Chi Yuan proudly took a seat beside Grandma Wei.
She turned to look at Yu Qi to show off.
But she ended up gritted her teeth when seeing both Yu Qi and Long Hui did not pay attention to them.

Wei Ding Ye who saw the scene smirked.
'This Chi Yuan will lose her face someday.' She turned to her right.
Then seeing her brother with an indecipherable expression on his face.

”Brother,  what happened with you? ” Wei Ding Ye asked her brother.

Her brother was Wei Su Zien.
Well, he was very shocked seeing the girl that he interested in, currently together with his cousin.
He really did not expect that.

”Nothing. ” Wei Su Zien shook his head and turned his head to the food.
He ate silently.

”By the way, Miss Tang, who is your family? ” Grandma Wei asked.

”I had been adopted to Tang Family about five years ago. ” Yu Qi answered normally.

”Adopted? ” Wei Su Kee turned to Yu Qi.
”You are an orphan? ”

”Yes, is there something wrong with that? ” Yu Qi did not feel anything about her orphan status.

”Nothing. ” Wei Su Kee shook her head and looked down after getting a sharp glare from Long Hui. 

Her cousin did not change at all.
If the glare could kill, his glare already killed her many times before.

”So, you did not know your origin? ” Grandma Wei snorted.

”Is there something matter? ” Yu Qi looked at Grandma Wei.

”How can you marry my grandson with that identity? ” Grandma Wei glared at Yu Qi.

”Who is going to be my wife is my own matter.
You don't have the right to stop if I want to marry her. ” Long Hui defended his beloved Qi Qi.

”Unfilial grandson. ” Grandma Wei became angry when seeing his grandson protected that wench like that.

”Grandma, don't be too angry.
It is not good for your health. ” Chi Yuan rubbed Grandma Wei's back.

Long Hui wanted to retort but Yu Qi grabbed his hand.
He turned to his beloved Qi Qi seeing her shaking her head.
Because of that, Long Hui became silent and started picking the dish, putting the dish into his beloved Qi Qi's bowl.

”What? You don't have your own hand to pick the dish? ” Grandma Wei started to attack Yu Qi again. 

First and second, Yu Qi could hold back.
But after being attacked multiple times, Yu Qi became annoyed about that.
Yu Qi slowly turned to Grandma Wei and return a look at her.

”What is that look? ” Grandma Wei asked in angry.

”Mrs Wei, it is Brother Hui's doing to pick up the dish and putting them into the bowl.
If you are so jealous about that, you can ask Grandpa Wei to do the same thing to you. ” Yu Qi smiled as she replied that to Grandma Wei.

”What? ” Grandma Wei's face became so red. 

Wei Ding Ye could not hold back her laugh and laugh for a short time.
She stopped when her mother pinched her arm.
However, she still laughing in her heart.
Her cousin's future wife was very brave, replied to Grandma Wei like that. 

Usually, no one could speak like that with her grandmother except for her cousin,  Long Hui.
Now his cousin's future in law was adding to the number.
Well,  not like she was afraid to speak like that to her grandmother but received the nagging from her mother afterwards was more painful than ever.
So, she restrained herself to talk like that to her grandmother. 

Long Hui was putting a pampered face when seeing at his beloved Qi Qi.
He still picked the dish and putting into Yu Qi's bowl. 

”Eat more.
You are so thin. ” Long Hui said to Yu Qi in a doting tone.

”I am not thin. ” Yu Qi pouted however she still picked the dish that Long Hui put in her dish and ate them. 

”Really? I need to clarify them later.
On the bed. ” In the last sentence,  Long Hui whispered to her ear slowly making Yu Qi gulped.

Everyone who saw the interaction had a various reactions.
But they had the same thought.
'This couple really knew to feed them with the dog food.'

Chi Yuan clenched her fist under the table seeing the scene in front of her.
The scene she never thought that she would be seeing in her life.

Now when she saw Long Hui talked a lot to a woman,  she felt bitter.
Even after Long Hui entered the military,  she secretly followed and updated the news about him. 

She was proud of Long Hui's achievement.
He was a promising soldier in his generation.
Unlike Grandma Wei, she did not hate him to be a soldier.
Sometimes, she tried to talk about Long Hui's achievements to Grandma Wei. 

Until she heard the news about him dating someone.
Of course, she already got the information about Yu Qi.
She was just an orphan.
How dare that woman tried to convert for her Long Hui? Somehow she forgot that she also an orphan.

She tried to convince herself that Long Hui just wanted to play with that woman.
Long Hui would eventually find another woman to be his wife.
A woman like her.
A woman like her was suitable to Long Hui.
But now the reality crushed her dream. 

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