She also explained the way to open and pour the medicine wine as well as the way to close it back and store it.
If the medicine wine was not stored properly, it could be ruined.

Yu Qi poured the medicine wine into the cups.
Yu Qi served everyone.
Grandpa Wei, without any doubt, took the cup and drank it in one go.

Well, the cup was small.
Once the medicine wine was poured into Grandpa Wei, he looked shocked.
His eyes were opened widely.


Yu Qi did not have time to answer.
Then they heard Grandpa Wei’s shout.

“Delicious!” Grandpa Wei was smiling widely.
“It is very delicious.
Yu Qi, how do you manage to get this flavour? Some of the medicine wine that I drank before did not taste this good.
It is usually bitter.”

Yu Qi also smiled.
“I made my own research.
I am glad that you like the flavour.”

Grandpa Wei’s statement was like a slap on Chi Yuan’s face.
She thought Yu Qi would be disliked by Grandpa Wei but this made Grandpa Wei like Yu Qi even more.

Wei Zichen also tried drinking the wine.
His expression was the same as Grandpa Wei’s.
It was like his father said, it was very delicious.
It was not like the normal medicine wine that he drank before.

“Hmm… It is indeed delicious.” Wei Zichen nodded agreeing with his father.

Grandpa Wei grabbed the bottle.
“Stop drinking mine.
You can open yours if you want to drink more.” He even hid the bottle.

Everyone was speechless by Grandpa Wei’s action.
However, this reaction was not strange to Yu Qi since she had seen it before.

Where? Grandpa Tang, Grandpa Long, Grandpa Feng and even Grandpa Mu.
They all liked the medicine wine that she made.
Even now, she delivered the medicine wine to them when their medicine wine was finished.

“Hmm… Yu Qi, can I request something from you?” Grandpa Wei felt embarrassed by what he was about to say.

“What is it?” Yu Qi asked.

“Hmm… Can you send me another bottle of this medicine wine if I finish this one?” Grandpa Wei asked with an embarrassed tone.

You can call me if you finished that up.” Yu Qi said.

“Great!” Grandpa Wei was happy.

Chi Yuan was jealous to see the interaction between Yu Qi and Grandpa Wei.
She could not count how many times she tried to please Grandpa Wei.

However, her efforts were in vain.
Grandpa Wei did not look as happy as today when she pleased Grandpa Wei.
But now, looking at him, only just for one bottle of weird wine, he looked so happy.

Others were also happy to see Yu Qi and Grandpa Wei like this.
Long Hui was not close to them even though his mother came from this family.

But now, Long Hui was willing to come to this house because of Yu Qi.
Yu Qi became the bridge between Long Hui and the Wei Family.

Only two of them were unhappy with this.
Chi Yuan gritted her teeth.
Grandma Wei was also displeased to see others liking Yu Qi.please visit pαпᵈα-:)ɴᴏᴠᴇ

The dinner ended smoothly after that.
Wei Su Zien braved himself to talk to Long Hui.

Long Hui was not so mean as to ignore his cousin.
So, he talked a little bit with Wei Su Zien.

Actually, Wei Su Zien admired soldiers very much.
He also dreamed to be one but he did not dare to oppose Grandma Wei before.

Wei Su Zien felt quite foolish to be scared to do what he wanted before.
He already started to think about his future.
He also planned to join the political world like his father.

Long Hui encouraged him to do what he wanted to do.
Hearing the encouragement from Long Hui made Wei Su Zien a little happy.

He regretted the past.
Being brainwashed by his grandmother into thinking that a soldier was a heartless person, Wei Su Zien stopped talking to Long Hui.
After starting high school, he was finally freed from his grandmother’s brainwashing.

Yu Qi excused herself to go to the toilet.
Because she was already here before, she knew where the toilet was.
After doing her business, Yu Qi wanted to return to Long Hui’s side.

However, Yu Qi was stopped by Chi Yuan.
Chi Yuan looked displeased.

“Yes, Miss Chi, what can I do for you?” Yu Qi asked.

“Why did you come here?” Chi Yuan questioned Yu Qi like this was her own house.

“Miss Chi, I am visiting my grand parents-in-law’s house.
It has nothing to do with you.” Yu Qi answered.

“Why do you need to stand in my way?” Chi Yuan gritted her teeth.

“Miss Chi, I don’t have plans to stand in your way.
To be honest, I don’t care about you.
We are not close to each other anyway.” Yu Qi responded.

“Then why don’t you leave Long Hui alone?” Chi Yuan stated.

Yu Qi suddenly laughed.
Chi Yuan hated to see Yu Qi laughing.

“Why did you laugh?” Chi Yuan asked.

“Miss Chi, I am laughing because of your stupidity.” Yu Qi mocked Chi Yuan.

“You dare to say that I am stupid?’ Chi Yuan glared at Yu Qi.

“What? You are indeed stupid.” Yu Qi added.

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