“Yu Qi was waiting for people that Song Tao asked to come to collect the lake water.
At nine a.m., the people arrived at the truck.
They bowed to Yu Qi when seeing her.

p-A- n-d-A-n-0-v-e-1、(c)om “Miss Tang.”

“Hmm… Come on.
The fertilizers are over here.” Yu Qi led the people to the garden.
She gave the order.
“Take them to the greenhouse and put them into the water tank.
Each one is for one tank.
Don’t spill anything.”

“Yes, Miss Tang.” The people nodded.

They began to move the lake water to the truck.
After loading the lake water, the people said goodbye to Yu Qi and left the house.

Song Nan and Song Bin went to the school to process transferring Song Bin out of the school.
After that, Song Bin would leave the town with Yu Qi and Long Hui.
So, Yu Qi and Long Hui still had time to spend in Shiwa Town.

Since that was the case, Yu Qi and Long Hui decided to visit Saisei Ryokan.
They did not use the car, instead, they were walking.

They would pass the market first.
It was peak time for people to come out and brought things to cook lunch for their families.
So, there would be a lot of people at the market.

When Yu Qi and Long Hui passed the market, one of the people noticed Yu Qi.
Yu Qi was quite famous back then for her story of leaving her adopted family to live.

“Eh, is that you, Yu Qi?” It was an old woman who sold vegetables.

The old woman used to buy wild vegetables that Yu Qi went to find at the mountain.

“Grandma Cong, long time no see.” Yu Qi greeted Grandma Cong.

“Hmm… You become so beautiful.” Grandma Cong looked Yu Qi up and down.

“Thank you, Grandma Cong.” Yu Qi thanked Grandma Cong.

“This young man is the rumored fiance that you have?” Grandma Cong’s eyes moved to Long Hui.

“Hmm… yes.
His name is Long Hui.” Yu Qi introduced Long Hui to Grandma Cong.

Your life is indeed blessed after leaving a horrible family.” Grandma Cong nodded.

“Yu Qi, long time no see.”

“Oh, it is Yu Qi.”

“It has been a long time.”

People at the market started to notice Yu Qi and Long Hui.
They began to greet Yu Qi, asking about her life.
Yu Qi did not say much, telling them that life had been good.
Then, one of them started to tell Yu Qi about Wang’s Family.

“I heard Shi Xen’s husband is out of jail.”please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

Shi Xen was once the adopted mother of Yu Qi.
It had been so long since she heard about Wang Family’s news.

I also saw him once.
He went out to get a job but it is not ending well.
People did not want him to work with them because he had a jail record.”

Wang Su Ren, Wang Shi Xen’s husband finally came out of jail.
The time sure flew.

“Her son is also being expelled from the school for skipping and fighting all day.”

Yu Qi met with Wang Yu Jin.
He planned to rob her before when she was on the way to go home returning from the greenhouse.
The plan failed and he ran away leaving his friend who was hurt due to getting beat up by Yu Qi.
That friend nows was working for Yu Qi at the greenhouse.

“Luckily she has a daughter who is working.
But it is not the eldest daughter.
I have not seen her for a long time.”

“Yeah, I suggest.
Who knows where she is after all these years?”

Wang Ha Na stopped going to school and started working to support the family.
She became more mature after all the trials that happened to her family.
After Wang Fu Ya, she was probably still in jail.

Yu Qi did not say a word.
She just listened to the conversation.
After listening for a while, she decided to leave.
She pulled Long Hui from those people.
They were still talking about Wang’s family.

“Those people really like to gossip.” Yu Qi commented.

“Hmm…” Long Hui did not say much about that.

He did not care about others as long as his beloved Qi Qi stayed by his side.
They walked until they arrived at Saisei Ryokan.

It was a holiday time.
So, there were a lot of cars parked in the parking area.
Yu Qi was happy to see this.
Yu Qi pulled Long Hui to use the back door to enter Saisei Ryokan.

When they entered the place, they collided with one of the staff who happened to be there.
The staff was surprised to see someone entering the place using the back door and the staff did not know who they were.
So, the staff blocked their path.

“Who are you? How do you enter this door?” The staff questioned Yu Qi and  Long Hui.
Their eyes suspiciously looked at Yu Qi and Long Hui.

Not everyone could access this door.
There was only one key for this door.
It was in Chui Mei Fung’s hand, their director.
Because this door was used for special guests only.

“Sister Yu Qi?” Someone from the staff called Yu Qi’s name.

Yu Qi looked over and saw Ming Xuebai.

“It is you, Sister Yu Qi.” Ming Xuebai confirmed Yu Qi’s identity.

“Do you know them, Xuebai?” One of the staff asked Ming Xuebai.

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