“Welcome everyone for coming for my father’s 150th birthday party.” Grandpa Dian started giving the welcome speech to the guests.
“This year is very special because my father felt healthy compared than before.
I hope everyone would enjoy the party.”

The party began.
Everyone came to wish to Great-Grandpa Dian.

“Sung Qin, congratulations.” Huo Xi and his family came.

Great-Grandpa Dian laughed.
“Yeah… Thank you for coming.”

“I can’t believe that your age is already 150 years old.” Huo Xi joked.

“You are mocking me.
You are no better than me.
You are just 5 years younger than me.” Great-Grandpa Dian snorted.

They seemed to argue but they were laughing.
One by one came to talk to Great-Grandpa Dian.
The party was also the party where people got to know each other.

Jiang Hani looked for Dian Shu Xian.
After the martial arts competition, it seemed she could not forget about him.
She wanted to meet him but she could not since he was in the outside world.

The party was her chance to meet him.
So, she could not let it go.
She spotted him talking with others.
She took a deep breath and approached Dian Shu Xian.

Jiang Shu Nan looked at him.
He felt obliged to look after his younger sister.
So she could not do something over.
He knew that his younger sister seemed to fall into Dian Shu Xian.

Well, it was not a bad thing.
Dian Shu Xian was a decent person.
He even had good proper work as a doctor.
It was a respectful job.
Even in the cultivation world, being a doctor was a respectful job.

“Young Master Dian Shu Xian, how are you?” Jiang Hani took a brave step to talk to Dian Shu Xian.

Dian Shu Xian turned around and saw a woman.
At first, he could not remember this woman.
After looking at her face for a while, he recalled who this woman was.
It was from Jiang Family.

“Oh, Young Miss Jiang Hani, welcome to my Great-Grandpa’s party.” Dian Shu Xian bowed a little.

Jiang Hani smiled when Dian Shu Xian called her full name.
It meant Dian Shu Xian remembered her.

Thank you for inviting us.” Jiang Hani said.

Dian Qi Qi and Yu Qi who had been talking to Dian Shu Xian looked at this situation.
Long Hui was also there.
They noticed that Jiang Hani seemed to take an interest on Dian Shu Xian.

Dian Qi Qi and Yu Qi looked at each other.
They were smiling.
It seemed they had the same thought.

“Brother Shu Xian, you should talk to Miss Jiang.
We will go over there.” Dian Qi Qi said.

Without waiting for Dian Shu Xian’s answer, Dian Qi Qi pulled Yu Qi’s hand and walked away.
Long Hui did not have point to stay there too.
So, he followed Yu Qi.

Dian Shu Xian looked at his younger sister and cousin speechless.
He thought they were the ones who should talk to Jiang Hani since they were women and seemed to be in the same range of age.

“Do you have anything to do, Young Master Dian Shu Xian?” Jiang Hani noticed Dian Shu Xian’s reaction.
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“No… No… Nothing like that.
Hmm, you can call me Shu Xian.
No need for the young master.” Dian Shu Xian said.

“Then, you also can call me Hani.” Jiang Hani said with a blush.

Dian Qi Qi and Yu Qi looked at the couple.
Jiang Hani was not a bad girl.
It matched Dian Shu Xian.
Jiang Shu Nan approached them.

“Thank you for giving my sister the chance.” Jiang Shu Nan said.

“Well, it all depends on Brother Shu Xian.” Dian Qi Qi said.

Yu Qi spotted Qiu Wang.

“I want to go over there.” Yu Qi said to Long Hui.

Long Hui looked over in the direction that Yu Qi pointed.
He saw Qiu Wang.
They had a bit relationship with Qiu Wang, Yu Qi wanted to catch up something with him.

They walked to Qiu Wang.
Qiu Wang was standing awkwardly.
He was surprised to get the invitation to this party.
He did not think that a great family like Dian Family would extend the invitation to someone like him.

At first, Qiu Wang had no intention to come.
However, he remembered Yu Qi and Long Hui.
So, here he was.

Qiu, long time no see.
How are you?”

Qiu Wang heard someone talking to him.
He turned and saw Yu Qi and Long Hui.

“Miss Tang, Mr.
Long.” Qiu Wang was happy to see both of them.
“I am good.
Thank to you.
My skill improved significantly.”

“Really? It is great then.” Yu Qi nodded.

“The book that you give to me is really the complete book on the sword technique.
After I mastered the technique, my job became easier than ever.” Qiu Wang said.

“Your job?” Yu Qi tilted her head.
She did not know what kind of job Qiu Wang had.

“I am a Mercenary.
I earn money from doing the task given by Mercenary Guild.” Qiu Wang said.

“Mercenary? Mercenary Guild?” It was the first time Yu Qi knew about this.

Well, it was no surprise.
Yu Qi did not know much about the cultivation world since she went there first time only for the martial arts competition.

The Mercenary Guild would post a mission.
Each mission would have its reward.
The danger the mission, the good reward that people get from the mission.” Qiu Wang explained.

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