Want To Settle Out Of Court


Chi Yuan stayed at the hospital for the time being.
Her ward had been guarded by the bodyguards that her auntie hired.
She felt safe for the time being.

She remembered that she had not been calling Grandma Wei.
She picked up her phone and called Grandma Wei.

”Hello, Grandma Wei. ” Chi Yuan said when she heard the person on the other side answer her call.

”Yuan-er, how are you? ” Grandma Wei was happy to get a call from Chi Yuan.

”I am fine, Grandma. ” Chi Yuan said.
”Hmm, about getting Uncle Zichen's help… ”

”I am sorry about that, Yuan-er…
I can't get him to help you. ” Grandma Wei felt very bad about that.

”Why? ” Chi Yuan wanted to know the reason.

”Yuan-er, it is bad for a politician like him to get involved with a case like this.
I am sorry, Yuan-er. ” Grandma Wei sighed.

”I see… ” Chi Yuan gritted her teeth.
”Grandma, I need to go now. ”

I call you again. ” Grandma Wei nodded.

Chi Yuan threw her phone to her bed in anger.
She was hoping to get help from Wei Zichen.
If he got involved, she could think she would win the case.

Then she heard the knocks on her door.

”Miss Chi, a lawyer wants to meet you.
Can her enter? ” The bodyguard asked from the outside.

”What? A lawyer? Don't let him in. ” Chi Yuan shouted.

”Miss Chi, you can not run away.
You need to face it now or later.
Since you don't want to meet me, I will find another time. ” The lawyer calmly replied to Chi Yuan.

Chi Yuan became agitated by this.
That lawyer wanted to mess with her.
She calmed down.
She went to the door and opened the door.

”Miss… ” The bodyguards looked at Chi Yuan.

”Wait! ” Chi Yuan shouted.

The lawyer and his assistant stopped walking and turned out.

”Come in.
We need to discuss. ” Chi Yuan said.


The lawyer smiled, walked back and entered the ward.

Since it was the first class ward, there was table and chairs.

”Sit. ” Chi Yuan stated.

The lawyer and the assistant did not pay much attention to Chi Yuan's arrogant attitude.
They sat down in front of Chi Yuan.

”What do you need to withdraw the lawsuit? ” Chi Yuan asked.

”Miss Chi, do you want to settle out of court? ” The lawyer asked back.

”Yes. ” Chi Yuan stated.

Her reputation was much important.

The lawyer smiled.
He lifted his hand and showed his five fingers.

”5 million? Okay.
I will pay. ” Chi Yuan smiled.

She could afford that kind of money.
She had her private saving.

”Miss Chi, I think you misunderstand. ” The lawyer smiled.

”What? ” Chi Yuan frowned.

”It is not 5 million.
But 500 million. ” The lawyer stated.

”Are you kidding me? Why don't you rob the bank? ” Chi Yuan shouted.

The bodyguards entered the ward.
”Miss Chi, are you alright? ”

”I am fine.
Go out. ” Chi Yuan said.

The bodyguards obediently went out.

”How could you ask for such a large amount? ” Chi Yuan asked while gritting her teeth.

”Miss Chi, you stole my clients' designs.
Each design sold pretty well.
It is a reasonable amount to ask. ” The lawyer said.


”I see.
So, do you think you can leave this ward safely? ” Chi Yuan smirked.

”Miss Chi, in case you don't know, my phone is currently on call with my partner.
He has been recording this conversation. ” The lawyer was still calm.

How dare you record me? ” Chi Yuan pointed her finger.

”My partner records this conversation for the sake of my safety.
If I am going missing, the partner has a lead of that. ” The lawyer smiled.

”You! Get out. ” Chi Yuan shouted.

”So, how about the deal? Do you want to settle the case out of court or not? ” The lawyer asked.

”Just get out. ” Chi Yuan shouted again.

The bodyguards opened the door again.
They were afraid something happened to Chi Yuan.
They could see that Chi Yuan was very angry.

The lawyer and the assistant stood up.

”Since Miss Chi can not make the decision now, we will take our leave. ” The lawyer bowed a little and left the ward with her assistant.

The bodyguards also went out and closed the door.
Then they heard the scream from inside.

Chi Yuan was pretty mad at the lawyer.
500 million.
Where could she find such money? She knew if she asked her uncle for the money, her uncle would not cough out such a large amount of money for her.

Not to mention, the company was facing a huge problem right now.
She became emotionally unstable.
She began to throw the flower vase on the floor.
The vase broke.

The bodyguards were shocked.

”What should we do? ”

”What should we do? Call the doctor right now.
She can not be injured.
Otherwise it is going on our head. ”

One of the bodyguards rushed to call the nearby nurse.
One of them opened the door to see Chi Yuan's condition.
But his head was hit by the glass.

He could feel the pain and the blood flew down.
Luckily the glass just hit his forehead but not his eye.
Otherwise, he could be blinded.

”Manhe. ” The bodyguard could hear his colleagues called his name.

”I am okay.
Where is the doctor? ” The bodyguards asked.

Then the bodyguards who went to call the doctor came back with a doctor and two nurses.

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