Seeing Aoi eating happily, they began to eat.
They were shocked when the taste exploded inside their mouths.
They began to eat without care.

Aoi’s parents were also surprised when they tasted Yu Qi’s cooking.
They never ate something delicious like this.

Aoi was happy to see his family eating the food.
He talked to his parent by saying he was happy being with Yu Qi proudly.

Aoi’s parents were now sure that this human did not hit or do anything to their son.
She even fed him this food every day.

Aoi talked a lot with his family.
Yu Qi understood.
Aoi had not see his family for such a long time.
His family was probably worried sick when their son disappeared just like that.
They had a lot of things to say.

After eating and cleaning up, Aoi brought Yu Qi and Long Hui to a corner of the cave.

“Master, you can sleep here,” Aoi said.

“Sure.” Yu Qi nodded.

She took out the sleeping bag for her and Long Hui as well.
Aoi stayed beside Yu Qi’s sleeping bag.

When Yu Qi was about to sleep, she thought about her space, Sere.
Sere probably had a connection with the miracle space.
Otherwise, it was possible that Aoi who was from the miracle space suddenly appeared in her space.

But she could not find the connection.
Hmm… She hoped she could find the connection while she was here.

“Master, wake up!” Aoi tried to wake Yu Qi up .

Yu Qi opened her eyes.
Long Hui also woke up when Aoi called his fiancee.

“What happened?” Yu Qi asked.

“Something is attacking our place.
Father and others went to confront it.
I still don’t know about that.” Aoi looked worried.
“Master, can you help my family?”

“Of course.” Yu Qi did not hesitate for one bit.

They walked out to see what was going on.
Once they arrived at the place, they could see that Aoi’s family was arguing with other monsters.
It looked like a lion with a snake tail.

“Oh… That…” Yu Qi remembered the monster feature.
“If it had a goat head, it will be called a chimaera.”

“You have time to analyse that?” Long Hui chuckled.

“Hmm… I want to take a picture.” Yu Qi stated.

She took out her phone and took the picture of the monster.

“What are they arguing about?” Yu Qi asked Aoi.

Aoi listened to the argument.
After understanding some of them, he told Yu Qi.

“He smells us here and wants to kill us,” Aoi said.please visit panda(-)

“So, this is our fault.
Why don’t we leave this place?” Yu Qi felt guilty.

Aoi seemed to talk to his mother.
His mother shook her head.

“Master, my mother tells us there is no need to leave,” Aoi said.

“But this monster is here because of us.” Yu Qi said.

“Well, this monster is an enemy of my family.
He always fights with our family for food and this place.
It just used the reason that you are here to attack my family.” Aoi conveyed what his mother told him.

“I see.
We will help you fight them if the fight break.” Yu Qi said.

Right after Yu Qi finished the sentence, the monster lion snake started to attack Aoi’s family.
As Yu Qi said, they joined the fight.

The lion snakes were angry to see the human interference with their fighting.
One of them started to attack Yu Qi and Long Hui as well.

They coordinated very well with Aoi’s family attacking the lion snake.
Seeing they suffered more damage, the leader asked his team to retreat.

Aoi’s family shouted the win.
They said thank you for Yu Qi and Long Hui’s help.
Yu Qi asked what would they do about the corpses.
Aoi told her that they usually would eat them.

The morning arrived.
Yu Qi and Long Hui wanted to leave.
Aoi was sad when they said that.
It had been a long time since he saw his family.

Yu Qi told him that he would stay here until the miracle space would about to close.
She would take him when they were to exit the miracle space.

Because of the blood contract between them, it could not be cancelled.
Otherwise, they would get backlash from that.

Aoi hesitated.
His mother said something to him.
That made Aoi cry and hug his mother.
His father only watched them.

p-A- n-d-A-n-0-v-e-1、(c)om “Master, I will follow you.” Aoi looked at Yu Qi.

I will not force you though.” Yu Qi said.

You are not forcing me.
My family are proud of me.
They are happy that I have a good owner.” Aoi held back his tear.

Yu Qi smiled gently and rubbed Aoi’s head.
“Of course, I am also happy that you are with me.
You are my partner.”

Since Yu Qi found Aoi in her space and contracted him, she already thought Aoi was her family member.
She would take care of him until the end.

She turned to Aoi’s family.
“You don’t need to worry about Aoi.
I will take care of him.
I will protect him whenever there is danger.” She bowed to them.

Aoi’s family looked smiling.
Even though they did not understand fully what Yu Qi said, they could feel the warmth of her speech.
They knew that their son was in the best hands.

They left the cliff using the same way that Aoi showed yesterday.

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