Feng Yue, Yu Qi and Aoi still walked around the market.
Yu Qi kept buying Aoi the food.
While they did not buy anything except the hat earlier.

Then they heard someone screamed yelling.

”Stop that thief.
He is stealing someone ’s money. ”

The girls looked around and saw a man was running avoiding people on his path.
He was heading towards their direction.

Yu Qi looked at Feng Yue.
Feng Yue smiled while nodding to Yu Qi.
Both of them separated giving way to the thief to run between them.
The thief did not expect something horrible would happen to him.

Both girls lifted their legs.
One kicked the head, another one kicked the stomach.
The thief immediately fell on the ground.
Everyone watched this, stunned by this situation.

”Yu Qi, is he okay? You have kicked him at the head. ” Feng Yue looked at the fainted thief.

”Don ’t worry.
I have held back.
I have just used 5% of my strength.
He will wake up in a while.
Don ’t just make me a villain.
You also kicked him at the stomach. ” Yu Qi said.

The people around that heard the conversation looked at the girls like a monster.
Only 5% of her strength could make the thief fainted on the spot.
What would happen if she used her 100% strength?

”Sir, he is yours. ” Feng Yue told the man that just yelled.

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”Oh, thank you. ” The man awkwardly thanked the girls.

The girls walked away and leaving the stunning onlookers.

”There is always a person like that in the market. ” Yu Qi said.

”You mean the pickpocket? ” Feng Yue tilted her head.

People especially men like to put their wallets in their pockets behind them.
The pickpocket likes this. ” Yu Qi said.


”How fierce she is. ” A man commented.

He had also watched the girls who were kicking the thief.

”You have heard her.
It is only 5% of her strength.
What do you think about her in the general? ” The man asked his friend.

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Worth being his daughter. ” His friend commented.

”I don ’t understand why do we need to observe her more.
She should be invited by now. ” The man sighed.

”No need to think about that.
We just need to observe her and report to the HQ. ” His friend said to the man.

”Well, it is very refreshing seeing her outside.
Not just at the hospital. ” The man commented.

That was right.
There were some people who had been watching Yu Qi daily.
They even watched her in the hospital.


Yu Qi looked around.
Nothing unusual.
Sometimes she gets the feeling that someone had been watching her.
However, when she tried to find the people, she could not find anything.
Even Bo Ya had failed.

’I hope nothing bad will happen. ’ Yu Qi wished.

”Yu Qi…
Yu Qi…
Yu Qi! ” Feng Yue waved her hand in front of Yu Qi ’s face while calling her name.

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”Huh? ” Yu Qi finally snapped out.

”What are you daydreaming about? I have called you so many times. ” Feng Yue asked.

Something is in my mind. ” Yu Qi grinned.

”Something? You must be thinking about Brother Hui, right? ” Feng Yue rolled her eyes.

”Then you should have someone that you can think about. ” Yu Qi replied.

What are you talking about? ” Feng Yue stumbled in her words.

”Nothing. ” Yu Qi said while looking at Feng Yue.

”I think we have already arrived at the end of the market. ” Feng Yue said and ignored the previous conversation.

’Master, I sense something. ’ Suddenly, Bo Ya ’s voice popped out.

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’What? ’ Yu Qi asked.

It was unusual for Bo Ya to speak to her like that.
It must be important if he could not wait until she met him.

’Something around here has your space ’s aura. ’ Bo Ya told Yu Qi.

’Meaning there is an item here from the space? ’ Yu Qi inquired.

’Yeah. ’ Bo Ya assured.

’Tell me the direction. ’ Yu Qi said.

Bo Ya told her the direction.

”Yu Qi, where do you want to go? ” Feng Yue asked when she saw Yu Qi heading somewhere.

”Let ’s go enter that stall. ” Yu Qi pointed to one stall.

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That stall sold various things like pendant, ring, pot and many things.
When Yu Qi and Feng Yue arrived at the stall, an old man came to greet them.

”Welcome, welcome young ladies.
Come and take a look at my things here. ” The old man was very friendly.
”We have a lot of charms that can protect you. ”

Feng Yue approached Yu Qi and whispered to her ear.
”Yu Qi, why are you looking for? Do we need to buy the thing here? I feel this old man is a scam. ”

”I am just looking for something to give to you. ” Yu Qi said.

In her mind, she was listening to Bo Ya ’s instruction.

’That pendant, Master. ’

’This one? ’ Yu Qi took a pendant.

’Nope, that one.
On its left. ’ Bo Ya said.

Yu Qi put back and took the pendant that Bo Ya mentioned.
It was a four-leaf clover ’s pendant.

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This one.
It could protect someone from danger and give luck to the person who wears it. ’ Bo Ya explained.

’I see. ’ Yu Qi smiled.

”Sir, I will take this one. ” Yu Qi said to the old man.

”Oh, you really have a good eye. ” The old man said.
”I will give a special discount for you. ”

Yu Qi paid for the pendant.

A gift from me. ” Yu Qi gave the pendant to Feng Yue.

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