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The Death of Zhang Kaiyi

“It’s really a flower in cow dung, of course, Xiao Shen you are the flower.” Cheng Pei jokes, “So, what do you want when you come to my side?”

(TN: figuratively: a beautiful or talented woman married to an ugly or untalented husband, basically beauty with a loser)


  ”Me?” Shen Chi stood up.
His tone was indifferent.
“I don’t want anything.
I just want to live well with my son and let him grow up in peace.”


  Cheng Pei then remembered that this unfathomable man in front of him had a son who was still very young.
He suddenly let go half of his worries and said seriously, “Don’t worry, I can guarantee this to you!”


  ”Thank you, Brother Cheng.” Shen Chi turned around and left.




  He doesn’t care whether he guarantees or not.
It didn’t matter to him.
All he needed was a new shield.


  So, the next step is to clean up Zhang Kaiyi tonight.


      As he said, most of Zhang Kaiyi’s “friends” were bribed by Jiang Bo and Gu Hao.
Zhang Yunyi’s death had stirred Zhang Kaiyi’s fragile nerves.
He suspected that those few who were not present at the meeting today would be anxious and would definitely 

jump the wall.

(TN: The idiom is “a cornered dog will jump over the wall” means to be driven to desperate action) 




  The power that Zhang Kaiyi had worked so hard to build up would soon collapse and people would turn against him.


 Shen Chi actually did not really hate him, because Zhang Kaiyi could not be called to betray himself (SC), at most he could only be described as ungrateful and cold by nature.
Then he was betrayed by those ungrateful “friends” who he protected so closely and his relatives died horribly.
It’s better to die than to run away in embarrassment, which is the best retribution.


 ”Bang!” A ferocious-looking amphibian with a body three times the length of an ordinary crocodile landed on the ground.
Its thick tail swept towards Zhang Kaiyi!


  A giant’s cattail leaf-like hand smacked/slammed, raising a cloud of dust.



  Shen Chi stood on the top of a high building with Shen Liu Mu in his arms, watching the fierce battle below with clear eyes.


  In terms of strength, the early shapeshifters were a little less powerful than the strength-type ability users like Zhang Kaiyi, so Jiang Bo and Gu Hao occupied the worst territory, the furthest from the central city of Shanghai, and had to pass through other people’s territory to get to the central city to “hunt”, but over time they became stronger than the strength-type and agility-type. 


  However, it was still early days, so Jiang Bo and Gu Hao had to gather the strength of the two to gain the upper hand against Zhang Kaiyi.


  With his body full of bulging muscles, Zhang Kaiyi grabbed Jiang Bo by the tail and ruthlessly threw him out, smashing him directly into a pile of abandoned cars with a loud bang before he himself was slapped out of the door by Gu Hao.


  He vomited a mouthful of blood to the side.
Zhang Kaiyi’s face was fierce and the iron rod in his hand swept viciously across Gu Hao’s leg, causing Gu Hao to scream in pain.
By this time, Jiang Bo had already opened his bloody mouth towards Zhang Kaiyi and bit him!


  The battles of those with abilities are often hotter than blockbuster action movies.
The scenes are so big that there is not much room for ordinary people to interfere.


  However, when Shen Chi saw that Zhang Kaiyi’s eyes and nose were starting to ooze blood, he knew that in this battle; it was instead the ordinary people who played a more crucial role, ba.


  Even if Zhang Kaiyi was an ability user, the premise was that he was still a human being, and what is poisonous to humans is poisonous to him.


  ”Guo Peng …… Guo Peng – Guo Peng!” Zhang Kaiyi shouted.
Each shout was higher and harsher than the other!


” ”

  ”How I treated you! As long as I have a bite to eat, you were not missing out! We grew up together! I treated you like a f**king brother!”


  Guo Peng was the only young man who could sit next to Zhang Kaiyi in the playground.


  ”Sun Zhiliang, Xin Haohua, Zhang Weiya! Come out here!”


  ”Get the f*ck out of here! Get the f*ck out!” Zhang Kaiyi’s seven orifices began to bleed.
He looked horrible as he punched Jiang Bo out.


  At this point, he was so mad that even Jiang Bo and Gu Hao didn’t dare to approach him for a while.
Zhang Kaiyi suddenly scurried into a nearby alley.


  ”Chase!” Gu Hao shouted.
A group of youths rushed out from a short distance towards the alley in pursuit.
By this time, Gu Hao had already changed back to his normal human form.


  Although he could turn into a giant, the normal-looking Gu Hao was even shorter and thinner than an ordinary human.
He was panting, obviously exhausted.
Jiang Bo, who was beside him, had also turned back into a human and put on the clothes handed to him by a beautiful woman.


  The initial weaknesses of shape-shifters’ are obvious; the shape-shifting does not last long, and their battle power does not improve as much as that of the ordinary ability users.


  The faces of Gu Hao and Jiang Bo were not very good at this time.
Presumably, because they did not expect Zhang Kaiyi to have such a strong fighting ability under such circumstances.




  Standing high up on the roof of a six-storey building, Shen Chi landed lightly.
He silently and slowly walked in one direction.


  Zhang Kaiyi must be full of resentment at this time.
Shen Chi smiled faintly, not knowing what he was smiling at.


” ”

  Look! It was obvious that he wanted to kill him at first sight, and he could have done it easily, but he just endured so much, slowly, for half a year.
He could do it.
He could do it slowly like this, step by step, without rushing, without being aggressive, without being impatient.
He could do it now, and when he faces those few people in the future, he will surely be able to do it again too. 


  It was too cheap to just let them die.
It was only right to at least experience the endless anger and despair that Zhang Kaiyi was experiencing now Oh yes, he could do better next time.
The current Zhang Kaiyi was not scared enough, not as scared as he was when he was taken away by Dr.


 ”Dad.” Shen Liu Mu in his arms said softly, and a little timidly for the first time.


  Shen Chi patted his back soothingly.
“It’s okay, Liu Mu, it’ll be over soon.”


  The alley was dark tonight, with a kind of heart-palpitating/trembling silence.


  But soon, it was broken by the sound of footsteps.


    “Zhang Kaiyi.”


  When this light as the water voice rang out, Zhang Kaiyi’s eyes suddenly brightened.
He knew that Shen Chi was not here tonight.
Those people had betrayed him, but Shen Chi seemed not to.
Shen Chi was very powerful, if – if he was willing to save himself –


  Coughing heavily a few times, Zhang Kaiyi looked at the thick bloodstains on his palm.
His heart was so hateful that he almost gritted his teeth into pieces.


  ”…… Shen Chi! Shen Chi, you must help me-” but his voice stopped abruptly when he saw Shen Chi’s emotionless eyes.


 ”You, you!” 


  Shen Chi put down Shen Liu Mu and slowly walked over, squatting down, “Are you desperate?”


 Zhang Kaiyi’s seven orifices were gushing dark red blood, looking very scary.
He already felt his internal organs hurting badly.
As an ability user, he has much higher physical quality than that of ordinary people.
This kind of snake venom that instantly killed normal people was in his body, and he was actually still alive, but now this kind of painful living was undoubtedly a kind of torture that makes his life worse than death.



  ”Is it particularly painful to stand high and then fall down?”


  ”Does it make you feel angry to be betrayed by the person you saved?”



  ”Are you desperate now that you’ve been poisoned and the road ahead is dark with your pursuers behind you?”


  Zhang Kaiyi stared at him.
Blood kept oozing out of his eyes, looking like two lines of bloody tears.
His lips were as pale as snow, his whole body was already paralysed by the snake venom, and he could not go far.


 ”They did a good job, but, your life is mine.” Shen Chi said seriously, holding a knife in his leather-gloved hand and slowly, slowly stabbing it into Zhang Kaiyi’s heart, “Although you can’t move anymore, I think you can still experience this heart-wrenching pain.”


  He released his hand and took two steps back, not letting the spreading blood dirty his shoes.



  ”Liu Mu, let’s go.”




  ”Okay, Dad.”


  Just after turning around the alley, Shen Chi suddenly turned his head.
“After seeing that scene just now, are you sure you still want to follow me?”


  A thin and small shadow poked its head out from there.
It was Ji Jia, who was shaking slightly.


  Shen Liu Mu twitched his mouth.


 ”Uncle Shen, where are you going?” Ji Jia tried to summon up the courage to ask.


  Shen Chi smiled faintly, “To kill.” Zhang Kaiyi’s life was his.
However, he always hated traitors the most, so those people would also have to die.
He didn’t care if Jiang Bo or Gu Hao or whatever sheltered them.
The people he, Shen Chi, wanted to kill, of course, there was only one word, death, waiting for them.


  Ji Jia trembled, clutching the corners of her clothes with both hands.


  Shen Chi glanced at her and turned to leave.


  However, Ji Jia still followed.


  In the darkness, Shen Chi sighed helplessly.



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