hmm… ” Ke Su Su seemed to speak something when they already arrived at the room.

”What is it? ” Tang Jin Wei asked gently.

You stay…
With me…
Tonight? ” Ke Su Su asked without looking at Tang Jin Wei ’s face.

”What? ” Tang Jin Wei was shocked.

”I ’m scared…
To stay…
Alone in…
This room… ” Ke Su Su explained.

Tang Jin Wei understood.
This girl had undergone such a terrifying situation.
So, she was scared to stay alone.

I will accompany you. ” Tang Jin Wei nodded.

Ke Su Su unlocked the room and they entered the room.
Ke Su Su opened her closet and pulled a towel.
She gave it to Tang Jin Wei.

”You can take the shower first. ” Ke Su Su said.

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”Oh, okay. ” Tang Jin Wei nodded and walked to the bathroom.

Entering the bathroom normally.
Then Tang Jin Wei realized that he was going to be alone with Ke Su Su tonight.
Even though he had already dated Ke Su Su for such a long time, he had never spent the night with her.

Ke Su Su told him that she needed time to get used to this.
Tang Jin Wei did not mind at all.
Since he had also never been with a woman s.e.x.u.a.lly.

Well, Tang Jin Wei also flirted with some women but it was all that.
He had never touched a woman.
But now…

”Jin Wei, you can use the bathrobe. ” Ke Su Su ’s voice stopped his imagination.

Okay… ” Tang Jin Wei said.

Tang Jin Wei shook his head.
Ke Su Su did not mean anything with this.
She just wanted him to accompany her since that incident.
That ’s all.
He nodded.
He would wait until she was ready for that.

After that, Tang Jin Wei took the bath with a normal feeling.
He got out with the bathrobe.

Then Ke Su Su went to the bathroom.
Tang Jin Wei was actually nervous.
He covered it by looking at his handphone.

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Not long after that, Ke Su Su came out in her pyjamas.
She sat at the corner bed looking restless.

”You can sleep on the bed.
I will sleep on the sofa. ” Tang Jin Wei said.

”No! ” Ke Su Su shouted.
Then she looked embarrassing.
”No need for you to sleep on the sofa…
The bed is large…
You can sleep on it too. ”

Tang Jin Wei was surprised.
”But, it is a bad idea. ”

”I feel scared when thinking about the earlier incident.
But your hug gives me a sense of security.
Sleep with…
You tonight? ” Ke Su Su asked shyly.

Tang Jin Wei blinked several times.
His mind was in chaos.

”Are you sure? You want to sleep with me? ” Tang Jin Wei asked.

”Well, just sleep. ” Ke Su Su nodded.

Tang Jin Wei felt that he understood right now.
Ke Su Su did not mean that kind of sleeping.
It was a normal sleep.
He was excited about nothing.
But his girlfriend requested to sleep with his hug since it gave her security made him felt happy when listening to that.

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Sure. ” Tang Jin Wei nodded.

Both of them got onto the bed.
One on the right corner, one on the left corner.
Both of them were silent.

Jin Wei, can I hug you? ” Ke Su Su asked after a moment of silence.

Sure… ” Tang Jin Wei slowly got closer to Ke Su Su and pulled her into his hug.
Well, it became he hugged her.

Ke Su Su leaned her head on Tang Jin Wei ’s chest.
She felt safe in Tang Jin Wei ’s hug.
Not the feeling when that man hugged her.
Unconsciously she smiled.

Tang Jin Wei also thinking about something.
His girlfriend ’s body was very soft.
It felt good to hug her.
He thought that it was not long until he could fully eat her.

Both of them fell in a drowsy state and fell to sleep while hugging each other.

However, Tang Jin Wei woke up in the middle of the night.
He looked down and saw his girlfriend in the deep sleep.
Then she moved to lean closer to Tang Jin Wei ’s body.

Then Ke Su Su ’s leg touched one part of Tang Jin Wei ’s body that made him freeze.
He gulped.
The drowsiness was gone.
The hardening was not stopping as Ke Su Su ’s leg touched that part.

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Tang Jin Wei wanted to let Ke Su Su go but he was afraid that it could disturb her sleep.
So, he gave up that choice.
The choice that he had right now was only to endure.

”Jin Wei, thank you…
And I love you… ” Ke Su Su suddenly said that.

Tang Jin Wei was surprised as he heard that.
He looked at Ke Su Su ’s face.
Her eyes were still closed.
Meaning she was just sleep talking.

Tang Jin Wei grinned.
Even in the dream, Ke Su Su was thinking about him.
He never thought that he would like someone onto this level.
Someone that could stir his feelings like this.

When he saw Ke Su Su in the ladies, he felt that he wanted to kill that man.
However, he knew that would make things worse, he cooled down and asked to call the manager and the police.
Attempt to r.a.p.e was a crime.
That man would end up in jail.

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