Chapter 15: Status window is too unfriendly (2)


“Thank you so much for saving us.
Is there anything uncomfortable for you?”




I had already explained that those two were trying to kill them and I saved them.
However, the atmosphere was still awkward.


Anything uncomfortable? I had a strong desire to say that your attitude towards me is uncomfortable.


The group of survivors provided me with water to wash off the blood and even shared the scarce food, showing a friendly attitude.
However, they outright rejected my request to join the group.


If I were to find an appropriate analogy…
It's like the attitude of students toward the principal.


Because of their age and status, you show respect and treat them with courtesy, but…


If suddenly the principal suggests, “Shall we go to the PC room after school?” you would definitely want to refuse.
Likewise, there probably wouldn't be a female student who wants to date the principal.


I decided to put aside my thoughts and focus on gathering information. 


I turned to the man with glasses and asked.


“By the way, what's your name?”


“An-Gyeong Nam, sir.”


An-Gyeong Nam?”


“Yes, I'm from the Sunheung An clan.
Please feel free to call me Gyeong Nam.”


Surprisingly, the name of the man I called the man with glasses was actually ‘man with glasses’(An-Gyeong Nam).


Is a person's fate determined by their name? He had grown up as an excellent man with glasses, fulfilling his parents' wishes.


For your information, I'm using an informal speech at their request.
I'm not an impolite person who speaks without permission, like Choi Ji-won.


They made it clear that it's more uncomfortable if I use formal speech.


“So, Gyeong Nam.
The golden beads.
Where did you get them?”


“The golden beads…
you mean?”


An-Gyeong Nam fiddled with the two golden beads in his hand.


He hesitated and carefully chose his words as if wondering how to bring up the topic.


“I'm not sure where to start…
but the truth is, I have a special ability.”


He didn’t tell the scrawny man and the bully, but it turns out that An-Gyeong Nam also had a special ability.
It was just that it wasn't a combat-related ability, so he kept it a secret.


“The ability rank is 'A'.
The name is…


An-Gyeong Nam raised his glasses with his index finger.


It seemed like there would be a ‘flash!’ sound effect.


“For now, the level of the ability is low, so I can't analyze the levels of other people, but I can assess the danger level of monsters.”




“There was a particularly dangerous goblin.
Its appearance and equipment were different from ordinary goblins.”


Yesterday morning, An-Gyeong Nam’s group encountered a special goblin while searching for clues about the beads.


“It seemed to be about the size of an adult woman.
It had a peculiar tattoo drawn with blood on its face.
And instead of a shoddy wooden spear, it was holding a spear with a steel tip.”


“…How did it compare to ordinary goblins?”


“If an ordinary goblin has a danger level of 1, that goblin seemed to have a danger level of 5.”


I still don't know how the danger level is determined…


But even a goblin with a low danger level of 1, weaker than a child, can cause serious injuries if you're unlucky.


Those guys are monsters.
They're crazy beasts that disregard injuries and rush forward.


But encountering a goblin with a danger level of 5 and obtaining the golden beads? Something doesn't add up.


our party's combat strength… two people were responsible for over 99% of it.”


An-Gyeong Nam gestured towards the scrawny man, who was still prostrating and trembling.


“That guy's ability…
if he puts his hand on top of a monster's head for 10 seconds, he can control it.
Of course, there are limitations based on the rank.”




The goblin horde lying there… Did he dominate them like that?


“But is it possible to keep your hand on a monster's head for 10 seconds?”


They would probably scratch, bite, and do all sorts of crazy things.


“We had a telekinesis user with us.”




I can vaguely imagine it.


After the bully restrained the goblin that had separated from the horde with telekinesis… The scrawny man approached from behind and placed his hand on it, and a goblin soldier was born.


“A goblin under control looks no different from an ordinary goblin on the surface.
We used it as a surprise attack against the large goblin.”


Pretending to be an ordinary goblin, it ambushed the larger goblin with a wooden spear.


With the support of telekinesis, even if it was a goblin with level 5 danger level, it couldn't escape unscathed.


“Unfortunately, we had to kill the large goblin because it couldn't be controlled…
But should we consider it fortunate? If we had succeeded in controlling it, it could have killed all of us right there.”


An-Gyeong Nam chuckled with a sense of resignation.
It seems he remembered that he had almost died earlier.


“After killing the large goblin, along with leveling up, we obtained food and two golden beads.”


“…Did you level up?”


We all managed to reach level 10.”


“…I see.”


I stood up and dusted off my rear.


“Well, thanks for the valuable information.
I have a place to go now with this scrawny man.”


“Ah, I see.”


Although the three survivors sent gestures of regret as we parted ways, they didn't really detain me or anything.
Instead, their speed of retreat was quite fast.


I might seem impressive to them, but at the same time, they must have felt uncomfortable.


Still, I couldn't have chosen 'fear'.
I have to think this is the best, well…


After confirming that the group of survivors had moved far enough, I spoke to the scrawny man, who was still prostrating.


“Hey, you.
Come with me.”


“Yes, yes! I understand!”


Immediately, the scrawny man got up from his spot and followed closely behind me.


He had a face that was stiff like a recruit with determination to do anything.



The emotions that guy holds towards me are fear, disgust, and awe.


Among them, I chose awe, so the feeling of awe he had towards me must have become even stronger.


“This should do.”


The place I brought the scrawny man to had relatively sparse grass on the ground and was filled with soft soil.




“Yes, yes!”


“Write your status here on the ground.”




Hastily picking up a stick, the scrawny man started writing letters on the soil.


[Name: Choi Junwoo] [LV: 1] [Level: 22]




-Monster Domination [S]




[Strength: 9] [Agility: 13] [Intelligence: 18] [Magic Power: 24]


“…What's this?”




What is this?”


It was true that I asked him to do it to check if my status was different from others, but I never imagined it would be so different.


There were countless things I wanted to point out.


The fact that there was a window called ‘Stats’ that I had never seen in my life.


The fact that he had two levels.


The fact that others mentioned having a level of 10, but he alone had a level of 22.


To compare, here's how my status window looks:


Name: Kim Jun-ho [LV: 5]

– Regression [EX]
– Awe [C]


Compared to that bastard, my status window was truly pitiful.


“…I don't quite understand what you're saying.”


However, the scrawny man gave me a clueless look as if he didn't know what was wrong.


But, he seems to have already guessed that there's something strange.


“Well, first of all, why do you have two levels?”


“Ah, that…


The scrawny man frowned instead of explaining.


what should I call you?”


“Just call me whatever, you bastard.”


“Then I'll call you 'Boss'…”


He said and then drew a circle just above [Level: 22].


“It's 'normal' level.


This time, he drew a circle above [LV: 1].


“The Boss is probably confused due to not having this one…”


In reality, it was the opposite; I had ‘LV’ but not ‘Level’.


However, I nodded solemnly without saying a word, managing my expression.


“I obtained ‘LV’ by defeating a huge goblin.
In fact, I landed the finishing blow myself.”


“…Explain in detail.”


“After defeating the huge goblin…
'Legendary Venture!' appeared, and I gained a second level.
All my stats also increased by 5 each.”




“Oh, when I press this, it says 'First to defeat a mutant goblin.'”




I was speechless.


What I considered my level all this time was actually not a level.


Legendary Venture… It seems I unknowingly achieved five achievements.


If you think about it, it makes sense.


The level that didn't increase no matter how many goblins I killed suddenly increased by 1 at an unexpected time.


But the frustrating part is, why didn't it notify me?


It's not like I turned off the notifications, so why didn't it inform me? Why do I have to learn about the functions of the status window through someone else's mouth?


“When did you get the basic ‘level’?”


I got it when I first killed a goblin in the thicket.”


“…Is that so? Just wait a moment.”


I could sense that something major went wrong, but I wouldn't know until I checked it myself.


With trembling hands, I opened my status window and pressed hard on the empty space next to [Name: Kim Junho] [LV: 5].


Messages immediately covered the screen, as if saying, ‘Wait.’


You cannot gain experience due to a significant disparity in the power between you and the monster.


You cannot gain experience due to a significant disparity in the power between you and the monster.


You cannot gain experience due to a significant disparity in the power between you and the monster.


You cannot gain experience due to a significant disparity in the power between you and the monster.


You cannot gain experience due to a significant disparity in the power between you and the monster.


You cannot gain experience due to a significant disparity in the power between you and the monster.


You cannot gain experience due to a significant disparity in the power between you and the monster.



The wall of messages continued endlessly below.


Due to the severe headache, I unconsciously touched my forehead with my hand.


I was sure.
The basic level and stats that everyone else obtains… The only reason I can't obtain them is one and only:


“Damn it…”


Regression [EX]


It's because of this damn bastard.

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