”Then, what should we do now? ” Tang Jin Wei asked again.

This time, no one answered.

Grandpa Tang felt that he just remembered something.
He quickly brought out his phone from his pocket.
He dialed someone.
Then the beep sound could be heard as Grandpa Tang set it on the loudspeaker mode.

”Hello. ”

It was Grandpa Feng ’s voice.

Are you busy, right now? ” Grandpa Tang asked.

From Grandpa Feng ’s tone, he was not at his office.
Nor he was doing his work.

”None, just enjoying my granddaughter ’s massage. ” Grandpa Feng was indeed enjoying Feng Yue ’s massage right now.

”Hey, do you have any contact person at FINN City Airport? ” Grandpa Tang asked.

”Let me think first…
I think so.
What is the matter? ” Grandpa Feng asked back.

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”Can you contact that person and ask whether my granddaughter ’s name is on the list of the passengers that have been on board the today ’s flight or not? ” Grandpa Tang explained.

Don ’t tell me that Yu Qi is on the plane that crashed into the sea today? ” Grandpa Feng was shocked.

Feng Yue was currently massaging her grandfather stopped.
”What? ” She was so shocked about the matter.

”She has scheduled to on board that flight but we still don ’t get the confirmation about that matter.
We have called the airport but they have not accepted the call. ” Grandpa Tang sighed.

I bet they don ’t have any for that.
Don ’t worry.
Let me call my friend there and ask him about that matter. ” Grandpa Feng said.

”I am counting on you. ” Grandpa Tang really hoped that Grandpa Feng could contact his friend over there.

Grandpa Feng quickly contacted his friend over there and explained the matter to him.

Feng Yue in hurry contacted Yu Qi ’s phone.
It was not connecting.
She fl.u.s.tered.

’Yu Qi, don ’t you dare die.
Don ’t you dare die. ’ Feng Yue was praying the same thing repeatedly in her mind.

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’Brother Hui also needs to be informed about this. ’ Thinking about Long Hui, she quickly called him.
But it was not also being answered.

”Grandpa, I will go to Shiwa Military Compound first to see Brother Hui. ” Feng Yue ran outside without hearing the answer from Grandpa Feng.

She drove her car and stopped right in front of Shiwa Military Compound ’s entrance.
The soldiers that guarded the entrance became alerted.

Feng Yue quickly stepped out from the car.
She went straight to the soldiers that guarded the entrance.

”Can you call Long Hui? ” Feng Yue asked.

The soldiers did not answer her straight away.
They were observed her from up to down.

’ ’Can you call him right now? I am his cousin, Feng Yue.
I have something to tell him. ” Feng Yue said.

The soldiers remembered that their Colonel Long had one cousin.
It was a heiress from Feng Family.

”Please wait here.
We will inform him. ” One of the soldiers said and ran away from that place.

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Feng Yue was wondering right and left.
She could not stay still.

10 minutes later, it was not Long Hui that came but Ren Qian Yi.

”Yue, what is the matter? ” Ren Qian Yi asked.

Feng Yue looked behind Ren Qian Yi right and left searching for Long Hui.
”Where is Brother Hui? ”

”He is not here.
He has taken day off.
I don ’t know where he is right now. ” Ren Qian Yi explained.

”What? ” Feng Yue felt fl.u.s.tered again.

”What happened? ” Ren Qian Yi asked.

If you can contact him, do tell him that I am looking for him and ask him to call me back. ” Feng Yue did not want to expose the matter.
So, she just left the message to Ren Qian Yi.

Feng Yue felt that Ren Qian Yi did not tell the truth since sometimes the soldier could not expose their whereabouts.
So, she thought that Ren Qian Yi was lying just now.

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Maybe it was a good news that Long Hui was not here.
If Long Hui knew about this news, he might went straight to the airport and would create a huge mess there.
She returned home.

She saw that Grandpa Feng was prepared to go out.

”We are going to Tang Main Residence right now. ” Grandpa Feng informed Feng Yue.
He looked around.
Seeing the person that his granddaughter wanted to see just now was nowhere to be seen.
”Do you find Hui? ”

He is probably on the mission. ” Feng Yue answered before asking her grandfather back.
”Have you call your friend over there? ”

He needs some times to check the list.
It is chaos over there. ” Grandpa Feng said.

I can imagine that. ” Feng Yue nodded.

Both of them entered the car.
Their destination was FINN City where Tang Main Residence was.

Meanwhile at Tang Main Residence.

”I hope that he can get some information from his friend. ” Grandpa Tang said.

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Everyone was hoping the same thing.
Tang Qin Hao was currently sitting with his eyes closed.
But everyone knew that he was not sleeping since the expression on his face.
He was frowning right now.

Tang Jin Wei could not stay still.
So, he was wondering around.
Then left…
They could hear some fl.u.s.tered sighs from him.

Ming Yue and Su Xiao were still crying.
They could not stopped.
Han Chu Xiao helped them to calm down.

Everyone felt tensed.
Like people always said, waiting was not an easy task.
And very tough for something that was involved with the death.

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