10 minutes later, Feng Yue had already arrived at the store.

”Are you around the area when you have called me? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Yes. ” Feng Yue nodded.
”Oh, Auntie Lu. ” She just realized the people around Yu Qi.
She chuckled.
”No wonder I have seen so many bodyguards outside.
Hello, Auntie Lu, Uncle Fu. ” She greeted them.

”Yue, let ’s have dinner together. ” Lu Qina suggested.

Room no.
4 at Shangwai Restaurant.
I have a reservation there tonight. ” Feng Yue nodded.
She also wanted to catch up with Auntie Lu as well.

Shall we go, my husband? ” Lu Qina turned around and asked her husband.

”Yeah. ” Fu Shi Zian smiled as he led his wife out.

”I hope getting a husband just like Uncle Fu. ” Feng Yue said admiring the couple.
However, when someone ’s face crossed her mind, she slightly blushed.
Then she made an adjustment in her tone.

”Yu Qi, let ’s walk around.
I am sure that you still don ’t know this place. ” Feng Yue grabbed Yu Qi ’s hand and dragged Yu Qi out of the store.

This was a shopping street.
Along the street, there were a lot of shops.
Clothes, bags, souvenirs and many more.
Branded or not, everything was available here.

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In this street, vehicles were not allowed.
Only motorcycle and bicycles were allowed to use in this street.
You needed to walk.

”Never thought to see Auntie Lu here. ” Feng Yue said while looking around.

”She has told me that her husband has some business here.
So she has tagged along. ” Yu Qi said making Feng Yue laughed.

”It must be Uncle Fu who must have requested Auntie Lu to follow him.
They are always like that.
Don ’t change at all. ” Feng Yue explained.

”Wow, it is nice.
Do they had a children? ” Yu Qi asked.

”They have.
2 children.
One boy and one girl.
Slightly younger than us.
Probably one or two years younger.
They usually left behind with their grandparents. ” Feng Yue placed her finger on her chin and thinking about that.

”By the way, how about Xia Zi Qie? ” Yu Qi changed the topic.

Hearing the name, Feng Yue was slightly nervous.
”What about him? ”

”Have you accepted him? ” Yu Qi asked.

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Yeah… ” Feng Yue was embarrassed to talk about him.

”Really? Good.
He is a good catch. ” Yu Qi was happy for Feng Yue.

She had already asked Han Baise to make a background check on Xia Zi Qie without Feng Yue knowing about that.
She just wanted to make sure that Feng Yue did not get cheat by someone.

He was a second son from Xia Family at Peqing City.
Had a family business.
However, since his brother already in charge in the company, he left it in his brother ’s hand.
He then established a company under his name and the company was doing well.

”I am also thinking that he is a good catch. ” Feng Yue nodded while blushing.

”Love is in the air. ” Yu Qi chuckled.

”Yu Qi, don ’t tease me. ” Feng Yue glared at Yu Qi.

”Oh, my…
It is my sister. ”

Feng Yue frowned as she heard the annoying voice greeting them.
She did not need to turn around to see the person.
She could just guess from the voice.

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”Oh, it is you.
Miss Feng Ma Ri, you are sure free.
Why don ’t you use the time to study? ” Feng Yue made a sarcastic remark.
Then she chuckled.
”But I think you will waste your time since nothing will enter your brain anyway. ”

Feng Ma Ri changed her expression.
At one second, she was angry that Feng Yue was mocking her.
Then, it turned to an agonized one.

”Sister, why are you talking to me like this? ” Feng Ma Ri said to Feng Yue pitifully.

Yu Qi and Feng Yue could see that this Feng Ma Ri had currently activated her green white lotus bitch mode.
Feng Yue glanced at Yu Qi.

”It is not my fault that father does not like you. ” Feng Ma Ri said slightly high tone.

I know that Dad does not like me.
You don ’t need to mention it over and over again. ” Feng Yue waved her hand did not take much about Feng Ma Ri said.

”It is your fault, that your father dislikes you.
Why are you blaming Ma Ri? ” Feng Ma Ri ’s sidekick no.
1 came and joined the conversation.

It must be your fault that your father hates you.
Don ’t blame our Mari. ” Sidekick no.
2 also joined.

”Ma Ri…
Ma Ri…
You still did not change at all.
Do I need to say it over and over again? You daughter of homewrecker! ” The last word, Feng Yue said it loud.

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Feng Ma Ri ’s face changed to an angry tone.
She really hate the term.

”Feng Yue!!! How many times I tell you not to talk with your sister like that? ” A loud and angry voice scolded Feng Yue.

Feng Ma Ri ’s expression turned to sardonic one while she was looking at Feng Yue.
She then turned to the voice with a pained expression.

Don ’t be angry at Sister.
She does not mean it. ” Feng Ma Ri pleaded for Feng Yue.

Feng Cho Kang was walking together with Fuang Cian Xie.

”It has been so long.
Why can you accept Cian Xie as your mother? ” Feng Cho Kang said to Feng Yue.

Feng Ma Ri moved beside Fuang Cian Xie.
Both mother and daughter pair were watching Feng Yue with the jeering expression.
It was clear that they were happy to see this situation.

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