Yu Qi looked at phone.
It was off.

”What happened? ” Yu Qi asked Long Hui.

”The battery.
Do you charge the phone before coming here? ” Long Hui asked.

Yu Qi made a ’o ’ with her mouth.
Indeed, she did not charging her phone before coming here.

They have really thought that I have been kidnapped by someone.
I am just kidding though. ” Yu Qi did not understand the situation before.

”Probably because of that. ” Long Hui pointed to the television that showing the news about the plane that crashed into the sea.

Yu Qi turned and watched the news.
The news was reporting about the plane which from Binhai Nation going to Fanghai Nation, having some unknown problems, lost the control and crashed into the sea.

The government sent the rescue team to search for the people if anyone survived from the crash.
However, 12 hours had passed.
No one had been found alive from the crash except for the bodies which had already bloated of water.

The bodies were collected and would be brought back to Binhai Nation for the recognition process.

Yu Qi was blinking her eyes.
She was thinking about the connection between this news and the kidnapping.
Her eyes became wide as she realized the connection between these two.

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”I remember telling Auntie Ming Yue about my flight.
They have probably thought that I am in the plane.
After confirming that I am not in the plane they have thought that I have been kidnapped.
Then I have happened to joke about being kidnapped.
So, they have thought it ’s true.
Asking to talk with you, the kidnapper. ” Yu Qi connected the dots.

”And I demanding to marry you off to me.
You can not get away from me. ” Long Hui smirked.

We will see. ” This time, this was Yu Qi ’s turn to smirk.


”I think I want to make the small party for celebrating the opening of our greenhouse. ” Yu Qi said to the people in the meeting room.

They were in the meeting room in the greenhouse after walking around the greenhouse, seeing the area.
Yu Qi was very satisfied with Grandpa Su and Su Fan.

It was a pleasure to be working with someone that knew their work very well.
In fact, she was very surprised with Su Fan.
This man was very flirtous with women but he was very thorough with his work.

The arrangement of the herbs and plants were very good too.
This greenhouse was slightly bigger than the one at Shiwa Town.
However, just like the one in Shiwa Town, they had everything that needed for the workers that would be going to work at this greenhouse.

”A party? ” Grandpa Su asked back.

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Just a small celebration. ” Yu Qi said.

”When? ” Su Fan asked.
His eyes lifted up when he heard the word party.

”Tomorrow night? ” Yu Qi gave the suggestion.

”How many people that you want to invite? Where do you want the party to take place? ” Grandpa Su inquired.

”Everyone who is involved in the construction of this greenhouse.
As for the place, we can do it outside the greenhouse since it is an empty space.
We can rent the canopies, tables and chairs.
As for the food, we can order the catering. ” Yu Qi said.

”We can do as you say for the canopies, tables and chairs but the food…
There is not easy to get the catering that wants the last minute order. ” Su Fan said to Yu Qi.

”Don ’t worry about that.
I will handle it.
You and Grandpa Su just need to inform others about tomorrow ’s party since you are the one interacting with them. ” Yu Qi just smiled.

Yu Qi left together with Long Hui and Su Yu Hi after the meeting.

”Yu Qi, are you sure you can handle this? ” Su Yu Hi asked.

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It was a foreign country for them.
If they were in Binhai Nation, they had probably could manage to handle such things but right now, they were in Fanghai Nation.

”Like I say, don ’t worry about this.
I will handle it nicely. ” Yu Qi said.

Long Hui was smiling.
He did not need to say anything in this situation.

”As for now, let ’s go to the places. ” Yu Qi said.

Su Yu Hi acted as her driver and Long Hui acted as her bodyguard.

The first place that she went was the company that rental the equipment such as canopy, table and chair.
Both of the two men were surprised that she knew the exact place where that she could rental all those things which asking anyone.

Yu Qi entered the company and talked with the person in charge.
She negotiated the price for renting all of the equipment.
After one hour of negotiation, she managed to get the price that she wanted after the person in charge asked her manager to come and talked to Yu Qi.

Su Yu Hi looked very surprised at Yu Qi.
It was not the first time he watched Yu Qi negotiated like this but it was still impresive.

The next place that Yu Qi wanted to go to was a restaurant.
This restaurant was located in a rather secluded place.
People needed to know the area very well if they wanted to go to the restaurant.

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From what Su Yu Hi saw, Yu Qi was knowledgeable about the place.
He was slightly confused about that.
Yu Qi was born in Binhai Nation.
She just came to Fanghai Nation several times.
It was not enough for Yu Qi to know this place very precisely.

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