“Just…” Wong Suhe wanted to reply again.

“Wong Suhe, it’s enough.” Wong Nanyi’s son, Wong Mubai said something for the first time.

Unlike her father, Wong Suhe was very scared of her step-brother.

“Doctor Yu Qi, thank you.” Wong Nanyi bowed.

Yu Qi nodded and left the room.
Another doctor and nurse also followed Yu Qi.

“Doctor Yu Qi, may I watch the treatment too?’ The doctor asked carefully.

I will be treating him in the morning.
Around 10 a.m.” Yu Qi nodded.
She turned to the nurse.
“Please inform the management about this.
Don’t make the schedule overlap.”

“Yes, Doctor Yu Qi.” The nurse nodded.

Yu Qi went to the room.
The poison in Old Man Wang’s body was an old poison that was created from poisonous herbs.
Yu Qi came across the poison when she studies the herbs.
Combination herbs could create poison.  However, one of the herbs was very hard to find.

As Yu Qi said earlier, this poison would not kill the person.
It would attack the immune system making the body weaker over time.
When that person had an illness such as fever or cough, it could not be healed normally.

Old Man Wang had the poison in his body for almost two years.
Old age made the poison attack the body more viciously.
However, the poison could be cured.
Just, it would take some time since the poison had stayed in Old Man Wang’s body for a long time.

Yu Qi needed to prepare the herbs.
The herbs that she needed were in YQ Greenhouse.
She would ask Song Tao to pack the herbs and send them to her every day.
Shiwa Town was not far from FINN City.
So, it would be great to have fresh herbs.

After finishing all of her work at the hospital, Yu Qi went back to Tiantang Research Center to continue her experiment.


After last night’s chaos, Mu Chin went to report to Bai Shui Jin about the incident.
Bai Shui Jin did not expect to have another hacking attack.
He was even surprised that the culprit told them that their side had provoked him first.

“So, you don’t know when we provoke him?” Bai Shui Jin asked.

“We asked him and he told us to ask the upper management.” Mu Chin answered carefully.

Bai Shui Jin went silent when hearing the answer from Mu Chin.
‘Did we really provoke Q?’ Bai Shui Jin really did not know about that.

“Almost 55% of the data were destroyed and 10 million had been stolen.” Mu Chin said.

“What?” Bai Shui Jin stood up.

Mu Chin lowered his head.

“Did you tell me that 10 million had been stolen by that hacker?” Bai Shui Jin asked Mu Chin once again for confirmation.

“Yes.” Mu Chin slowly nodded.

Last time, Q stole the information for the projects that they wanted to bid on.
Their company would not win the projects.
Their rival just lowered the price by 10 dollars from theirs price and they won the project.

Now, that hacker blatantly stole the 10 million from their company.
Even though it was only 10 million but it was money.
If Q could steal 10 million, meaning he could easily steal from them.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

It was a serious matter.
He needed to discuss with his father what to do next.
So, he dismissed Mu Chin and went to his father’s office.

“Is President Bai inside?” Bai Shui Jin asked the secretary outside his father’s office.

Bai Xia Feng also told his sons to call him President Bai in front of everyone when they were at the office.

“President Bai has a guest.” The secretary answered.

“How long that the guest has been inside?” Bai Shui Jin asked again.

“Hmm… About 45 minutes.” The secretary answered after looking at the time.

Bai Shui Jin looked at the door.
His father probably had a business deal that he needed to discuss with the guest.
It might take a long time.

“Inform me after the guest leaves.” Bai Shui Jin told the secretary.

“Yes, Vice President.” The secretary nodded.

pA n,dan(-)0ve1.c0m In the President’s room, Bai Xia Feng was meeting with Wang Qui.
Yes, the person who wanted to buy Saisei Ryokan.

“Did you manage to get Saisei Ryokan’s owner to sell Saisei Ryokan?” Bai Xia Feng asked.

Wang Qui smiled.
“Not yet… I am trying but I think it will be hard.” He calmly picked up his tea and drank it.

“Why is that?” Bai Xia Feng raised his eyebrows.

“I meet the owner.
It is a young woman.
She seems a tough one.” Wang Qui recalled the memory of meeting with Yu Qi.

“She is indeed an excellent woman but she is still young.” Bai Xia Feng commented.
He seriously looked down on Yu Qi.

Wang Qui did not say anything about that.
He talked to Yu Qi earlier.
Yu Qi’s aura was not someone who was naive or something like that.
She was strong and confident.

“Have you met her?” Wang Qui asked.

“No.” Bai Xia Feng shook his head.

Bai Xia Feng did not think highly of Yu Qi as a businesswoman but she was surely enough to be married into his family as his daughter-in-law.

“I will try to get her to sell the property.
I really want to buy the hotel.
Lately, a lot of people like to go to that kind of hotel.” Wang Qui still wanted to buy that hotel.

His boss also did not want to give up on buying the hotel.

I will wait on hearing about your success.” Bai Xia Feng nodded.

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