”What are you laughing about? ” Qin Xia asked when he saw Yu Qi chuckled.

”Oh, it is nothing. ” Yu Qi shook her head.
”It seems we are already here for a long time.
I guess I need to go back to my hotel. ”

”Let me drop you. ” Qin Xia went to settle the bills.

Yu Qi rejected his offer to drop her to the hotel but Qin Xia insisted.
Yu Qi did not have any way to reject him, so, she just let him walked together with her.

Arriving at the hotel, Yu Qi excused herself.
Qin Xia nodded while looking at Yu Qi with a faint smile.

”You are here. ” The lecturer said to Yu Qi when she saw Yu Qi came towards her.

”Why are you here, Mrs Mo? ” Yu Qi asked the lecturer.

”We were about to call you for dinner.
Where did you go just now? ” Mrs Mo asked.

”I was just walking around and saw an acquaintance.
We talked a little bit. ” Yu Qi explained.

”I see.
So, do you want to go to dinner? ” Mrs Mo looked at her watch.

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”Okay. ” Yu Qi nodded.
Since Aoi was begging her to go.
He was hungry even though he was eating just now.

Others were already waiting for them.
Yu Qi went to Ding Na An.

One of the lecturers knew the way around the city.
So, he recommended a restaurant for them to eat.
They made the decision to taste local food around here.
Yu Qi ordered some meat for her dog.

”We meet again. ” Someone said.

Others on the table looked at the source of the voice.
Yu Qi too.
Qin Xia stood with a smile looking at Yu Qi.
The girls were looking at Qin Xia with some interest and sparkling eyes.

”Oh, Mr Qin. ” Yu Qi greeted Qin Xia.
”Are you also having dinner here? ”

My client wants me to taste some local food, so he brought me here. ” Qin Xia made a gesture showing his client.

”I see. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”Enjoy your food.
I will excuse myself. ” Qin Xia nodded and went away while talking to his client.

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”You know him? ” One of the lecturers asked Yu Qi.

”He is one of my grandfather ’s acquaintance.
So, I do know him and I met him this evening. ” Yu Qi told them.

”I see. ”

The topic was disturbed when the waitress came and the delivered the food.

”Junior Tang, do you have his contact number? ” The same third year student, An Shu Lin that spoke to Yu Qi when they checked in this afternoon.

”I don ’t have his contact number. ” Yu Qi said.

”Really? Or you are just telling a lie to us because you don ’t want me to have a talk with him? ” An Shu Lin asked suspiciously.

”Senior An, if you want his contact number, you can go and ask him by yourself. ” Yu Qi said and started to eat.

An Shu Lin held back her anger.
She was very jealous of this junior.
Even though she was in a scandal last time, however, it was not true and the lecturers were satisfied with this girl ’s achievement.
Not to mention, she was the granddaughter of the legendary doctor.

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The dinner was quite a feast.
The lecturers ordered many foods.
Two of the students were boys.
So, others were the girls.
The girls ate a little bit.
Only Ding Na An and Yu Qi and another two boys ate a lot.
Usually, Yu Qi eats a little, however, the food tasted very delicious so Yu Qi ended up a lot.

”The food tastes delicious. ” Ding Na An said while going back to their hotel.

Indeed. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”Woof. ” Aoi also gave his response regarding the food.

”Oh, Aoi, you think the same? ” Ding Na An looked down.

”Woof. ” Aoi barked in response to Ding Na An ’s question.

”He also likes eating.
He is a gourmet. ” Yu Qi chuckled.


The conference had started.
There were a lot of individuals, companies, and laboratories involved in this conference.
Three of the lecturers also participated in the conference.
They wanted to present their own research.

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The lecturers allowed the students to walk around the venue.
Ding Na An asked Yu Qi to look around with her.
So they walked around.
Since the pets were not allowed in the venue, Yu Qi left Aoi inside her hotel room.
Yu Qi reminded Aoi to stay inside the room and ignore whoever was knocking the room.
Aoi nodded understood.
Yu Qi gave a lot of food to him for breakfast.
So, he was quite full at the moment.
So, he went back to sleep after Yu Qi left the hotel room.

There were a lot of the research topics that were discussed.
The booths set up with the poster of the research topic.
The first booth that they went to look at was about the rare eye disease.
Ding Na An was very interested in the topic since she had also written about it.

Yu Qi also ended listening to the presenter.
The presenter explained the disease and how the ways to treat it.
Ding Na An asked a lot of questions to the presenter.
The presenter was very surprised when Ding Na An first asked him the question.
However, as the presenter, he did his very best to answer Ding Na An ’s question.

When Ding Na An and Yu Qi were about to leave, the presenter called Ding Na An and asked her whether she was a medical student.
Ding Na An nodded and she said she was going to be an ophthalmologist in the future.
The presenter nodded.
He advised Ding Na An to look around.
There was a lot of research topics regarding the eyes.
It might broaden Ding Na An ’s knowledge.
Ding Na An thanked the presenter.

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