”We have gotten the result. ” Grandpa Feng ’s friend said through the phone.

Grandpa Feng and Feng Yue had already arrived at Tang Main Residence only in one hour and half thanks to Feng Yue.
They were currently sitting together with other Tang Family members.

”She is not on the on board list. ” Grandpa Feng ’s friend announced.

”Really? ” Grandpa Feng asked for another confirmation.

She is really not on the on board list. ” Grandpa Feng ’s friend said again.

Hearing to that, everyone was relieved.

”Thank you for helping us. ” Grandpa Feng said.

”No problem.
I will hang up now. ” Grandpa Feng ’s friend ended the call.

”Thank goodness that she is not on the list. ” Ming Yue said.

”But if she is not on the list, where is she right now? ” Tang Han Lee pointed another issue right now.

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”I have called her many times.
But she has not answered it. ” Tang Jin Wei said.

”Don ’t tell me that she has been kidnapped? ” Su Xiao looked at everyone.

The atmosphere turned gloomy once again.

The plane touched down.
Long Hui woke up his sleeping princess.
Yu Qi was surprised that she had been sleeping until the plane touched down.

”Argh!!! ” She touched her back while glaring at Long Hui.

Long Hui noticed that glare and smiled sweetly to Yu Qi.
He approached Yu Qi and helped her to wash up.

Yu Qi did not have time to mad at Long Hui accepted his help so that they could leave the plane.
Su Yu Hi already left and went to the hotel first.

Yu Qi washed up very quick.
They left the airport and went to the hotel.
Yu Qi actually booked the single bed room.
So, they needed to change the room since Long Hui wanted to stay together with Yu Qi.
Luckily for them, there was one empty premium room.

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Yu Qi remembered her promise to call Ming Yue after arriving here.
So, she reached out her phone and dialed Ming Yue ’s phone.

Tang Main Residence.

”First Mistress, there is a call on your phone. ” A maid told Ming Yue and gave the phone to Ming Yue.

”A call? ” Ming Yue confused.

She took the phone and looked at the screen.
Seeing the name on the screen, she quickly answered the call.
She also pressed the loudspeaker mode.

”Hello, Auntie Ming Yue. ”

Everyone looked at Ming Yue when they heard the voice.
They knew who the owner of the voice.

”Hello, Yu Qi.
Are you okay right now? ” Ming Yue asked in a worried tone.

”I am okay.
I just want to tell you that I have arrived at Fanghai Nation. ” Yu Qi informed Ming Yue.

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”Are you already there? ” Ming Yue was surprised.

”Well, I have been kidnapped by…. ” Yu Qi did not manage to finish the sentence when she heard Tang Jin Wei ’s voice.

”What??? You has been kidnapped.
Then it is true.
Ask that kidnapper what is his demand for kidnapping you.
We are willing to do anything for you to be safe. ” Tang Jin Wei cut Yu Qi ’s sentence.

”What? ” Yu Qi was taking back.
She did not understand what was going on right now.

”Yeah, Yu Qi, ask that kidnapper to release you.
We will do anything that he wants. ” This time, Feng Yue was also interrupting the conversation.

”What? ” Yu Qi was surprised again.

”Yu Qi, can you put the kidnapper on the call? ” Tang Jung Wen asked.

”Huh? Oh, sure. ” Yu Qi confused but she still followed Tang Jung Wen ’s request.
”Here, my family wants to talk to you. ”

Everyone heard the phone was switched to another person.

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”You have kidnapped a member of Tang Family.
What do you want actually? We are willing to follow your order. ” Tang Jung Wen said.

I demand…
Marry her off to me. ” The kidnapper said.

”What? ” Tang Jung Wen was shocked.

Not only him but everyone else also was shocked when hearing the kidnapper ’s request.

Then Feng Yue noticed something.
The kidnapper ’s voice was very familiar to her.
Then, she realised something.

”Brother Hui? ” Feng Yue called that name trying to confirm something.

”Hmm? ” The kidnapper responded.

”What? You are Long Hui? ” Tang Jin Wei asked.

”Yes. ” Long Hui answered.

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Everyone was speechless.
Suddenly the call ended.
Everyone was looking at each other.

Tang Jung Wen: ”The kidnapper is Long Hui. ”

Tang Qin Hao: ”We are willing to do anything. ”

Tang Jang Qin: ”He demands to marry Yu Qi. ”

Tang Jin Wei: ”That bastard! He dares to play us like this. ”

Tang Jiang Man aka Grandpa Tang: ”I think we need to talk to Long Fei Yi. ”

Grandpa Feng could not say anything.
He did not expect for things to escalate like this.

Feng Yue began to laugh.
It was too funny.
Here, they were seriously thought that Yu Qi had been kidnapped by someone.
So, they promised to the kidnapper that they would listen to his demand.

The kidnapper was Long Hui and he demanded that the kidnapper victim to be marry off to him.
Feng Yue laughed hardly.
Her Brother Hui was very funny.

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To be honest, how could someone manage to kidnap Yu Qi with Yu Qi ’s strength? No one could.
If that success meaning Yu Qi must be willing to follow the kidnapper with her own.
The bait must be good.
And that bait must be Long Hui ’s handsomeness.

The atmosphere turned better.
Even though they were angry being played like that but it was better than Yu Qi got kidnapped by someone else.
That would be bad.

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