and we exchanged awkward greetings… like neighbors? A small community had formed within this lot.


Was there anything uncomfortable about living in the vacant lot?


The most uncomfortable thing was, first and foremost, hygiene.


The unnamed old man who dug the ground to find a hidden piece ended up making an improvised restroom – a pit.


You could just dig up the ground with a shovel, do your work, and cover it up again…


The problem was that the sound could still be heard.
The women were embarrassed to the point of dying.
Even if we covered it with dirt, the smell couldn't be completely avoided either.


Nevertheless, I think things were at least a bit better after the old man left, as we could use the pit as a restroom.


Thank you, old man.


If you were challenging the dungeon…
I'm sorry.
When you come back, the whole pit will be smelly.


Another inconvenience was…
the tower occasionally threw messages.


Remaining Golden Beads: 27/50


“Ah, seriously?”


A message appeared in front of my eyes while I was lying down comfortably.


The tower would do this from time to time.


Hey, while others are diligently collecting golden beads, what are you doing? Are you not going to escape the tower? 


It feels like it's nagging me.


Ah! I'll do it my own way!


“Jun-ho, Ji-won Unnie is here!”


Baek Da-hye called me cheerfully.
I turned my head and saw Choi Ji-won standing there with her hands full of food supplies.


“Uh, Ji-won ssi, wait! Let me help you!”


As someone benefiting from this situation, I should at least offer some help. 


I received a bundle of bottled water from Choi Ji-won and naturally started tearing the plastic and distributing the water.

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Despite all the ups and downs…
It’s fun living here.


The next day:


It was an ordinary day like any other.


I wandered around, engaging in various conversations with people.


After completing her swordsmanship practice, Choi Ji-won left the vacant lot to gather food supplies, probably feeling it was time.


Everyone in the field knew that if we waited for about an hour, she would return with water and food.


It felt as if I had become a baby bird waiting only for the mother bird to bring food…


Well, it doesn't matter.
It's a situation that satisfies both the mother bird and the baby bird after all.


“What do you think today's meal will be? I'm already hungry.”


Baek Da-hye playfully poked her stomach.
Come to think of it, I was also feeling hungry.


“The chocolate bars were delicious last time.
They give you a good boost of energy.”


“Yes, I agree.
I want to have chocolate bars again.
It's about time for Ji-won Unnie to come back, I'm looking forward to it.”




Baek Da-hye began to tap the ground with her hand, making a sound of 'Do-Do' with her mouth.


“Hey, don't tap the ground.
The ground seems to be shaking.”


Not only did the dirt fly up, but the ground also seemed to be shaking a bit.
Perhaps because it was soft ground, it seemed to shake just from Baek Da-hye tapping on it.


“Hey, stop tapping…




I turned my head to look at Baek Da-hye’s frightened expression.


Glancing down, I noticed that her hand had stopped moving for a while.


However, the vibrations from the ground were still palpable.




Was Choi Ji-won causing some kind of commotion again?


Or was it the firefighter who went out with a large axe, cutting down trees?




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No, when I touched the ground, I could feel the vibrations flowing through the floor.


This was truly a heavy, moving vibration…


“Run away! Go that way!”




At that moment, an enormous explosion-like sound erupted.


It seemed like I could hear Choi Ji-won's voice, but I couldn't properly hear it because it was drowned out by the sound of something exploding.




I wondered if I misheard, but everyone in the field was also frozen.
Only blonde-haired Kim Se-in suddenly stood up.


What happened? Did the monsters start fighting? But could a sound this loud come from that?


But why…
has the vibration stopped now?


“Kim Jun-ho!”


Blond-haired Kim Se-in urgently called my name.


I think it was the first time she ever addressed me.


“Above! Aaaaaah!”


Kim Se-in let out a piercing scream.


Come to think of it, the surroundings around me were unusually dark… As if a huge shadow were looming over.


My instinct, honed through multiple regressions, was warning me like crazy:


You're screwed.


I slowly raised my head.






The last thing I saw was a gigantic cow-headed monster falling from the sky, screaming.




“No! Ah…”


Status: Injured


Regressing back to the time when you first entered the 0th floor.

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