n't understand why Boong-Boong mentioned Kim Jun-ho.


'Support him.'


“Why do you keep saying that?”


'Thanks to the traits you've acquired, your senses are dozens of times sharper.'


“…So? I know that too.”


‘The world you're experiencing now is much different from the world you used to perceive.’


Choi Ji-won kicked the ground in frustration.


“I know that too.
Isn’t that why I’m repeating this boring downward strike? To bridge the gap between my perception and the real world.
Why are you suddenly talking about that?”


Boong-Boong couldn't move because she was a sword, but Choi Ji-won felt that Boong-Boong shook her head like she wanted to sigh.


'In regards to your body…
You're right.
What I want to talk about is how you perceive others.'


Choi Ji-won was a master of swordsmanship.


Therefore, she had adapted to some extent when it came to her own body.
Martial arts begin with understanding one's own body, after all.


‘Because of slowed time in your perception…
your standards are much higher.
His movements, they weren't bad.’


But it hadn't even been five hours since her senses sharpened and her eyes improved.


Saying that the world seemed slow in her eyes… It was natural, but…


The problem was that the raised standards applied to Kim Jun-ho too.


All of his movements seemed slow and frustrating, simply because Choi Ji-won hadn't yet become accustomed to her new senses.


“…Is that so?”


Choi Ji-won realized that she had misjudged Kim Jun-ho.


As she subtly turned her head, she noticed Kim Jun-ho lying weakly on the dirt ground.


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It was clear that he was depressed because of what she said.
His eyes were dull and empty.


“Ugh… I should apologize and explain again.”


Just as Choi Ji-won began approaching him to reveal the truth.


Kim Jun-ho clenched his fist tightly.




Then, he slammed his own chest forcefully.









Status: Injured


Regressing back to the time when you first entered the 0th floor.




I made up my mind.


This time, I won't do anything.


But… What if people die…?


Fuck that.
I've decided not to care about such things.


After all, this world will disappear once I regress anyway.


What's urgent for me now is a warm rest. 


I decided to just relax.


“Hello! Greetings to all you inferior humans who are wasting your lives! Nice to meet you!”


Even when the fairy appeared, I did not pay any attention.


Even when weapons were distributed, when people shouted their status, when the majority of them left the field… I didn't take any action.


I just wanted to rest.




This time, I really won't do anything.




I knew that if I waited for a day and a half, Choi Ji-won would bring the food anyway.


In the end, what I had to do was endure hunger and pass the time.


“What are you looking at?”


“You… digging the ground.”




“Hey! What if the dirt gets in my mouth!”

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“Get lost, you son of a bitch!”


While staring intently at the diligent old man digging the ground, sometimes the dirt he dug flew into my mouth.




“Why are you crying?”


I tried to approach the short-haired girl, but I went back to where I was when Choi Ji-won, who was swinging her sword, glared at me.


Twang! Twang!


Besides the man rummaging through a pile of weapons, I also rummaged for some time.
(I couldn't find any hidden pieces.)


Anyway, I wasted a lot of time doing such things.


Literally, I didn't do anything productive, but…


Why am I so happy?


Later, if there was a floor with a bed, repeatedly regressing and wasting time on the ground like this didn't seem too bad.


I had more time than anyone else in this tower, after all.


And just like that, the night passed.


“If we stay here like this, everyone will starve to death.
I am thinking of leaving this vacant lot in search of a water source.
Is there anyone willing to join me?”


Park Cheol-jin, a firefighter with a tiger-like impression, left with his group.


Around the time I was lying down with the screams coming from far away as the background music—


Wow! Unnie! Can I…
Can I eat this?”


Choi Ji-won appeared with food.


I remembered progressing to this point in a previous regression.


At that time, I had asked to be taken as a student, got beaten up in return, and regressed.


But this time, it was different.


How was it different?


I intended to sit quietly like the other members in the vacant lot and eat the food.


“…It's delicious.”


As I calmly chewed on the calorie bar, a smile naturally formed on my face.


I'll say it again, even though I didn't do anything, I'm happy.


This is healing.
This is a vacation.


It was a small gift for me who had suffered from wielding the sword all this time.


And on the other hand, I was also curious.


Was this vacant lot really a safe zone?


The 'tower' that I knew had malice towards humans.


There was no way it would let us settle down in one place like this.




I was curious what would happen if one actually considered it a safe zone… So, I just decided to try it out myself.

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