Grandpa Tang brought them to another famous restaurant there.
Yu Qi ate,full-filling her empty stomach.
Because Aoi was very hungry, he asked his master to order a lot of food for him.
Yu Qi felt guilty about this evening, so she just followed Aoi ’s request.

As for the incident, Grandpa Tang did not know anything about that.
Long Hui remembered his promise.
Yu Qi did not want her grandfather to worry about this.
Grandpa Tang might cancel the tomorrow trip to go to the herbs shop.
Because Yu Qi also wanted to take a look at the herbs, so she did not want her grandfather to know about the incident.

Since the police here did not want to take this incident seriously, Yu Qi would be investigated on her own.
It was a lot better and faster.
She already got the information that she needed.
The only thing that was needed was the time to look at the information.
She knew that she would find the culprit who wanted to harm herself.

The dinner was over and Long Hui sent Yu Qi, Ding Na An and as well as Aoi straight to their hotel.
Yu Qi entered the room, took a bath and brought Aoi to space.
Yu Qi put Aoi and told him to play with Bo Ya.
She told them if she had some time later on, she would cook.
Aoi and Bo Ya became immediately happy.
They went outside to play without being a disturbance to their master.

Yu Qi opened the computer.
She began her hacking.
The information was the bank account number of the man.
Since Yu Qi already tried to hack the bank once, she already knew the pattern of the codes particularly used in the bank system.
She managed to disable the firewall of the bank system.

Then she succeeded in entering the bank system.
She typed the account number of the bank.
She saw all the transactions of the bank account.
The last transaction was 3 million.
It was probably the money from the woman who tried to harm her.

Yu Qi began to crack another security system in order to get information about the transaction.
However, unluckily Yu Qi triggered something that alerted the people of the bank.

”Sir, someone hacked our security system. ” A person said.

”Investigate that person.
Try to locate the location of that person. ” The security system manager ordered his people to act fast.

Yu Qi was not afraid.
She fought with them.
Her fingers became faster and faster dancing on the keyboard.
She swore that she would find the information about the transaction.

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She now had two aims.
One was to find the information.
Another one was to fight the security people.
After two hours on the fight, Yu Qi got the information.
She slowly retreated from the fight.

The people with whom she was battling were kind of confused about this.
They could not think the reason for this attack.

”Sir, that person has already retreated. ” The people of security told their manager.

”What about its location? Do you all get it? ” The manager said.

”No. ”

”Then the motive? ”

”We still don ’t know about that. ”

”Can you still call yourself are the best if you can ’t catch that person? And not even know their motive? ”

The people kept quiet.

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”Suppress the news that we had been attacked.
I will tell the director myself. ” The security manager went out.

The people were looking at each other.
They just hoped they would be able to keep the job here.

Meanwhile, the culprit of the attack was very happy with the result.
Since she got the information, she would keep it first before she analysed that.
She was not in a hurry.

So, Yu Qi went to cook for her two little cuties.


Ding Na An went to Yu Qi ’s room.
She knocked on the door.
Yu Qi opened the door.

”You are early.
Come in. ” Yu Qi waved her hand.
”Wait for moments.
I ’m currently busy with Aoi. ”

In the room, Aoi was wet.
Yu Qi was currently wiping the dog.
It seemed that the water had already wiped out but his fur was still wet, Yu Qi took the dryer and used it on Aoi.

Aoi wanted to run but his master gave a look which threatened him and saying that he would not get the food for breakfast if he ran away.
So, the pitiful dog sat there obediently letting his master dry all of his furs.

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”I will get ready. ” Yu Qi said after she finished with Aoi.

”Okay. ” Ding Na An nodded.

Ding Na An approached Aoi.
She took the opportunity to caress Aoi ’s fur.
Aoi ’s fur seemed very smooth after he took the bath.

”Very smooth. ” Ding Na An praised Aoi.

’Of course. ’ Aoi put an arrogant look.

”You seem to understand my word. ” Ding Na An chuckled.

Yu Qi also chuckled when she heard what Ding Na An had said that to Aoi.

”I ’m ready.
Let ’s go now. ” Yu Qi said after she was ready.

Grandpa Tang and others had still not arrived yet.
So, Yu Qi and Ding Na An were waiting for them at the lobby.
They saw the students from their university.
Probably because of yesterday, the students just glanced at them and left.

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Then two of the male students approached Yu Qi and Ding Na An.
One of them was first year student and another one was the fourth year student.

”Junior Tang, Junior Ding, where are you going later? ” The fourth year student asked.

”We are going to see a herbs shop that my grandfather knew.
Why? ” Yu Qi answered and asked.

”Can we follow you, Senior Tang? ” The first year student asked shyly to Yu Qi.

” Yu Qi did not know how to answer it.

”We thought it would be nice to visit something like that here instead of going shopping.
Don ’t worry.
We will cover our own expense.
So, you don ’t think to worry about that. ” The fourth student said.

Yu Qi looked at Ding Na An.
Ding Na An gave a look, ’why not? ’

Two of you can follow us.
By the way, what is your name? ” Yu Qi asked two of them.

”My name is Kang Wan and this is Yun San.
I ’m a fourth year student and he is a first year student. ” Kang Wan introduced themselves.

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”Nice to meet you, Senior Kang, Junior Yun.
I ’m Ding Na An and she is Tang Yu Qi. ” Ding Na An smiled.

”Of course, we know the two of you.
You are famous for our faculty. ” Yun San said.

”Famous? ” Yu Qi asked.

The lecturers are always talking about the two of you, that we, the first years shall be like you. ” Yun San said shyly.

Yu Qi actually was his idol.
He was very happy to come here and talk to his idol.

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