Yu Qi woke up in Long Hui’s arms.
She tried to remember about last night.
It seemed they returned home to their penthouse.
However, it is not their penthouse.
It was her room in her space.

Yu Qi looked down at her clothes.
She felt a little embarrassed about this.
She already wore a different outfit, a pajama to be more specific, meaning Long Hui must have helped her change her clothes.

“You little seductress, are you awake now?”

Yu Qi looked at Long Hui and saw him stare at her.

Let me go now.” Yu Qi said.

Instead of letting Yu Qi go, Long Hui tightened his hug.

“I want to stay longer like this with you.” Long Hui smiled.

Long Hui just woke up, making his look right now very seducing .
Yu Qi was staring at him without saying anything.

Long Hui noticed the look given by his beloved Qi Qi.
His corner lips curved up.

“You are drooling while looking at me.
Am I too irresistible?” Long Hui asked.

“What?” Yu Qi touched her face.
“When did I drool?”

Long Hui chuckled.
“You don’t deny that you are looking at me, do you?”

Yu Qi was dumbfounded.
She should deny that too.
But it was indeed true that she was staring at him.

Long Hui laughed.
Yu Qi was embarrassed.
So, she pushed Long Hui away.
She got out of bed.

“I am going to the bathroom.” Yu Qi rushed to the bathroom.

Long Hui kept laughing.


Long Hui sent Yu Qi to the hospital.
He was going to pick her up after she finished her work.
As usual, Yu Qi went to the VIP section to give treatment to Old Man Wong.

Today, both Wong Nanyi and Wong Mubai were in the room.
Yu Qi greeted them.

“Doctor Yu Qi, how are you?” Wong Nanyi greeted Yu Qi.

Wong Nanyi could not be here for a few past days.
He was busy handling the matter regarding his wife.

“I am fine.
How about you?” Yu Qi replied.

“Thank you for Doctor Yu Qi’s help before, I managed to find out about my wife… Oh, my ex-wife.” Wong Nanyi stated.

“You have already divorced her?” Yu Qi was surprised to know about that.

Why do I need to keep the criminal who poisons my father as my wife?” Wong Nanyi snorted.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

“I see.
That matter has nothing to do with me.
I am sorry for probing for detail from you.” Yu Qi apologized.

“No… No… I really thank you for this.
If it was not for your question, I would not suspect her at all.” Wong Nanyi smiled.

“I thought you did not notice anything since you kept your silence at that time.” Yu Qi chuckled.

“After that, I keep observing her like a hawk.
It seems she already had planned with her accomplice to hurt my father again.
After the confrontation about the CCTV camera, it seemed she wanted to cancel the plan but could not find time to call her accomplice.
Her accomplice ended up coming and getting caught by my people.” Wong Nanyi explained.

“The hospital had tightened its security but at that time, a traffic accident occurred.
So, the security had been lacking.” Yu Qi stated.

“I heard about that.
A lot of people coming in.
Her accomplice must have used the opportunity to sneak in at that time.” Yu Qi said.

“I heard from my son that you want to know where my ex-wife got the poison, right?” Wong Nanyi said.

“Yes.” Yu Qi was waiting to ask about that.
Wong Nanyi beat her.

“She said, she accidentally got it from the market.
The person sold it for her telling her it was a good poison.
No one will know about this poison.
No one could cure it.” Wong Nanyi stated.

“Did she remember the person?” Yu Qi asked.
She really wanted to know that person.

“No, she doesn’t.
I already asked her multiple times.” Wong Nanyi said.

“I see.” Yu Qi was a little bit disappointed.
“I will start the treatment then.”

Wong Nanyi and Wong Mubai watched the treatment.
Old Man Wong woke up and saw his son and grandson.

“How are the work?” Old Man Wong asked.

“Father, you don’t need to worry about that.
Mubai and I will handle everything.” Wong Nanyi said.

“Where are your wife and Suhe?” Old Man Wong asked more.

“They are at home.” Wong Nanyi could not tell Old Man Wong the truth right now.

He was planning to tell everything to Old Man Wong after he got better.
About his divorce and Wong Suhe.

After questioning his ex-wife, he went to check whether Wong Suhe was really his biological daughter or not.
He did the DNA Test three times at different hospitals.
It came out negative.

Wong Suhe was not his daughter.
He was devastated about that.
Even though he disliked Wong Suhe’s behavior, he loved Wong Suhe.
He watched her growing up.
But now, he found out his daughter was not even his.
It left a bitter taste in his mouth.

He asked his ex-wife about Wong Suhe’s biological father.
Cui Ying admitted it was her ex-boyfriend.
But at first, she did think that Wong Suhe was Wong Nanyi’s daughter.
But as time passed on, Wong Suhe had a face similar to her biological father making Cui Ying believe Wong Suhe was her ex-boyfriend’s daughter.

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