”Yu Qi dear, just ignore them.
You just need to know that you are my granddaughter.
That ’s all. ” Grandpa Mu held Yu Qi ’s hand.

He knew Yu Qi was scared when facing the other family members but it was her fate.
The fate of his granddaughter.
Sooner or later, she needed to get ready to fight with them to protect herself in case he was no longer here.

”Yu Qi, I will arrange you to further study.
You need to study about business.. ” Grandpa Mu informed Yu Qi.

”About that, can I choose the place where I am going to study? ” Yu Qi asked Grandpa Mu.

”You have a place in mind? ” Grandpa Mu looked at Yu Qi.

It is a good university. ” Yu Qi was very firm with her choice.

Looked like his granddaughter did have some backbone.
Grandpa Mu would like to leave it to Yu Qi to decide where she would be going to study.

Yu Qi did have a choice.
However, she did not know if her grandfather would let her go or not.

”I want to study at Starlight University. ” Yu Qi told her grandfather about her choice.

”Starlight University? In Binhai Nation? ” Grandpa Mu asked for her confirmation.

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”Yeah. ” Yu Qi nodded.

Grandpa Mu sighed.
Yeah, this girl had lived there for about 20 years.
It was comfortable for her to choose there instead of at Fanghai Nation with which she was not familiar.

”Okay, I will arrange for you to study at Starlight University.
Don ’t disappoint me. ” Grandpa Mu agreed with Yu Qi ’s choice.

”Yes, grandfather.
I will not disappoint you. ” Yu Qi nodded.


With Grandpa Mu ’s arrangement, Yu Qi had successfully enrolled in Starlight University.
At that time, Yu Qi met Fung Meng Xuan for the first time and they had became roommates.
Fung Meng Xuan was two years younger than Yu Qi and having a different course but it was not an obstacle for them to be a good friend.

They always did things together.
Because of Wang Fu Ya ’s interference during high school, Yu Qi did not have a friend.
So, she cherished Fung Meng Xuan a lot.
Yu Qi shared a lot of things with Fung Meng Xuan.
Fung Meng Xuan did the same things.

Everyone who knew Yu Qi and Fung Meng Xuan eventually knew how close their friendship was.
When Yu Qi told Fung Meng Xuan about her identity, Fung Meng Xuan just nodded.
She did not do anything.
She told Yu Qi that she accepted Yu Qi as her friend so, she did not care about Yu Qi ’s background.
It made Yu Qi trust Fung Meng Xuan even more.


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Grandpa Mu called Yu Qi back to Fanghai Nation for the last semester break.
For making the trip more fun, Yu Qi invited Fung Meng Xuan to Fanghai Nation.
Because Fung Meng Xuan had never gone overseas, she was kind of excited.

Grandpa Mu held a party for Yu Qi.
She did not know the purpose of the party.
She thought it was a normal party as she attended before.

In that party only, she came to know that it was her engagement party.
She was kind of shocked after knowing that she was getting engaged with someone she did not know before.
However, she could not talk to Grandpa Mu after about what he had already done for her.

She got to know that Bai Shu Jin was her fiancee.
She seemed to notice that she had heard about her fiancee ’s name before.
When Fung Meng Xuan told her that the name was the same as their senior at Starlight University.
She suddenly remembered about it.

She did have a senior named Bai Shu Jin in her course.
He was kind of famous at the University since he was a very handsome man.
Many female students wanted to be his friend or more specific to be his girlfriend.
But he had never cared about them.

Yu Qi had not expected that it was the same person.
Until Yu Qi met him in the engagement party.
Grandpa personally told her that he was her fiancee.

Bai Shu Jin was very polite.
He greeted Yu Qi formally.
Yu Qi also greeted him.
No feeling.
They obviously did not attract at each other.

Grandpa Mu just smiled.
He told Yu Qi that feeling could be cultivated.
Because he had also gone through the same thing.

Mu Rong Xie and Mu Man Su were very jealous of Yu Qi.
Their grandfather cared too much about this wild bastard.
More than them.
They could see how grand the party was.
Even the previous party that Mu Family held was not this grand.

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”Sister Yian.
Grandfather is totally biased towards us.
Sister Yian should be engaged with Young Master Bai.
Not that wild bastard. ” Mu Rong Xie said.

Why is Grandfather doing some like this? He seems not to care about three of us anymore since that wild bastard hss appeased in our family.
I really hate her. ” Mu Man Su complained.

”Slow down your voice.
It would be not nice if others have not heard us talking about this. ” Mu Yian gave advice to her younger sister and cousin.

”But… ” Mu Rong Xie wanted to retort.

”Our father has already arranged my marriage.
So you don ’t need to worry about. ” Mu Yian was smiling.

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