Everyone pushed the door to open but it did not budge at all.

Tang, can you try to open this door?” Someone gestured it to Yu Qi.

“Humph! Why are you asking her? Not like she would be lucky all the time.” Bucong Jiye snorted.

The person who asked Yu Qi earlier had a slight change in his expression.
Then he smiled.
“Then will Young Miss Bucong do it?”

Bucong Jiye was dumbfounded.
“Why should I? Why should I do all the work when you will enjoy my hard work?”

“Young Miss Bucong, if that’s the case, you should not be here.
Earlier, it was Ms.
Tang’s effort that open the door.” The man said.

This man was from Dian Family.
He was not afraid of the Bucong Family

Bucong Jiye did not have anything to respond to.
Ling Su Liu sighed.
This girl… Did her IQ decrease? At a time like this, Bucong Jiye should be silent.

Seeing Bucong Jiye finally shut her mouth, everyone was relieved.

Tang, do you want to try now?” The man asked.

“Sure.” Yu Qi nodded.

She walked in front of the door.
Long Hui already walked beside her.

Yu Qi touched the door as she did on the first one.
However, nothing happened.

I told you.
She would not be lucky all the time.” Bucong Jiye smirked.

This time, Long Hui also touched the door with Yu Qi.
Then a sound could be heard.
The sound where the door was moving.
Yu Qi turned around and looked at Long Hui in surprise.
Long Hui also looked surprised too.

“What is happening just now?” Dian Ren Qi asked.

“The door opened when they put their hands together, right?” Wan Yang Mi smiled.

“Wait, Long Hui is just a person from the outside world, right? How could a person from the outside world influence the white building?” Dian Qi Qi whispered to Dian Shu Xian.

“Do you forget that Yu Qi is also from the outside world?” Dian Shu Xian asked.

“But she has blood from our family.” Dian Qu Qi said.

The two siblings looked at Yu Qi and Long Hui.

“The room is opened.
Let’s go and enter the room.” Dian Ren Qi made the statement.

With that, everyone entered the room.
The first thing that they saw was a large number of weapons.

“Oh, my God… This… This…” Bucong Nanyi’s eyes lifted.

He wanted to grab the weapons.

“Someone did not learn his lesson.” Dian Qi Qi stated.

Bucong Nanyi’s movement stopped.

“Qi Qi, you should let him take the weapon.
Why bother?’ Dian Ren Qi sighed.

“Oh, I forget.” Dian Qi Qi also sighed.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

p AndD nOve1.cO,m

“Hey, look up.” Yu Qi suddenly said to everyone.

Everyone looked up.
There was writing on the ceiling.

“Hmm… What is this?” Dian Qi Qi did not understand what was written on the ceiling.

“Sister Ling, do you understand?” Bucong Jiye asked.

“No.” Ling Su Liu stated.

“Congratulation to those who managed to come to this room.
You can take the weapon that you like.
But remember only take one.
Otherwise, you will die.”

Wan Yang Wi, Yu Qi, and Bucong Shuye read the words at the same time.

“What? Really? We can take one?” Bucong Nanyi sounded very happy.

“Hmm… That was written on the ceiling.” Bucong Shuye nodded.

“Wow, Yang Mi, you can understand this?” Dian Ren Qi looked at his girlfriend.

“Hmm… I learn it before.
This is an ancient language.” Wan Yang Mi nodded.

“By the way, how does Yu Qi understand the word too?” Dian Shu Xian asked.
He looked at Yu Qi.
“Do you learn it before?”

“Hmm… I guess.” Yu Qi gave a vague answer.

To be honest, Yu Qi also did not know how she could understand the language.
She just saw it and understood it.
However, she did not want to say it because it would invite more trouble.
It was better to say that she learned it before.

Because of the statement, everyone began to find a weapon that was suitable for them.
Yu Qi and Long Hui just looked around without any intention to take one.

Long Hui seemed to understand Yu Qi’s thinking.
This room was more like Yu Qi’s weapon room but in a smaller size.
Yu Qi’s weapon room was much bigger than this.
Not to mention, it also had modern weapons.

“Sister Yu Qi, which one do you want to take?” Dian Qi Qi asked.

“Hmm… I don’t know yet.” Yu Qi said.

“To be honest, I don’t interested to take one.” Dian Qi Qi said.

“Why?” Yu Qi asked.

“Because I don’t think I will use it.
You know, our family lives in the outside world.” Dian Qi Qi mentioned.

“I suppose you are right.” Yu Qi nodded.

“But I will find something to take.
Well, I will think more like a souvenir from the miracle space.
Since when the next miracle space will open, I can not enter it anymore.” Dian Qi Qi grinned.

That was right.
The next miracle space would be opened in the next ten years.
At that time, Dian Qi Qi would be over thirty years old.
She could not enter it anymore because of the age restriction.
The cultivation world already made a rule stating that only cultivators under thirty years old could enter the miracle space.

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