When Yu Qi set it free, it stood proudly in front of Yu Qi’s eyes.
Long Hui was waiting for Yu Qi’s action.

Yu Qi slowly reached out for it.
Long Hui’s little brother reacted once Yu Qi touched it.
Yu Qi could hear Long Hui’s growl.
She looked up and saw that Long Hui’s face was full of excitement.
She could see that Long Hui enjoyed her touches so much.

“Qi Qi, can you try to stroke it?” Long Hui requested with a restrained tone.

Yu Qi listened to her fiancee, stroking Long Hui’s little brother gently from up to bottom.


Yu Qi heard that and stopped.
She thought Long Hui was in pain.

“Did I hurt you?” Yu Qi asked.

“No… No… It feels great.
Qi Qi, you can continue.” Long Hui said.

Yu Qi started to stroke it again.
She used both of her hands.
At first, she felt awkward.
But hearing the excited tone in Long Hui’s voice, she increased the speed.


“Qi Qi, wake up.”

Yu Qi could hear Long Hui’s voice.
She slowly opened her eyes.

Long Hui kissed her eyes.
“Good morning, my beloved.”

“Hmmm… What is the time now?” Yu Qi asked in a sleepy voice.

“6 A.M.
Do you still want to sleep?” Long Hui asked.

“No… I want to get up.” Yu Qi shook her head weakly.

“I think you should rest.
You are tired.
You used a lot of energy yesterday.” Long Hui grinned.

Hearing that, Yu Qi’s face turned all red.
Yu Qi hit Long Hui’s chest.

“Don’t remind me about that.” Yu Qi said.

Yesterday, not only her hand, Long Hui even asked her to use her mouth as well.
It was embarrassing yet fun as she looked at Long Hui’s excited face when she stroked while licking Long Hui’s little brother.

“Okay… okay… Let’s go jogging.” Long Hui said.

Yu Qi got up, refreshed her body, and changed her clothes.
Long Hui was already ready to join.

So, they were jogging around the hotel for about one hour before they stopped and returned to the hotel room.
Long Hui called room service for breakfast.

After breakfast, Yu Qi got a call from Wei Ding Ye telling her that they were already at the lobby hotel waiting for Long Hui and Yu Qi.

ραпdα nᴏνɐ| сom

When they arrived at the lobby hotel, they saw Wei Ding Ye.
She was not alone.
Wei Su Zien, Wei Su Kee and even Gu Ning were there.

“Yu Qi, you are not angry I am joining you guys, right?’ Gu Ning smiled.

She found out that Wei’s Siblings wanted to meet Yu Qi.
So, she wanted to join too.
That was why she was here right now.

I don’t mind.” Yu Qi smiled.

“Sister Yu Qi…” Wei Ding Ye wanted to say something but Yu Qi stopped her.

“Hmm… You guys, no need to call me sister.
Just call my name.
Our age gap is not far.” Yu Qi stated.

“Really? You don’t mind?” Wei Ding Ye asked.ραпdα `nᴏνɐ| сom

It is more comfortable like this.” Yu Qi nodded.

“Then, I will call you Yu Qi.” Wei Ding Ye nodded.

“Hmm… I think I will call you Sister Yu Qi.” Wei Su Kee stated in a shy tone.

“Up to you.” Yu Qi felt that Wei Su Kee was more like Dian Qi Qi.

“Where do you want to hang out?” Gu Ning asked.

“We are going to get wet.” Yu Qi smiled.


“I never thought there is a theme park here.” Gu Ning looked at the sign board.

“Well, it is not officially open yet.” Yu Qi said.

“Not open yet? Then why are we here?” Wei Su Zien asked.

“I want you to be the first comers to play here.” Yu Qi grinned.

“Eh, how can we enter this place when it is not open yet?” Gu Ning asked.

“Miss Tang, you are here.” Li Yan came out and greeted Yu Qi.

“Hmm… Everything is ready?” Yu Qi asked Li Yan.

You can enjoy it.” Li Yan nodded.

“Great.” Yu Qi nodded.

Actually, Yu Qi got a call from Li Yan on the day they landed at the Capital City.
Li Yan told her that the theme park, Nigeru Koen, was ready to be opened to the public.
He wanted Yu Qi to come and take a look at the site first before it was officially opened.

Yu Qi told him that she would try to come the next day after tomorrow.
So, it was today.
Coincidently, the Wei siblings wanted to hang out with her.
So, she invited them too.

“Yu Qi, you know the owner?” Wei Ding Ye asked.

“Hmm…” Yu Qi nodded.

“Wait a minute, I think I recognize you.” Gu Ning looked at Li Yan.
“You are the man who had a scandal with Yu Qi.”

Hearing that, Long Hui’s eyes glanced at Li Yan.
Li Yan felt his back turn cold in a instant.

“Miss Tang and I are innocent.” Li Yan corrected Gu Ning’s words.

“Oh, it comes out wrongly.
I mean the man in a rumoured scandal that Yu Qi had is you.
The one that Yu Qi sued Chi Yuan for.” Gu Ning apologised for the word.

“Yes, it is me.
But it is a rumour.
We don’t have any relationship except client and contractor.” Li Yan smiled.

“Wait, does this mean this place is yours, Yu Qi?” Wei Su Zien asked.

“Yeah.” Yu Qi did not deny it.

“Wow…” Wei Ding Ye was surprised.

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