“She is still not married to Hui.
So, she is a stranger.” Grandma Wei stated.

“Yeah… yeah… I have something to do.
I will leave first.” Feng Ni Lan did not want to argue with her mother in law, so, she left.

Chi Yuan’s face was not looking good.
She knew that the Wei Family members slowly disliked her.
The obvious one was Wei Su Kee.
Wei Su Kee usually called her and hung out with her from time to time.
But now, she rarely got a call from Wei Su Kee.

Like yesterday, Wei Su Kee gave her the cold shoulder.
She could see that Wei Su Kee began to accept Yu Qi.

“Are you okay, Yuan-er?” Grandma Wei noticed Chi Yuan’s face.

“Hmm… I am okay… But your family began to dislike me, Grandma Wei.
I am a little bit sad.
They have known me longer than Miss Tang.” Chi Yuan sighed.
She acted like she was very sad and was about to cry.

“Don’t worry about them, Yuan-er.
I will never like that woman.” Grandma Wei comforted Chi Yuan.

“Hmm… Grandma Wei, you are so good to me like you are like my own grandmother.” Chi Yuan said.

“Of course.
You are like my own grandchild.” Grandma Wei nodded.


Long Hui and Liang Mo Han arrived at Country Max.
They went to Liang Mo Han’s base.
Everyone there saluted Long Hui and Liang Mo Han.

“What is the situation right now?” Long Hui asked.

“They are indeed hiding at Howling Forest.
We send the drones over there and found a base in the forest.
We also already confirmed the location through our satellite.” A man answered.

Come to the meeting room at three o’clock.
We will discuss the plan to attack the base.” Long Hui stated.

“Yes, Sir.” Everyone answered.

“Finally, we will get our revenge.” Liang Mo Han stated.

“Yeah.” Long Hui nodded.

The revenge they were talking about was actually related to their parents.
Long Hui’s parents and Liang Mo Han’s parents were comrades in arms.
They were in the same platoon.
It was the same for Huang Lan Guan’s uncle, Ren Qian Yi’s father and Fang Mo Li’s mother.
All of them were doing the same mission which resulted in their death.

They were doing a dangerous mission in Country Leon.
However, the mission failed and all of them were killed.
Grandpa Long began to investigate that matter.
He discovered that someone had tipped off the mission to the enemy.
The result? All the people involved in the mission died.

Grandpa Long was furious about it.
He began to investigate the matter.
He did find out the motive.
The culprit just wanted money.
He sold the information about the mission at a high price.
After that, the culprit went to hide.

Grandpa Long told Long Hui everything.
Of course, Long Hui was curious about it.
Grandpa Long gave all the evidence to Long Hui.
Long Hui told his grandfather that he would do everything to find this culprit.ραпdα `nᴏνɐ| сom

After that, Long Hui took over the case.
Liang Mo Han joined the underworld business to find more information about the culprit.
The culprit was involved in the underworld business too.
He became a mercenary weapon.

Long Hui and others found out that the culprit stroke a deal with the people who were involved in that mission.
The weapon the culprit got was from those people.

Long Hui and the others looked for their base.
If they could catch the culprit and destroy the base, it would be great.

Finally, they found some clues.
Liang Mo Han began to investigate the clues that he got and got this result.



The Wei siblings returned to the Wei Family house around night.
They already ate dinner with the others at a restaurant.
Well, Wei Ding Ye did not return with them.
She returned to her apartment.

When Wei Su Kee and Wei Su Zien walked into the house, they could see Chi Yuan.
She was walking to Grandma Wei.
In front of them, there were shopping bags on the table.
It seemed that Chi Yuan and Grandma Wei went out shopping.

Chi Yuan noticed the two siblings and greeted them.

“Su Zien, Su Kee, you come back late.” Chi Yuan said.

Grandma Wei turned and looked at her biological grandchildren.
“Why are you coming home late?”

“We were hanging out with Yu Qi, Ding Ye and Gu Ning.” Wei Su Zien told them.

Hearing Yu Qi’s name make Chi Yuan and Grandma Wei frown.
Wei Su Zien and Wei Su Kee noticed that.

“You can hang out with Ding Ye and Gu Ning but don’t hang out with that woman.” Grandma Wei gave a warning to the two siblings.

“There is nothing wrong to hang out with our cousin in law.” Wei Su Kee retorted.

“What do you say? Cousin in law? Who tells you to call her that? It must be her, right? She is still not married to Hui.
Don’t claim relationship like that.” Grandma Wei scolded Wei Su Kee.

“Brother Hui will marry Yu Qi in the future.
There is nothing wrong to call her that.” Wei Su Zien said.

“You already know how to talk back to me.
Who teached you? It must be that woman.” Grandma Wei was furious when Wei Su Zien talked back to her.

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