”WHAT?!! She almost fell from the escalator? ” Qin Xia shouted repeating his secretary ’s words.

”What were the bodyguards that I assigned to her doing? ” Qin Xia clenched his fist.

”The bodyguard did not manage to move fast since their position was far away from Miss Tang.
However, Mr.
Qin, you don ’t need to worry.
Miss Tang manages to save herself from falling down. ” Jun Man He could not help to feel impressive to Yu Qi when he heard the story from the bodyguards.

”So, how is she right now? ” Qin Xia showed the real worried expression on his face.

Jun Man He was dumbfounded with this.
He could not believe himself when he saw the expression on his boss ’s face.
’Is this man really my boss? This man is really out from his usual character. ’ 

”Man He, do you hear me? HOW IS SHE? ” Qin Xia shouted to his secretary when he did not get the answer from his secretary.

The shout was very loud.
And even when you were outside the room, you still could hear it.
The entire floor heard Qin Xia ’s shout.
The one who heard it knew their boss was very angry right and started to make themselves busy.
However, they wandered why was their boss was angry in the first place.

”Miss Tang is okay.
She stays over at the orphanage and currently on the bus, going back to Starlight University. ” Jun Man He finished his report on Yu Qi.

That girl really makes me worry about her. ” Qin Xia said.

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If someone heard this, they could not help to hear the pamper tone used by Qin Xia. 

”Tell the bodyguards.
I don ’t want things like this to happen again.
Make sure to protect her well. ” Qin Xia told Jun Man He.

”Yes, sir. ” Jun Man He went out.
He took a relief breath. 

When Jun Man He passed some of the workers, one of the workers approached him.

Jun, why is Mr.
Qin angry? We can hear the shouts just now. ” It was a female worker who asked him.

Jun Man He showed the indifferent expression.
”To work here longer, the first thing to do is don ’t be a busybody.
Just do your own work. ” Then he walked away.

”She thinks Mr.
Jun is someone loves like to gossip like her. ”

”Well, like Mr.
Jun said.
Don ’t be a busybody.
Let ’s go and do our works. ”

The female worker was very embarrassed and went to her table to work.

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”I found you. ” So Pang Lim said loudly when she spotted Yu Qi walked together with Aoi.

”Where do you go yesterday, Yu Qi? ” So Pang Lim asked.

”I have a matter outside.
I just come back from there.
Is there something matter? ” Yu Qi asked.

”We thought we want to go to some picnic at the waterfall.
But you and Ding Na An were missing.
So, we cancel that thought.
It is not fun if we don ’t go together. ” So Pang Lim sighed.

”I ’m sorry.
Just plan it.
Make sure you tell me a day before that. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”Okay. ” So Pang Lim said.

”TANG YU QI!!! ” A girl screamed for Yu Qi ’s name loudly.

So Pang Lim was very shocked.
Meanwhile, Yu Qi was calmed.
Aoi put his guard.
Ready to attack anyone that wanted to hurt his master.
Yu Qi sighed.
Another plague.
Yu Qi did not want to deal with it.

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”Let ’s go. ” Yu Qi said to So Pang Lim.

”Okay. ” So Pang Lim knew that Yu Qi had some problem with this person agreed with Yu Qi. 

The one who shouted Yu Qi ’s name was Yi Su Ran, cousin of Yu Ren Shiang.
She did not expect to see Yu Qi today.
So, she wanted to settle the debt between her cousin and Yu Qi.
She blocked 

”Tang Yu Qi, you hurt my sister. ” Yi Su Ran made a statement. 

”A good dog never block the way. ” Yu Qi also made a statement.

”Pttf! ” So Pang Lim held back her laughter.
Yu Qi said Yi Su Rang was a dog.
Yu Qi ’s mouth was indeed powerful.
However, it was only for a second that So Pang Lim held her laugh, she already laughing at Yi Su Ran.

”How dare you insult me? ” Yi Su Ran pointed to Yu Qi.
”And you, stop laughing. ” Yi Su Ran said to So Pang Lim.

”My friend said it was indeed correct.
A good dog never blocks the way. ” So Pang Lim repeated Yu Qi ’s word.

Yi Su Ran felt very happy.
A flock of birds always fly together.
She calmed herself down.
She met Yu Qi today with the only purpose.
She needed to make sure Yu Qi could not run from this.

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”Tang Yu Qi, I challenge you. ” Yi Su Ran said.

Yu Qi did not answer anything.
She was waiting for Yi Su Ran to finish her sentence.

”I challenge you with archery competition. ” Yi Su Ran put an arrogant look. 

”Archery? ” Yu Qi said.

”Yeah, let ’s have a competition.
Who wins get to order something to the loser. ” Yi Su Ran stated.

”You are from archery club, right? ” So Pang Lim asked.

”Yeah. ” Yi Su Ran nodded.

”You are from the archery club while Yu Qi is not.
Why should she compete with the thing that you skilled with? ” So Pang Lim asked again. 

”She knew about archery.
So, it is okay. ” Yi Su Ran pointed the fact.

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