Long Hui explained everything to the authority.

“Young Master Long, thank you for helping us catch this group.
We have received complaints from others but we could not find them at all.” An older man greeted Long Hui.

“It is a coincidence.
They attacked us first.” Long Hui shook his head.

“Well, can you give the antidote to those men?” The older man asked in embarrassment.

Actually, they tried to cure the poison earlier.
But everything was not working.

“I am sorry.
There is no antidote to that poison.” Yu Qi interfered when she heard they were asking for the antidote.

“What? How can?” One of the authorized asked.

“Well, I accidentally created that poison.” Yu Qi stated.

Hearing that made others shiver.
Such a powerful poison.
She accidentally created that?

“If that is the case, then, there is nothing we can do about that.
We will ask the pharmacist to look at them.” The older man gave up.

He remembered about them.
They were from Dian Family.
He saw them at the last martial arts competition.
He did not dare to offend them.

The authority called for backup to bring the criminals away.

“They dare to disturb us.
Humph!” Dian Qi Qi snorted.

“Well, they did not know who we were.
Dian’s Family stayed in the outside world.
Brother Hui and I are newcomers.” Yu Qi stated.

Dian Qi Qi forgot about that already and turned excitedly to Yu Qi.
“Sister Yu Qi, what is the poison that you use? It is very powerful.”

“Oh, I make my poison by myself.
It is a very powerful poison.” Yu Qi said.

“Can I have some of it?” Dian Qi Qi’s eyes lifted up.

I will give it to you later.” Yu Qi nodded.

“Thank you, Sister Yu Qi.” Dian Qi Qi smiled.

Dian Qi Qi hugged Yu Qi happily.
Long Hui narrowed his eyes.
This girl was getting on his nerve.

The onlookers were watching the three of them.

“They are powerful.”

“That lawless gang got caught because of them.”

“That man is very strong.
And he is very handsome too.”

“That weird-looking girl is very strong.”

“No… no… no… That girl who used the poison is very strong.
The way she poisoned those guys using the needle is excellent.
Not many people can do such a thing.”

“Hmmm… I never saw them before.”

“What? You don’t recognize them?”

“Why? Do you know them?”

“They are from the four great families, Dian Family.
The girl who used the poison is the champion of this year’s martial arts competition.
I heard she also has a contracted beast.”

“She is the champion? Are you kidding me?”

“You can find out by yourself.
I am not lying.”please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

“And a contracted beast? Wow, not many have that talent.”

“They look like they are in their twenties.”

“Then, they must be going to the miracle space later.”

The miracle space is about to open soon.”

“If only I was younger.”

“Stop dreaming.
With your strength, you can die.”

p、A,nd A-n、o、ve,1 They kept talking.
Long Hui and the girls already left the place.
They looked at the things at the market.

“Nothing is special here.” Dian Qi Qi sighed.

“If you know, then you can leave.” Long Hui said.

“What do you mean by that?” Dian Qi Qi turned to Long Hui.

“I mean what I said.
You should leave.” Long Hui rolled his eyes.

“Humph! I am not leaving.” Dian Qi Qi replied in anger.

“You just like being a third wheel, do you?” Long Hui stated.

“I don’t care.
You can’t monopoly Sister Yu Qi all the time.” Dian Qi Qi hugged Yu Qi’s arm.

Both of them glared at each other.

“You two, it is about time.
We need to go.” Yu Qi stopped their argument.


The three of them went to the appointed place.
They saw others too.
All people who wanted to enter the miracle space were here.

“You are here.
Where did you go?” Dian Shu Xian asked.

“We went to the market and met a lawless group.
So, we played with them first.” Dian Qi Qi grinned.

“Attention everyone.”

Right away, everyone turned their attention to the stage.
On the stage, leaders of the four great families stood together.
The one who talked was Great-Grandpa Dian.
He was the oldest among everyone.

“Today is a good day.
The miracle space is going to open.
Those who want to enter it, please be ready.
You can bring whatever you want into the miracle space.
One reminder to you is that the miracle space is a good place to gain experience but also very dangerous.
You can lose your life.
So, please make your decision.” Great-Grandpa Dian said.

Everyone looked excited.
The place which could increase their strength.
Then, some kind of mirage suddenly appeared on their right side.

“The miracle space is now open.
You can enter.” Great-Grandpa Dian said.

With that, the cultivators rushed to enter the miracle space.
However, the children from the four great families were walking casually.

“Dad, pray that I am safe inside the miracle space.” Dian Ren Qi shouted to his father who was on the stage with other.

Dian Jung Gi threw a dirty look at his second son.
Wan Yang Mi pulled Dian Ren Qi’s hand.

They successfully entered the miracle space.
Their eyes were blind to the white light.
They could not help but close their eyes.

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