As usual, after the deed, his beloved Qi Qi would be in a deep sleep.
Long Hui c.a.r.e.s.sed Yu Qi ’s face with his finger.
He smiled as his beloved Qi Qi made a sound in her sleep.

’It is not a suitable place to rest. ’ Thinking about that, Long Hui carried Yu Qi with the ’princess carry. ’ Yu Qi did not even notice that she had been carried away.

Long Hui brought Yu Qi to her room.
When he saw that his beloved Qi Qi in a mess, he went to the bathroom, coming out with a small bucket of water.
He opened Yu Qi ’s clothes and cleaned her body.
After that, he put her in comfortable clothes.

He could not sleep at all.
In fact, he felt refresh after doing the deed.
Thinking that his beloved Qi Qi would be hungry after she woke up, he went to the kitchen to cook something.

Hearing someone in the kitchen, both of the two little cuties went running into the kitchen.
They thought it would be their master who had promised them to cook something for them.
However, they were bounded to be disappointed when they saw the man ’s figure inside the kitchen.

”What are you doing here? ” Bo Ya asked Long Hui.

”I want to cook for Qi Qi. ” Long Hui answered.

”You can cook? ” Aoi looked at Long Hui.

”Yes but not as good as Qi Qi. ” Long Hui nodded.

”Since you want to cook for my master, I shall help you. ” Bo Ya decided to help Long Hui since he said he wanted to cook for his master.
”What ingredients do you want? I will pick them up at the garden. ”

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”Green onion, mushroom, cabbage, carrot, red pepper, red onion, ginger, garlic, snow peas, and bell pepper. ” Long Hui told the ingredients that he wanted for his cooking.

”What menu do you want to cook? ” Bo Ya asked.

”Hot and sour soup, fried rice, garlic soya chicken and spring roll. ” Long Hui listed the menu that he wanted to cook for his beloved Qi Qi.

”Are you sure you can cook all that? ” Bo Ya asked.
He did not confident about Long Hui ’s skill.

”I can manage it. ” Long Hui was confident enough.

”I hope so.
We will pick up the ingredients that you want.
Let ’s go, Aoi. ” Bo Ya asked Aoi to follow him.

”Bo Ya, are you sure he can cook? ” Aoi asked Bo Ya.

”I don ’t know.
Just let him do what he wants. ” Bo Ya said.

”Oh, okay. ” Aoi nodded.

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Yu Qi woke up after smelling something delicious.
She looked down at her body.
Her clothes had been changed.
Even her body had been cleaned up.
’It must be his work. ’

She looked around.
Wanted to find him.
However, she did not see him.
A delicious smell attacked her again.
’Someone is cooking? Is it him? ’

She got out of the bed and headed toward the kitchen.
Her lips began to curve up as she saw a person in the kitchen, wearing an apron, and was currently taking a sip of his cooking.
She leaned back against the wall and observed the man with her arms hugging her body.

Sensing someone had been watching him, Long Hui turned around and saw his beloved Qi Qi behind him.

”You are awake.
Are you hungry? ” Long Hui asked.

”I have woken up because your cooking smell very delicious.
Making me so hungry. ” Yu Qi licked her lips.

Long Hui narrowed his eyes.
His beloved Qi Qi might be a little fox that liked to seduce others.

”Just wait a minute.
I will serve you. ” Long Hui continued cooking.

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Yu Qi sat at the nearby chair and continued to watch Long Hui.
She used her right hand to support her head that tilted over.
’My man is very s.e.xy right now.
Want to eat him. ’ She widened her eyes as she realized what she was thinking right now.

’Why have I become horny like this? Is this influence of Long Hui? ’ She slapped both cheeks using both hands.

”Why do you slap your face like that? ” Long Hui frowned seeing his beloved Qi Qi slapping her face like that.

”Nothing. ” Yu Qi grinned.
”Can I eat now? ” She asked with a sweet tone.

”Yes. ” Long Hui moved faster as possible to get his beloved Qi Qi served.

In less than 5 minutes, the hot meal was ready to be eaten.

Yu Qi widened her eyes as she saw the menu.
’My Hui ’s cooking. ’

”I have cooked fried rice, hot and sour soup, garlic soya chicken spring roll. ” Long Hui told her about the menu.

Long Hui put the fried rice into Yu Qi ’s bowl.
Sensing Long Hui ’s participation to see her eat, Yu Qi started to eat the fried rice.

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Delicious. ” One spoon, a smile appeared on Yu Qi ’s lips.

She did not lie at all.
It was really delicious.
Her hand began to move faster.
Long Hui started to put another dish on Yu Qi ’s bowl.
He really served Yu Qi like a mother.
He was really glad that his beloved Qi Qi liked his cooking.

”Brother Hui, why don ’t you eat too? ” Yu Qi saw Long Hui keep filling her bowl without eating.

”Oh, I have forgotten. ” Long Hui just smiled.

You need to eat too…
Here. ” Yu Qi took a piece of chicken and put it into Long Hui ’s bowl.
”Eat. ” She gestured Long Hui to eat using her eyes.

”Okay, my dear.
I will eat. ” Long Hui grabbed his bowl and eat.

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