The 9o2 bus has arrived at the station.


Shen Chi carefully looked at the platform.
The place he was going was on this bus line.


After inserting the coin, Shen Chi sat alone on the bus.


It was the first bus, and perhaps because it was too early, the only passengers on the bus were the driver who was not fully awake and Shen Chi.


“To where?”


Perhaps because there was only one passenger, the driver opened his mouth and asked for the destination, so that he wouldn’t have to stop at other stations.
The cold wind coming in from the door in the winter is enough for him.
This bus should have been replaced a long time ago.
Sitting on this bus in winter is simply suffering.
The wind leaks everywhere.


“Sunshine Orphanage.”


The driver was a little surprised; he has been running this line for almost ten years, although there is a stop in front of the Sunshine Orphanage, but apart from the student and teachers who ran to the so-called activities and a few scattered parents who wanted to adopt a child, very few people got off the bus at this stop.
Because there were no villages or shops nearby, no one would get off at that stop unless they were going to the orphanage.


The driver could see the young man clearly in the rearview mirror because he was not leaning against the back seat.
His collar was up, but you could still see his exceptionally beautiful eyes, which were cool and clear, but bright and warm and particularly attractive. 


The driver was thinking inwardly that if his family’s girl was here, I’m afraid she would be screaming in a frenzy.


Why would such a good-looking young man go to an orphanage? And it’s strange going alone.


Shen Chi didn’t care about the driver’s gaze.
There was no malice in his eyes.
Looking at the fast sliding scenery outside the window, he knew that only less than six hours were left from the nightmare of humans. 


At twelve noon, the apocalypse would come.


The old bus jolted in silence for about forty minutes before it stopped.


The driver spoke, “Here we are.”


Shen Chi got off the bus, looked at the shabby “Sunshine Orphanage” sign, and gently exhaled a puff of white air.


He knew that Liu Mu was here.


Back then, he just mentioned to him that he was still washing dishes in the Sunshine Orphanage in Taiyuan when the end came.
At that time, Shen Chi also laughed and said, ah, I never thought I was so close to you. 


Yes, at that time Shen Chi, still in the streets of Taiyuan, stupidly wearing that Tang man’s clothes so as to be regarded as a cosplayer, let a group of girls around to take pictures. 


However, this world is not his original world, it is just a parallel world, there is no game at all.
The group of girls is so excited simply because his present appearance is too outstanding and his clothes are beautiful enough. 


After tapping hard on the iron gate which looked like a prison cell, it took a long time for an old man with a white head and hazy eyes to answer the door.  He yawned impatiently, “Who is it? It’s early in the morning.”


“Hello, sir.” Shen Chi revealed the young and handsome face under his collar with a kind smile, “This is the Sunshine Orphanage, right?”


The gatekeeper was stunned, almost dazzled by the young man’s smile.
Such a good-looking young man he hadn’t even seen on TV!


 Good-looking people always have advantages.
The orphanage’s gatekeeper who was woken up by the knocking was able to extinguish a lot of his anger.
Seeing Shen Chi’s attitude he said, “Yes, this is the Sunshine Orphanage.”


Shen Chi let out a sigh of relief, “Finally, I’ve found it.” Then, with a smile, he said, “Sir, please let me in, it was hard for me to find out about this place, there’s really something-“


The gatekeeper takes a look at Shen Chi.
He looked sincere and didn’t look like a troublemaker, but if it was a fierce-looking man, he might not have dared to open the door.
The young man looked tall and slender, but not strong and well developed.
It was not good to let people stand outside in the cold, so he took out the key and opened the door.


“Seeing how young you are, what are you doing in an orphanage?” The old man asked as he opened the door.


Shen Chi laughed bitterly and said: “When I was young and ignorant, I did a wrong thing, and only later I found out that she – she had a child, she was also too young to raise him, so she threw him in front of the orphanage ……”.


With that said, the man suddenly realized that even now, children are still abandoned here and there in front of the orphanage, and if they are not found for a while, they will probably freeze to death in this weather.


“You’ll have to go to the dean, there have been a lot of children taken away over the years and I don’t know if they’re still around …….”


“Thank you, sir.” Shen Chi responded with a grateful smile.


Although Liu Mu said that there was not a single good person in the Sunshine Orphanage, just looking at the gatekeeper, he did not seem like an evil person.


Liu Mu’s words were always cannot be trusted.
At that time, there were many powerful abilities.
Liu Mu had a great reputation among them, but it was not a good reputation.
He’s a cunning and deceitful man, simply bad to the bone.
He has a radical personality and acts ruthlessly.  But the main reason is that his bloody means make people’s hair stand on end.
He never leaves room for anyone but, although he offended a lot of people, he was so bloodthirsty by nature that no one dared to really mess with him.
What’s more, he himself was very powerful and violent.
If you can’t kill him at the moment, he will give it back to you thousands of times.


The people who offended him, without exception, did not end up well, so they could only bear with him and stay away from him.
And let him go on being evil day by day.
Seeing him do evil things, he may go to hell for the next eight or ten times.


The number of people who hated him was almost too many to count.


Liu Mu was such a cold devil character, but to Shen Chi, he was the only one who never betrayed and abandoned him until the end.


At that time, Shen Chi also didn’t like Liu Mu.
At first, he regarded him as a friend, but Shen Chi didn’t like his extreme viciousness, his wickedness, and cruelty.
He thought that Liu Mu was probably a bit mentally ill, so, later on, he also avoided him.
After all, at that time, Shen Chi was still surrounded by those “friends” he thought he could trust.


Until they sent him to the research institute.


Only Liu Mu has been persistently trying to save him, failing once to come a second time, failing a second time to come a third time.
Former Shen Chi didn’t know he was saving him until that time when Liu Mu had almost rushed in front of him.
Shen Chi looked at Liu Mu drenched in blood, but his eyes were persistent and unrepentant.
He said silently: wait for me, I will save you out.


At that time Dr.
Yu was furious and said, “This maniac! How many times has this happened ……”


Only then did Shen Chi know that not everyone in that world had abandoned him.


Although, after another year, Liu Mu was unable to save him, he was never one to give up easily, the trouble he caused to the institute could be seen on Dr.
Yu’s face. 


But Shen Chi could not wait for that day after all.
Fate is really ridiculous, and he was actually sent back 18 years ago, the day of the end.


In this life, he had already seen the faces of those people.
It’s not that he didn’t want to take revenge, but he had to take his time.


It’s going to happen.


Shen Chi smiled faintly.


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