After Minato left his office, Fujiwara Sakaki opened the file.
He slowly read the information written in the file.
The longer he read the information, the bigger the anger he felt.

In the file, it was clearly written that Wang Qui had been embezzling a lot of the hotel’s money into his own pocket.
It had been begun when he was hired as the branch manager of Fujiwara Sakaki’s hotel.

The financial report that Wang Qui sent to the headquarters had no problem in it.
Meaning, he got someone helping him on the side.

“Very good.
Very good.” Fujiwara Sakaki gritted his teeth.

He continued to read again.
This time, it was about his hotel itself.
He could not believe what he had read just now.
Wang Qui offered sex services to powerful people.
Sex service.

It was a business that Fujiwara Sakaki really hated.
He came from a broken family.
His father was cheating on his mother with some prostitutes and it led to a divorce.

Even though he did not lack any money while growing up, he believed that the sex industry should not exist in this world.

However, Wang Qui offered sex services using his own hotel as a port.
He could not let this continue.
He was even angry about this information compared to Wang Qui embezzling the money.


Wang Qui was having fun with a young woman.
His plan to acquire Saisei Ryokan would be successful.
He just needed some time to complete the plan.  With that, Fujiwara Sakaki would trust him even more.

Then, he got a call.
He decided to ignore it.
However, it had been ringing several times making the woman beneath him displeased.

“You should answer the call first.” The woman said.

Wang Qui gritted his teeth.
He wondered who the hell dared to disturb his good time.
He looked at the caller ID.
It was his secretary.
He answered the call.

“What do you want right now? You better have a good reason for calling me at this hour.” Wang Qui said.

Wang, Mr.
Fujiwara had been calling you multiple times.
You need to call him back as soon as possible.” The secretary sounded so urgent.

“What happened?” Wang Qui asked back.

“I don’t know what happened.
He did not say anything.
But from his tone, I think he is angry.” The secretary explained.

I will call him right now.” Wang Qui said.

Wang Qui immediately grabbed his other phone and called Fujiwara Sakaki.
The call quickly connected.

“Hello Fujiwara-sama.
I heard from my secretary that you are looking for me.
What is it?” Wang Qui said politely.

“I have something to discuss with you in private.
You need to fly to Japan as soon as possible.” Fujiwara Sakaki said.

Fujiwara Sakaki wanted to deal with Wang Qui personally.
That was why he told Wang Qui to come to his place.

“Fujiwara-sama, it is still midnight at my place.
Can you wait for a while?” Wang Qui said.

Wang Qui did not want to leave at this midnight.
It was no guarantee that there was an available flight.

“Sure.” Fujiwara Sakaki agreed.

He did not care much.
Once Wang Qui was here, he would deal with Wang Qui.

“Okay, Fujiwara-sama.” Wang Qui smiled.

Fujiwara Sakaki ended the call.
Wang Qui sighed in relief.
When the secretary told him that Fujiwara Sakaki was angry, he thought he would be scolded but Fujiwara Sakaki did not say anything other than ask him to go to his place.please visit panda(-)

He did not think much about that.
He wanted to continue his play with the woman before.

“Dear, come here.” Wang Qui licked his tongue while calling for the woman again.

Wang Qui did not know that Yu Qi already sent the evidence of his tax evasion to the authorities.
Wang Qui could not escape the punishment.

Yu Qi smiled as she thought about it.

“Master, I already meet with Shiro.
He did not believe me when I told him that I am AI.” Neko-chan came back.

“Really? How did you phrase that?” Yu Qi wanted to know.

“Well, I politely message him telling him that I am Neko-chan.
We talked for a while until he told me to send a picture of mine.
I did send a picture of myself.
He told me that I was lying.
So, I explained to him that I was an AI that you created.” Neko-chan was pouting.

At the same time, Han Baise sent her a message.

Shiro: Is that really the truth? Is Neko-chan really an AI that you created?

Q: Yes.
I did.

Shiro: Oh, my… I am so embarrassed.

Q: Why?

Shiro: I thought I already meet my soulmate.

Q: Well, I am sorry about that.
That’s why I told you not to be so disappointed.

Shiro: Never mind about that.
Miss, you are amazing to create such an AI.

Q: Thank you.

Shiro: What are you planning to do with her?

p、A,nd A-n、o、ve,1 Q: I created her to protect my information.
You know how easily a hacker gets everything from the internet nowadays.

Shiro: I see.

Q: You need a cute colleague to work together.


Neko-chan: Let’s work together, Shiro.


Han Baise did not reply anymore.
He thought he finally found his soulmate.
Turned out she was only an AI.
His boss was very terrifying to create such a powerful AI like this.
If others knew about this, he wondered what would be their reaction.
But he already made a pact that he would not betray his boss.

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