Chapter 1309: Qi Qi In Doctor ’s Mode Is Kind Of Sexy

I am sorry. ” The coward Ren Qian Yi quickly apologized.

It felt like he was facing his second brother.
’So scary. ’

”Well, what is this place? ” Ren Qian Yi changed the topic.

”Their storage.
The place where they store the weapon. ” Yu Qi said.

”You mean the weapon that they will go to sell? ” Ren Qian Yi asked in shock.

”Yeah. ” Yu Qi nodded and entered the room.

Ren Qian Yi and other soldiers also came in.
They were greeted with various weapons.
As Yu Qi said, there was a lot of type of weapons.

”They have so many weapons. ” The soldiers gasped in shock.

”Well, according to the law, it will belong to us, right? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Yes. ” Ren Qian Yi nodded.

When the forces lost, the good would belong to the winner.
So, everything here would belong to them.

have several soldiers guard this place for tonight.
We will come and move everything tomorrow. ” Yu Qi said.

”Yes, Ma ’am. ” The soldiers moved.

”By the way, Second Sister in law, how do you know this place? ” Ren Qian Yi asked.

The soldiers also wanted to know about that.

”Since I can get the exact location of Big Silver Mercenary, it is normal for me to know this storage. ” Yu Qi smiled.
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Yu Qi already investigated every corner of this place when she hacked into the system.
So, of course, she knew about this storage.
She also knew where the leader ’s room was.

Ren Qian Yi made an ’o ’ shape with this mouth.
No wonder Yu Qi casually walked and found the room.

The other soldiers were also shocked.
From the conversation, it seemed that Yu Qi was the one who got the information about where Big Silver Mercenary headquarter.

Was Yu Qi a normal doctor? How could she get such information? However, they could not ask her.
Ren Qian Yi did not reveal how he get the information.
So, it should be kept a secret.

They returned to the camp at 1 a.m.
except for the soldiers who had been asking to guard the weapon room.

When they returned, the others were shocked that there were no fatalities.
Everyone survived.
They only had small injuries.
The doctors had been called to treat the injured ones.

They saw Yu Qi in the blood.
But Yu Qi told them that this blood was from hers but from others.
She did not even injure.

The soldiers then told the doctors that Yu Qi was the one who mostly did the killing.
They also told them that the leader of Big Silver Mercenary was killed by Yu Qi.

The doctors were speechless to hear that.
Was she a doctor? How could she kill people?

Then the story about Yu Qi spread around the camp.
They really thought that Yu Qi was a good match for Long Hui.

Yu Qi went to clean herself.
She was relieved that the smell of the blood disappeared after she cleaned up.
She changed her clothes and went to Long Hui ’s room.

When she entered the room, she was greeted by Long Hui ’s eyes.

”You awake. ” Yu Qi rushed over to his side.

”Qi Qi? ” Long Hui could not believe his eyes.

He felt that it was an illusion.
It usually happened when he missed her so much.

”Hmm… ” Yu Qi just could grab Long Hui ’s hand.

If it was not because of the surgery, she might hug Long Hui tightly.

”You are really here. ” Long Hui felt the touches.

”I am here. ” Yu Qi looked into Long Hui ’s eyes.
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Long Hui was happy to see the real Yu Qi but he was confused about why Yu Qi was here.
”Why are you here? ”

”I am here to save you.
Shino told me that you were seriously injured.
That is why I came here. ” Yu Qi explained.

”Shino tells you? ” Long Hui was surprised.

He sometimes tells me about you.
Thank goodness, he is with you.
Otherwise, I would not know about you and you will die. ” Thinking about that made Yu Qi want to cry.

Long Hui wiped Yu Qi ’s tears gently.
”Don ’t cry.
I can ’t stand your cry. ”

”You just woke up? ” Yu Qi said.

”Yeah. ” Long Hui said.

”Then, I will make some check up on you. ” Yu Qi turned into doctor ’s mode.

The nurses came in and were surprised to see Yu Qi here.

”Doctor Tang. ” They greeted Yu Qi.

the patient already woke up.
His condition is stable. ” Yu Qi told the nurses.

The nurses recorded what Yu Qi said.

”Qi Qi in doctor ’s mode is kind of sexy. ” Long Hui said in a seductive voice.

The nurses who heard Long Hui had their eyes opened wide.
They did not expect to hear Long Hui say something like this.

The Long Hui that they knew was a cold heart person.
He never smiled.
Especially when women approached him.
He was scary.

Now, what? His voice was very seductive.
Their heart shouted inside.

Yu Qi glanced at Long Hui.
Long Hui was smiling at Yu Qi.
The nurses happened to see this.
Their bodies were trembling excitedly.
Turned out, Long Hui was a loving man in front of his fiancee.

”You need to rest. ” Yu Qi said ignoring the nurses.

”You need to accompany me.
Otherwise, I will be feeling bored. ” Long Hui said.

The nurses wanted to stay longer but they knew they could not stay anymore.
So, they excused themselves.

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