“I will handle this patient.” Yu Qi told the nurse who pushed the patient.

“Thank you, Doctor Yu Qi.” The nurse quickly rushed to another person.

As expected, the emergency department lacked manpower.
She was relieved that she made the decision to turn around and help them.

This was caused by a traffic accident.
The bus crashed into a car.
The car driver was declared dead when he arrived at the hospital.

The bus passengers were injured, not dead.
However, two of them were seriously injured.
They had been in the surgery rooms for quite some time.

Others than those two, the passengers were slightly injured.

Yu Qi already finished the treatment of the last injured one.

“Doctor Yu Qi, thank you for helping our department.” A doctor from the emergency department thanked Yu Qi.

“It is okay.
I have the time.” Yu Qi said.

While they were talking, Yu Qi got a caller from Wong Nanyi.

“Yes, what is it?” Yu Qi asked.

“Doctor Yu Qi, we caught someone.
He tried to sneak into my father’s room.” Wong Nanyi informed Yu Qi.

“Really? You should know what to do with him.
I will not interfere.” Yu Qi stated.

“I see.” Wong Nanyi said.

The conversation ended.  Yu Qi did not care about the man.
Wong Nanyi already caught the man.
Wong Nanyi should know what he needed to do.

It was already late in the evening.
She still had things to do with the research team.
So, she called Ming Yue to tell her that she would not be returned home for tonight too.

“Do you want to become like your Brother Qin Hao?” Ming Yue asked.

Yu Qi only could laugh.

“Okay… Okay… I know you are busy but remember to eat dinner and rest, okay?” Ming Yue sighed while reminding Yu Qi to take care of herself.

“Don’t worry Auntie Ming Yue.” Yu Qi said.

The call ended.
Yu Qi walked to the research center.

“Neko-chan, let’s go and play.” Yu Qi told Neko-chan.

“Play? Like before?” Neko-chan’s eyes lifted up.

“Yeah… Someone will join you later.” Yu Qi smiled.

Let’s have fun together.” Neko-chan jumped around the screen.

Yu Qi began to sit in front of the computer.
She messaged Han Baise.

Q: Shiro, I have work for you.

Shiro: What work?

Q: Check through the Saisei Ryokan Website.
Someone is watching the website.
Hmm… You should try to make a booking.
See if someone contacts you later.

Shiro: Sure.
I will do it.

Q: Oh, someone will accompany you later.
Be friends with her.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

Shiro: Do you hire another hacker? A girl?

Q: What? You seem to be excited.

Shiro: Well, not many women work as a hacker.

Q: Well, it is a female.

Shiro: Oh… What is her name?

Q: Neko-chan.

Shiro: Neko-chan? Her name is a cat?

Q: Yeah.
She likes it.
By the way, you can do whatever you want for those people.
Don’t be so soft.

Shiro: I understand.

Yu Qi looked at Neko-chan.

“Neko-chan, you can go and help Shiro.” Yu Qi said.

“Aye Aye… Captain…” Neko-chan saluted Yu Qi.

pA n,dan(-)0ve1.c0m Yu Qi had her work to do.
Wang Qui.
He needed some lessons.

A man like him probably had some weakness that she could use.
He dared to touch her thing.
Yu Qi hacked into Wang Qui’s work computer and personal laptop.

It seemed the work computer was quite clean.
He did not put anything personal into the work computer.
But it was different from the personal laptop.

Wang Qui did not protect his file very well.
He thought it was enough by putting the password on his personal laptop.
Yu Qi found a lot of things that she could use to attack Wang Qui.

Wang Qui seemed to embezzle money from the company that he owned.
He had been embezzling money for 5 years ago since he got a position as a hotel manager at Binhai Nation.

Wang Qui also did some tax evasion.
It was a serious offense to Binhai Nation’s law.
Even the ministers could not avoid that.

Not only that he offered a service to people with power and money.
Well, she was talking about that kind of service.

The people with power and money would be offered a room and women.
Meaning he was trafficking women for sex services.

“This man is a scumbag.” Yu Qi gritted her teeth.

She extracted all the information into her laptop.
She did not want to wait until tomorrow.
She needed to ruin Wang Qui herself tonight.

She looked into the owner of the hotel that Wang Qui worked with.
The owner’s name was Fujiwara Sakaki.
He was 50 years old this year.
He was the one who told Wang Qui to acquire Saisei Ryokan.

She knew that the idea to sabotage Saisei Ryokan must be from this man too.
She sneered.
Fujiwara Sakaki was very nice to Wang Qui.
Then that relationship needed some cracks.

Even though they were in a good relationship, no one could stand it if someone wanted to steal money from them.
She wanted to see whether the relationship was very good or not.

“Master… I am really having fun here.” Neko-chan said.

“Really? What is the situation over here?” Yu Qi wanted to know.

“They have around 5 people.
They want to know me.” Neko-chan grinned.

“Then, did you give a good introduction about yourself?” Yu Qi smiled.

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