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Long Hui slowly approached Yu Qi.
He leaned over, near to Yu Qi ’s right ear and whispered in his deep voice.

”Do you like what do you see? ” Long Hui asked.

Yu Qi felt his deep voice was like a devil ’s whisper that wanted her to do the bad thing.
Once again she swallowed her saliva.

”Stop doing that. ” Yu Qi faked the cough.

”Doing what, hmm? ” Long Hui pretended that he did not know anything.

”Seducing me! ” Yu Qi glared at Long Hui.

”Oh, really? But how am I seducing you? ” Long Hui chuckled.

Long Hui went to the bed and laying aside while his hand supported his head.
This position was making Yu Qi crazy.

She did not know whether Long Hui had improved his seducing technique or whether she became less immune to Long Hui ’s seduction.

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”Come on…
I know you like it. ” Long Hui smiled again.

Yu Qi snapped out.
She got up and sat on Long Hui ’s stomach.
Long Hui ’s flashed an excitement.

Yu Qi smiled while licking her lips.
”Hui, you look so delicious. ”

”Well, I am happy if you decide to eat me right now. ” Long Hui offered himself to be eaten.

”Let ’s experience how making love above the sky. ” Yu Qi smiled.

Right after that, Yu Qi attacked Long Hui ’s mouth.
Her tongue moved playfully in Long Hui ’s mouth.
His tongue moved along hers.

Yu Qi released Long Hui from her kiss.

”This time, I will do the preparation. ”

Yu Qi kissed Long Hui ’s neck.
It was a fresh scent since Long Hui just came out from the shower.
She sucked Long Hui ’s neck as she wanted to leave the mark.

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After that, she released and looked down at the love bite.
Her hand traced the love bite.

”Lovely. ” Yu Qi praised her own work.

Long Hui felt tortured right now.
He wanted to pin down the lady but he was afraid that the lady would be mad for his interruption.

Yu Qi began to kiss Long Hui ’s neck again and going down to Long Hui ’s chest.

”I like your firm chest.
Look how strong it is. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”I like your soft and round chest.
Looks delicious. ” Long Hui moved his hand and touched Yu Qi ’s b.r.e.a.s.ts.

Yu Qi just laughed.

Yu Qi continued to slide down.
She touched and kissed Long Hui ’s abdomen.
Her eyes looked up to Long Hui ’s face and saw Long Hui ’s excited face.

”You! ”

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Long Hui narrowed his eyes as he watched his beloved Qi Qi pulled off the towel that covered his lower body.

”This thing is a hindrance. ” Yu Qi said as she threw away the towel.

What showed in front of her eyes, had made her unconsciously licking her lips.

Long Hui ’s ’little brother ’ stood proudly.

”You have already woken up. ” Yu Qi said to Long Hui ’s ’little brother ’.

She slowly grabbed it.
Then she heard that Long Hui made some sounds.

”Hiss…. ” That was what came out from Long Hui ’s mouth.

Yu Qi started to move her hand up and down and watched Long Hui ’s reaction.
Long Hui ’s was hissing, the sound of excitement.

”Then, what about this? ” Yu Qi asked.

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Right after that, she kissed Long Hui ’s ’little brother ’.
When she saw Long Hui ’s face, she was excited and put it in and out of her mouth.

”More, Qi Qi…
More Qi Qi… ” Long Hui begged.

Long Hui moved against Yu Qi ’s direction.
Long Hui felt that he wanted to let it out.
Suddenly Yu Qi stopped doing what she was doing and grabbed Long Hui ’s ’little brother ’.

Qi Qi… ” Long Hui looked down.

”Don ’t let it out yet.
Give inside me. ” Yu Qi made a lewd smile.

Yu Qi was wearing a skirt.
So, it was easy to access her private place.
She placed Long Hui ’s ’little brother ’ directly towards her private place.

She slowly slid down.
Then Long Hui ’s ’little brother ’ disappeared into her private place.
Her body dropped on Long Hui ’s body.
She was adjusting.

It has been a while. ” Yu Qi commented.
”Hui, yours are so big. ”

”It is just your own use. ” Long Hui whispered to Yu Qi ’s ear.

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Yu Qi stood and facing Long Hui.
She then slowly moved her body up and down.
Long Hui also moved against her.

Ah… ” It was the sounds that came out from Yu Qi ’s mouth.

Long Hui ’s hand grabbed her blouse and tore it opened.
The buttons flew over and showing the bra that his beloved Qi Qi currently wearing.
His hands were very skilfully opened up the bra.

Yu Qi was wearing the bra that the hook was in front.
So, it was easy for Long Hui to throw the bra away.
Yu Qi ’s proud mountains finally showed themselves.

Long Hui could see that it moved up and down following Yu Qi ’s movement.
Long Hui was resentful when he saw them.
So, he grabbed them and started to knead them.

When Yu Qi felt that Lon Hui was kneading her b.r.e.a.s.ts, she felt more excited.
She began to move faster.

Hui? ” Yu Qi asked Long Hui following the rhythms that she moved.

I like ….
It… ” Long Hui responded as he already began to move faster too.

Yu Qi could feel that Long Hui would be climax soon since she felt that his ’Little Brother ’ became bigger.

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More… ” Yu Qi said.

”Grr…. ” Long Hui growled as he let the s.e.m.e.n into his beloved Qi Qi ’s private plane.

”Ah…. ” Yu Qi also reached the climax.

Her body collapsed on Long Hui ’s body.
The two of them were tired.

”It was fantastic, Qi Qi. ” Long Hui kissed Yu Qi ’s head.

Yeah… ” Yu Qi responded faintly.

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