The bidding for the World Class Resort was just in the corner.
Yu Qi also signed the agreement between Guanying City ’s Mayor as the investor and would have about 15% of the share of the resort when it was finished and started the operation.

From what Yi Lishan told him, there was about ten company would be competing in the bidding.
Some of them were someone that she knew.
Mu Cooperation also would be competing for the bidding.

The bidder already submitted their proposal to Guanying City ’s office.
Yu Qi also had been called for the selection day.
Yu Qi took a day off from her work.
Yi Lishan already called her and told her that Guanying City already chose a company based on prices submitted by the bidders.

When Yu Qi asked about that, Yi Lishan told her that the winner of the project was Qin Xia.
Yu Qi suddenly thought about her past life.
She somehow could not remember that person that won this bidding.

It was not Mu Cooperation or Bai Group.
That was for sure.
She remembered when she began to handle the things in Mu Cooperation, the resort had been started operating and gained its fame.

Bai Shui Jin mentioned to her about the Bai Group became the largest shareholder of the resort.
Telling her that the resort was a good investment.

Is that company was Qin Xia ’s company? Was Qin Xia scammed by the Bai Group? No, she would not let that happen.


The result was been announced to the people.
Another investor was willing to throw the party to that matter.
Yu Qi also had been invited.

Her invitation card was given by Yi Lishan to her personally.
He came to the hospital to meet with Yu Qi.
He had been informed that Yu Qi was in the operation room right now.
He had to wait.

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Yu Qi just came out of the operating room.
She was going to the meeting room.
A nurse told her that someone was coming to meet her.
At the moment, she wondered about that person.

She checked her schedule.
Supposedly there was no appointment at all.
’Well, let just meet the person. ’ She was kind of surprised to see Yi Lishan here.

”Yu Qi, here. ” Yi Lishan gave an envelope to Yu Qi.

”This…? ” Yu Qi tilted her head.
At the moment, she still did not know that they were having a party for the announcement of the winning bidder.

”A party for winning bidder.
They will be announcing the winner at this party. ” Yi Lishan said.

”Oh, I see.
So, it is a normal event. ” Yu Qi nodded.

She opened the envelope.
The invitation card was inside it.
Yu Qi read the invitation card.
’Tomorrow… ’

”I will go if I get free time. ” Yu Qi put the invitation card back into the envelope.

I will get going. ” Yi Lishan said and left Yu Qi.

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Yu Qi was getting out of the car.
The party was held at the Guanying City ’s hall.
Yu Qi was dressed in a simple dress with a nude colour.
For the makeup, she just put on the simple makeup.
Not too striking.

Yu Qi brought out the invitation card and showed it to the two men that guard the entrance of the hall where the party was held.

The party was just starting.
Currently, there was a speech from Guanying City ’s Mayor.
Yu Qi put a drink from the waiter and blended into the crowd.

”Now, we are going to announce the winner of this project. ” The host stated.
”We would like to invite the Mayor again to congratulate the winner. ”

The Mayor went up to the stage.

I will announce the winner. ” There was a black envelope in his hand.
He opened the envelope and read the words on it.
”The winner is Yue Cooperation.
We invite Mr Qin, the president of the Yue Cooperation to the stage. ”

Yu Qi looked around and saw Qin Xia walked toward the stage.
He looked, as usual handsome.

”Congratulation to Yue Cooperation for winning this project. ” The host said after Qin Xia was already on the stage.

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Qin Xia shook his hand with the Mayor for a few moments.
The camera was capturing the picture at the moment.
The flash was coming from the cameras.

The Mayor exchanged some words to Qin Xia.
Qin Xia only nodded with his cold face.

”You may enjoy the party. ” The host said.

Qin Xia went down.
Min Liang, his secretary followed him from behind.
At the moment, some people went to talk to Qin Xia.
Probably congratulated him.

Yu Qi was surprised to hear the name of Qin Xia ’s company.
She thought it would begin with ’Qin ’ but turned out, the name of the company was ’Yue ’.

There was someone who was also shocked by what he saw.
Bai Shu Jin did not expect to see Yu Qi at this party.
He was attending this party together with his brother, Bai Yu but his brother was nowhere to be seen.

He wondered why was Yu Qi here.
She did not participate in the bidding.
So, he was curious.
With a glass in his hand, he walked toward Yu Qi.

Yu Qi felt that she had been watched by someone.
So, she looked around.
Her eyes were catching the eyes that had been watching her.

Her eyes turned cold.
She turned around, did not want to see him anymore.

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