Yu Qi brought Mu Guang Qi to the place from where he could see the Wang House.
It was already in the evening.
So, Yu Qi thought her parents were already at home.
Her guess was correct.
She saw Mr Wang and Madam Wang were talking outside their house and arguing about something.

Yu Qi looked at Mu Guang Qi.
The expression showed on his face was of disappointment then it turned to sadness.
Yu Qi could hear he was sighing.

Mr Mu, they are not your son and daughter in law? ” Yu Qi asked in a low tone.

Mu Guang Qi realized that he was not alone.
He looked at Yu Qi.
Then his eyes were lifted up.
’This child might be adopted by them. ’ Mu Guang Qi thought so because he did not see the resemblance between Yu Qi and her parents.

”Can you come with me to have a DNA test? ” Mu Guang Qi asked.

”DNA test? ” Yu Qi looked at Mu Guang Qi.

”Yeah, I can not help but think that you are my lost granddaughter.
Since you do not look like your parents. ” Mu Guang Qi really hoped that Yu Qi would agree to take a DNA test with him.

Yu Qi was silent for a moment.
”Okay. ” She finally agreed.

”Really? We will go tomorrow.
I will ask for permission from your boss. ” Mu Guang Qi was very excited when he heard that Yu Qi agreed with his request.


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At the hospital

The doctor brought Yu Qi and Mu Guang Qi to a room to take their blood.
Usually, the DNA test took a few days but due to Mu Guang Qi ’s force, the hospital completed the DNA test in one day.

The doctor called the two of them to his room.
In his hand, there was an envelope.
It was the result of the DNA test.

The two of them sat in front of the doctor.
The doctor opened the envelope.
Mu Guang Qi was very nervous as well as Yu Qi.

The room was silent only the sound of the paper could be heard.
When the doctor read the result, his expression did not even change at all.
So, they could not guess the result of the doctor ’s expression.

”Sir, Miss,…
Both of you have a blood relationship.
About 35% of your DNA has matched.
Meaning, you both are grandfather and granddaughter. ” The doctor announced the result.

Yu Qi was speechless.
She was staring at the doctor without saying anything.
It was because she was very shocked after knowing that she was not the daughter of her current parents.
Oh, that was why they did not treat her as their own.

Meanwhile, Mu Guang Qi was very happy when he heard about the result.
As he had expected, this child was his granddaughter from his missing son.
Mu Guang Qi or Grandpa Mu stood up and hugged the girl.

”My granddaughter…
My granddaughter…
I ’m so sorry.
I just found you now. ” Grandpa Mu said while holding back his sadness.

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Yu Qi stiffened when Grandpa Mu suddenly hugged her.
However, the stiffness had lost when she heard Grandpa Mu ’s words.
She began to cry.

”My granddaughter…
My granddaughter… ” Grandpa Mu patted his granddaughter ’s back.

Grandpa Mu actually did not expect to find his granddaughter in this country.
Looking at her condition, she must have suffered a lot.

”Don ’t worry, my granddaughter.
I will make up for everything. ” Grandpa Mu said.

”Wow, you mean that the old man is your real grandfather? ”

”You already have done the DNA test? ”

”Our Yu Qi here is the long lost granddaughter of a rich old man. ”

”Our Yu Qi has become a Cinderella. ”

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Her co-workers were talking about Yu Qi ’s topic.
Yu Qi told them the truth.
They were even joking about that.

Grandpa Mu still stayed at the hotel.
He came to this country for a business matter.
So, he needed to settle it first.
He already missed the meeting for the sake of Yu Qi.

After settling the business matter, Grandpa Mu wanted to settle Yu Qi ’s matter.
He wanted Yu Qi to came back with him to Fanghai Nation.
He would not leave his real grandfather outside here.
So, he must begin with the Wang Family.

The Wang Family took care of his granddaughter since she was still a baby.
He was grateful to the Wang Family.
Paying them with the money should be suitable since he noticed that they needed the money.

So, he went to Wang House to settle the matter.
He also wanted them to sign the agreement.
He already asked his assistant to prepare the doc.u.ment.

”Hello Mr Wang, Madam Wang. ” Grandpa Mu greeted them.

Mr Wang and Madam Wang were scared because of the men in black behind the old man.
Meaning, this old man was the one whom they should not offend.

”Hello, Sir… ” Mr Wang wanted to say his name but he did not know it.

”Forgive me.
My name is Mu Guang Qi.
I ’m from Fanghai Nation. ” Grandpa Mu introduced himself.

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”Yes, Sir Mu.
What can I help you with? ” Mr Wang asked.

”Actually, I came to your home because I want to thank you. ” Grandpa Mu began to talk.

”Thank us? ” Mr Wang did not remember when he had helped this old man nor he had known him before this.

”Yes, I want to thank you because you have taken care of my granddaughter since she was a baby. ” Grandpa Mu explained.

”What? Your granddaughter? ” Mr Wang and Madam Wang looked at each other.
Their eyes were talking with each other confirming what they were thinking.

’His granddaughter? Is it what I am thinking? ’ Madam Wang signalled his husband.

”Sir Mu, may I know who is it? ” Mr Wang wanted to confirm.

”Of course, I ’m talking about Yu Qi. ” Grandpa Mu said in a happy tone.

Mr Wang and Madam Wang were very shocked.
They did not expect that their little bitch was from a rich family.

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”You are sure that she is your granddaughter, Sir Mu? ” Madam Wang asked.

”Of course, we have already confirmed it by doing the DNA test.
She is indeed my missing granddaughter. ” The sentence was a bomb to Madam Wang and Mr Wang.

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