Yu Qi requested to go to the toilet.
Wei Ding Ye offered to show her the path.

Thinking that the girl was not feeling hostile towards her unlike the other one,  Yu Qi accepted the help.

”Cousin in law, my name is Wei Ding Ye. ” Wei Ding Ye introduced herself.

”I know. ” Yu Qi said.

”What? Do you already know me? ” Wei Ding Ye was surprised.

”Well, Brother Hui has told me. ” Yu Qi smiled.

Long Hui told everything that he knew about Wei Family.
Wei Ding Ye was the daughter of Long Hui's second uncle.
She had a brother which was Wei Su Zien that Yu Qi got to know from Gu Ning. 

Long Hui told her that Wei Ding Ye was a rebellious girl.
She did not like to follow what Grandma Wei wanted her to follow.
She sometimes retorted what Grandma Wei's say.
However, she was quite obeyed her mother.

When Yu Qi observed Wei Ding Ye in the dining room, she knew that she was Wei Ding Ye. 

”Oh,  Brother Hui has told you about Wei family.
I have thought he has already forgotten about us. ” Wei Ding Ye said.
”Actually I will like to hear the story of how you have met Brother Hui and how do you make him fall in love with you.
But we do not have time right now. ” 

”No problem.
We can exchange the number.
If you come to FINN City,  we can meet each other.
By the way,  you can come to my engagement party two weeks later. ” Yu Qi said.

I will go. ” Wei Ding Ye nodded.

Meanwhile, in the living room,  everyone gathered back to the living room after dining. 

”Hui,  you have already decided to tie with her? ” Grandpa Wei asked again, taking advantage that Yu Qi was not there.

”Of course.
What? Do you think I am playing with her? ” Long Hui raised his eyebrow. 

”She is an orphan. ” Grandma Wei said.
She could not accept someone from unknown background married to her grandson.

”Grandmother,  you seem to forget that I am also an orphan. ” Long Hui stated the point.

”But she does not know her origin.
What if her parents are crazy people,  what will you do? ” Grandma Wei fought.

”No need for you to worry about that.  She has already recognized her biological family.
Her biological family is a normal family.. ” Long Hui said lazily.

”Who is her real family? ” Grandpa Wei asked.

”Well, I will not tell you.
That does not matter to me.
I just hope that she will be my wife sooner. ” Long Hui said.

”Hui, I am telling you that the girl is not suitable for you. ” Grandma Wei did not give up.
She wanted Long Hui to end the relationship with Yu Qi. 

”Then, tell me.
Who is suitable for me? ” Long Hui asked his grandmother.

”Of course,  Xiao Yuan here.
She is very suitable for you.
She will be a good wife.
She will listen to you. ” Grandma Wei promoted Chi Yuan that sitting beside her.

”Since she is an obedient person… ” Long Hui paused for a moment.

Chi Yuan was participated to hear Long Hui next sentence.

”You can ask her to stand by your side.
I don't need her. ” Long Hui's sentence crushed Chi Yuan to reality.
Her shyly smile just now changed to an awkward smile.

”Unfilial grandson. ” Grandma Wei shouted angrily to Long Hui.

Her anger made her blood rising.
It made her wanted to collapse.

”Grandma!!! ”

Everyone shouted when seeing Grandma Wei collapsed with this.
Even Long Hui stood up with a worried look.
Even he did not expect that his grandmother would faint like this.

”Step aside.
Give her a room to breathe. ” There was a loud voice that gave the order. 

Everyone saw Yu Qi. 

”Don't you hear me? ” Yu Qi's face making everyone moved,  giving some space.

Yu Qi stepped forward,  approached Grandma Wei.
She brought out something from her pocket.
Well,  in reality, she just pulled that from her space.
It was her acupuncture needles bag.

”What are you trying to do? ” Chi Yuan asked angrily whens seeing Yu Qi pulled out a long silver needle.

”Do you still want to save her? ” Yu Qi glared at Chi Yuan sharply.

Seeing Chi Yuan was stunned,  Yu Qj ignored her.
Using her needles, she stabbed at several acupuncture points.
Grandma Wei's blood pressure was increasing.
Because of that, she was about to get a stroke and even worse a heart attack.

”Call the doctor. ” Yu Qi said.

Wei Su Zien quickly grabbed his phone and called their family doctor to come to their house.
Luckily for them that their family doctor lived not far from their house.

When the doctor came, he was shocked to see Grandma Wei covered by the needles.

”You have brought the medicine, right? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Yes. ” The doctor was bluffed with the scene.
However, he got on his knee and gave an injection to Grandma Wei.
Seeing Grandma Wei already breathed normally, Yu Qi slowly pulled out the needles from Grandma Wei. 

”Is this your work? ” The doctor asked with a shocked face.

Hearing the doctor's tone seemed to be angry,  Chi Yuan started to attack Yu Qi. 

”Doctor Guan, she has done it.
What has happened to Grandma? Is she hurting Grandma? Miss Tang, even Grandma doesn't like you, you can't do that. ” Chi Yuan said in an advising tone but she actually accused Yu Qi of doing something to Grandma Wei.

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