Chapter 1310: She Looked Like Asura

The doctors came to check on Long Hui in the morning.
They were surprised to see Yu Qi had already here.
They heard when they went to breakfast this morning about Yu Qi ’s heroic action.

The soldiers told what happened yesterday.
Yu Qi was very amazing, not because of her action as a doctor, but also as a fighter.
They said that yesterday ’s mission was successful because of Yu Qi.

Yu Qi killed most of the Big Silver Mercenary ’s members.
Her swift hand and fast action really made things easier.

Of course, the doctors did not believe much about that.
Yu Qi was a doctor, not to mention she was a doctor.

However, when the doctors said something like that, the soldiers got very angry.
They said, ’if you did not believe us, we don ’t care. ’

However, one by one soldier told the exact same thing.
Not only from Binhai Nation ’s soldiers but Country Brin ’s soldiers too who joined yesterday ’s mission.
There was no way they could say something as exact as Binhai Nation ’s soldiers.

When the doctors saw Yu Qi in Long Hui ’s room, they were quite surprised, they thought Yu Qi would still be sleeping.

Yu Qi did not know what the doctors thought about her.
So, she acted normally.
She told the doctors about Long Hui ’s condition.

Long Hui recovered very well and fast.
Normal people would be recovered slowly not as fast as Long Hui.
They felt weird about this.

Yu Qi brushed them off by telling that it was probably because of Long Hui ’s strong body as a soldier.
The doctors seemed to accept it for now.

However, Yu Qi knew why Long Hui could recover fast from the surgery.
Long Hui ’s body was slowly turning into the cultivator ’s body which much stronger and could recover fast from injury.

Long Hui wanted to get out of bed.
Yu Qi and the doctors did not let him do that.

After finishing checking Long Hui ’s condition, the doctors decided to leave.
It was not the same as Vicky Emith.
She wanted to stay over.
So that she could look at Long Hui.

However, she was told by Long Hui to get out.
She looked at Yu Qi and then Long Hui before going out.
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”It seems you get yourself some admirers here. ” Yu Qi said while narrowing her eyes.

”Admirers or not, I don ’t care about that.
I just care about you. ” Long Hui was being a sweet talker in front of Yu Qi.

Yu Qi just chuckled.

Then someone knocked on the door.
That person opened the door and took a peak inside.

”If you already open the door, so come in. ” Long Hui gave the order.

”Yes, Sir.
Yes. ” Ren Qian Yi quickly entered the room.

”Second Brother, Second Sister in law. ” Ren Qian Yi greeted both of them.

”You are here. ” Yu Qi replied.

”Hmmm… ” Long Hui replied.

”Second Brother, don ’t be so cold.
Otherwise, you will recover slowly. ” Ren Qian Yi said.

Yu Qi turned at Ren Qian Yi and glared at him.

Ren Qian Yi gulped.
Don ’t glare at me like that, Second Sister in law. ” He shook his head.

Long Hui snorted seeing Ren Qian Yi like this.

”Did something happen? ” Long Hui asked.

He knew that Ren Qian Yi would not come with an empty hand.

”I just want to tell you, Second Brother, you really have an amazing woman.
When I see her action yesterday, I was mesmerized by her…
The way she used the knife, she looked like Asura…
She…. ” Ren Qian Yi could continue his praise when Long Hui suddenly stopped him.

What are you saying? Yesterday, what? ” Long Hui was confused.
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”Eh, Second Sister in law, you don ’t tell him? ” Ren Qian Yi looked at Yu Qi.

Yu Qi shook her head.

”What happened? ” Long Hui asked seriously.

”Actually… ” Ren Qian Yi began to tell everything to Long Hui.
How Yu Qi got the information about Big Silver Mercernary ’s headquarters, the plan she made to ambush Big Silver Mercenary and led the soldiers into victory, which meant destroying Big Silver Mercenary and they got some weapons for free.

”You did that? ” Long Hui looked at Yu Qi.

”They dared to lay their hands on my man.
They should dare to bear my anger. ” Yu Qi said in anger.

She would not let anyone hurt her man.
If they did, be prepared to face her wrath.

Long Hui smiled.
”Thank you, my beloved. ” He rubbed Yu Qi ’s cheek.

Ren Qian Yi coughed several times.
This couple seemed to forget that he was still here.

”If you are jealous, find a woman yourself. ” Long Hui glanced at Ren Qian Yi.

’Second Brother, you really know to hurt my feeling. ’ Ren Qian Yi thought.

”By the way, it seems our mission here is completed. ” Ren Qian Yi said.

”Hmm… ” Long Hui nodded.

The mission here was to destroy the weapon dealer, Big Silver Mercenary.
If the mission was completed, they could return home.

”I will tell our people to get ready to return. ” Ren Qian Yi said.
”When can we return? ”

”Ask my doctor. ” Long Hui left that to his doctor, Yu Qi.

”In two days. ” Yu Qi answered.

As she mentioned earlier, Long Hui ’s body could recover faster than a normal person ’s.
A normal person would take a least one week or two weeks.
But Long Hui probably would take 3- 5 days to recover.

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