Yu Qi returned to Binhai Nation alone.
Long Hui was still at Country Max handling the after-work matter.
Upon returning to Binhai Nation, she already had herself on the work.

HuiQi Jade Store had its opening at Guanying City, the place where Yu Qi worked as an intern a long time ago.
As the owner, Yu Qi went to Guanying City to celebrate the opening of the new store.

The new store would be opened in the largest mall in Guanying City.
Yu Qi planned to open the store in Guanying City a long time ago but she did not get a perfect place.

After a long time of waiting, finally she got the perfect place.
The previous owner wanted to close his store and moved away.
Yu Qi grabbed the chance and rent the place.

After months of preparation, the store finally finished the renovation and it could be opened.
Yu Qi invited her acquaintances around there.

She invited Yi Family, Zheng Je Wi, the hospital ’s director when Yu Qi was an intern, several doctors, that she was close and the media.

Yu Qi left the hotel room to go to the mall where her store would be opened.
When she arrived over there, the workers just finished checking everything.

The new manager that she hired was Ma Xihen.
He had been recommended by another HuiQi Jade ’s manager.
She did not care as long as he could do his work perfectly.

Ma Xihen saw Yu Qi and went to greet her.

”Miss Tang, you are already here. ” Ma Xihen bowed.

Everything is ready? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Yes, everything is perfect.
We can start it after the guests arrive. ” Ma Xishen stated.

It seems our guests are coming.
Let ’s receive them. ” Yu Qi stated.

The guests arrived one by one.
Madam Yi came with her youngest son, Yi Sanyi.
Yi Sanyi was already 7 years old.

”Yu Qi, long time no see. ” Madam Yi smiled.

”Auntie Yi, you look younger every time I meet you. ” Yu Qi praised Madam Yi.

Which woman disliked someone who commented on her face, Madam Yi was no different.
Madam Yi really took care of her face and body.

”I use Qi Qi Skincare products.
After changing to that brand, I can see some changes on my face and body. ” Madam Yi was happy to share the secret.

”Oh, the brand is very good. ” Yu Qi said.

”Of course, I recommend the brand to all of my friends.
They are really happy after using the brand. ” Madam Yi stated.

While they were talking, Madam Yi felt her skirt had been pulled.
She looked down and saw her son, Yi Sanyi.

”Oh, Little Yi, you can say hello to Sister Yu Qi. ” Madam Yi stated.

Yu Qi looked down at Yi Sanyi.
She was smiling.

”Sister Yu Qi, hello. ” Yi Sanyi greeted Yu Qi shyly.

Yu Qi stooped down at Yi Sanyi ’s level.
”Little Sis, long time no see.
You became cuter and cuter. ” Yu Qi reached out to Yi Sanyi ’s cheek and held them.

Yi Sanyi ’s cheeks became red.
He smiled shyly.

”Little San, do you want to be with me right now? ” Yu Qi asked.

Yi Sanyi nodded.
He reached out for Yu Qi ’s hand.

Madam Yi laughed.
”When he found out that I want to come to meet you, he threw tantrum to follow me together. ”

I see.
I will accompany Little San for today. ” Yu Qi kissed Yi Sanyi ’s cheek.

After that, Yi Sanyi began to follow Yu Qi greeting the guests, like a little butler.

”Doctor Tang, congratulations on the new store. ” Zheng Je Wi said while giving out the gift that he brought.

”Director Zheng, thank you for coming. ” Yu Qi nodded.

Zheng Je Wi looked down and saw Yi Sanyi at Yu Qi ’s knee.

”Is that Youngest Master Yi? ” Zheng Je Wi asked.

He greets the guests with me, right Little San? ” Yu Qi answered Zheng Je Wi ’s question and looked at Yi Sanyi.

Yi Sanyi nodded.

”Oh, I forget that this boy really likes you when you intern at my hospital. ” Zheng Je Wi stated.

Ma Xishen told Yu Qi that it was about time to start the ceremony.
Yu Qi told Yi Sanyi to return to his mother.
Even though Yi Sanyi was reluctant to return to his mother, he went back to his mother.

Yu Qi appeared in front of everyone with a smile.

”Welcome everyone to my HuiQi Jade new store.
After hard work, I finally manage to open HuiQi Jade in Guanying City.
After this, you dont have to go to another city to visit HuiQi Jade.
You can come here.
HuiQi Jade will cater for your request. ” Yu Qi stated.

”I welcome Mayor Yi to do the ceremony. ” Yu Qi said.

Mayor Yi came beside Yu Qi.
Yu Qi managed to invite Mayor Yi to her grand opening.
Mayor Yi was required to hit the rock.
He picked up the hammer and hit the rock.

Everyone was slapping.
The reason Yu Qi invited Mayor Yi was to show that HuiQi Jade Store had a connection with Guanying City.
If someone wanted to make trouble, they needed to remember that Mayor Yi was behind HuiQi Jade.

Mayor Yi knew about that.
He even offered himself.
Yu Qi healed his youngest son before.
This favour was nothing to him.
He personally liked Yu Qi.
If not because of Yu Qi already engaged with Long Hui, he would like having Yu Qi as his daughter in law.

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