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Little Taoist (2)

But from the aspect of appearance, this little Taoist should only be about ten years old.
How to say it.
He had quite an immortal demeanour.
Long eyebrows, sharp eyes, high nose, thin lips, a cold face.
It was hard to get close to him.


   As a child, he was just not cute to a certain level at all!



  ”May I ask this gentleman, how far is this place from Beijing?”


  Shen Chi’s eyes were odd: “…… Beijing?”



” ”

  The little Taoist with a cold face said seriously, “Master said that if I walk from Maoshan to Beijing for six months, then I can certainly arrive there.
But now I have not seen the Great Wall, he said yet.”


  Shen Chi: “……”


  ”But Beijing is still a long way from here, this is Shanghai.” Ji Jia said timidly.


  The little Taoist was stunned, “Shanghai?” As soon as his voice fell, he heard his stomach growl, and the sound was very clear.


  Shen Chi laughed.
This little Taoist is definitely lost, ah! To walk from Maoshan for half a year to a place close to Chongming, how many kilometres is this ah? Shaking his head, he sighs at the extent of this person’s poor sense of direction.
However, he is still a child.
It is not incomprehensible, “what about your master?”


 ”Dead.” The little Taoist priest said quietly, “It’s not only my master, but everyone in my Maoshan sect has died, and now I am the only one left.”


  Now, even Shen Liu Mu felt that he was a little bit pitiful.
However, his sympathy was probably just a little bit.
After glancing at the little Taoist priest, he turned his head and pulled the corner of Shen Chi’s coat.
“Dad, I’m hungry.”


  Shen Chi remembered the little Taoist’s previous talisman, “Are you hungry?”



  The little Taoist priest nodded.


  ”I can buy your talisman with food.” Shen Chi opened his mouth.
To be honest, it was the first time that he saw an authentic Taoist talisman.
Wudang Taoists are not good at talismans.
They are only good at martial arts, which is not the same kind of Dao as the Maoshan sect.
The power of Maoshan’s little Taoist’s talismans was not bad.
He should be able to survive in the apocalypse and have a little fame.
But Shen Chi has never heard of him.
He didn’t know what happened to him.
Maybe he was killed early.
Maybe he has been wandering in the south.
As a result, Shen Chi has never heard of his reputation.


  Shen Chi admitted that he was somewhat interested in these talismans.
Now, Shen Liu Mu and Ji Jia’s strength was too weak, so it would be good to get some talismans for them to defend themselves.



  The little Taoist priest hesitated for a moment and quickly responded, “Deal!”


  Shen Chi’s figure disappeared into the darkness.
Shen Liu Mu turned his eyes to look at the little Taoist priest, smiling in a very innocent and cute way.
“What is your name?”



  ”Ming Yue.”


  ”Oh.” Shen Liu Mu waved at him and said with a smile, “Come, come and sit.”


  Ji Jia obediently sat next to Shen Liu Mu and looked at the little Taoist priest named Ming Yue with pity.


  Ming Yue felt a chill on his back.
He looked over, but there were just two cute and very normal looking little kids, so he sat down next to Shen Liu Mu without much defensiveness.



  ”Taoist Master Ming Yue, do you know how expensive the food is now?”


  Ming Yue nodded honestly, “I know.”



  ”Nowadays, food is more precious than human life.” Shen Liu Mu sighed.


  Ming Yue felt the same way, “I’ve seen people killing a bus full of people for a **Shaobing before.”





  ”Alas.” Shen Liu Mu supported his chin and sighed, “The world is difficult.”



  Ming Yue nodded, “Yes, yes.”


  Ji Jia pursed her lips on the side and quietly tugged at Ming Yue’s Taoist robe.



  Ming Yue turned around and bumped into a pair of watery black eyes.
He suddenly turned back a little uncomfortably.



  Shen Liu Mu, however, glared at Ji Jia, so the little girl did not dare to remind the stupid little Taoist priest again.



  Soon Shen Chi came back.
He hunted a pheasant, and because it was a mutant, it was actually much bigger than a normal pheasant.
It was enough for him and the two children to eat.


  Shen Chi, who had lived in the apocalypse for many years, skilfully sets up a simple stove.
He didn’t use water, and just cleanly cut the pheasant open with a knife-



  This skill was called Pao Ding.
Shen Chi’s Tang Men account’s Pao Ding and cooking were all up to the standard.
After so many years of practice, this technique was already not an ordinary skill.



  In just a quarter of an hour, the air was filled with a tantalizing aroma.


  Shen Liu Mu sniffed and felt that this stupid Taoist should not have exchanged his life for the food made by Dad’s hands!


  The three children’s stomachs rumbled in unison, drooling and looking at Shen Chi with a worshipping gaze.



  They never knew that food could smell so good!



  Crispy chicken cutlet, stir-fried chicken gizzards, thick fresh chicken soup, shredded chicken noodles, plus two brightly coloured and tantalizing poached eggs.
Not to mention the apocalypse, even in the peace era, Shen Chi’s Tang Men’s food was enough to make people swallow their tongues!



  The eggs were one for Shen Liu Mu and one for Ji Jia, but the little Taoist didn’t get a share.


 He held a bowl of shredded chicken noodles and watched the three people eat.



  Ji Jia carefully tore open the poached egg.
“Uncle Shen, Jia Jia only needs to eat half of it.”






  Shen Chi sighed in his heart, for this little girl’s thoughtfulness, “You eat, uncle doesn’t want to eat.”








  Shen Liu Mu silently put his own poached egg into Shen Chi’s bowl, insisting, “If Dad doesn’t eat, then I don’t eat either.”



  Shen Chi was helpless.



  Shen Liu Mu was stubborn and did not even look at the tempting poached egg.






  Shen Chi had to split the poached egg into two halves, “Forget it, you eat half and I eat half, okay?”


  ”Then Dad will eat first.”




  It was a joyous and harmonious scene.
The little Taoist priest that keeps making the sound of “that”, frowned at the large empty bowl and touched his stomach with a bitter face.
Why did he get hungrier after a bowl of noodles? It was so delicious.
He had never eaten anything so delicious before…


 ”Where are the talismans ne?” Shen Chi watched as Shen Liu Mu ate the poached egg before he had time to look at Ming Yue.


  The young Taoist priest put down the bowl and solemnly bowed towards Shen Chi.
“Ming Yue of the Maoshan Sect owes Mr.
Shen a great debt of gratitude for saving his life.
There is no need to mention the matter of buying talismans with food.
Ming Yue’s life is all Mr.
Shen’s! If Mr.
Shen has orders, Ming Yue will not disobey!”



  Shen Chi: “……”



  Save life, great kindness, your sister!


  Shen Liu Mu’s eyes widened, “Since when did my Dad save your life?”


  ”Aren’t you the one who said that food is more valuable than human life now?”



  Shen Liu Mu: “…… “Holy shit, this damn Taoist priest is just too cunning and sly!



  ”From today onwards, Ming Yue will voluntarily follow Mr.
Shen.” The expression of the cold-faced little Taoist priest was too serious, “We, Taoists, have a rule that we don’t lie.
Since I have said it, I will never go back on my words!”



  …… this is completely forced binding ah.
I quit!



The author has something to say.

Well, the four protagonists group is complete now.
There are four protagonists in this book.

You are not wrong …… The cunning and sly cold-faced little Taoist priest Ming Yue is Jia Jia’s CP.

So, in addition to the cannon brother Shen Chi

Love Dad, love corpses in the pool of blood Shen Liu Mu

Loves to dig people’s eyes to make dolls Jia Jia

Good at scamming/deceiving and drawing yellow paper talisman Ming Yue

The above are the four protagonists of this book.
Will not add others.

” ”

Shen Chi’s personality in this life is destined to be unable to fit into a group ╭(╯3╰)╮

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